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Lieutenant Commander Julio Vannini
USS Victory

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'Lieutenant Julio Vannini is currently the Chief Engineer on board the USS Discovery-B. He has previously served as an Engineer aboard the StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Full Name: Julio Vannini
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 2351.03.21
  • Place of Birth: Manziana, Italy, Sol III
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown


  • Spouse: Sonia Pacheco
  • Children
    • Cesar Vannini
    • Alessandra Vannini
  • Parents
    • Father: Fatima Vannini
    • Mother: Oscar Vannini
  • Siblings: Adriana Vannini

Personal History

  1. 235103.21: Borned in Manziana, Italy, SOL III.
  2. 235601.19: Julio's sister, Adriana, was borned in Manziana, Italy.
  3. 236812.03: Graduated from St. Pio IX Higschooll as third of his class.
  4. 236903.05: Started his Career as a Computational System Engineer at the University of Rome.
  5. 236912.19: Julio met Sonia Pacheco, a terran female art student at the Tyler School of Art in Rome.She's an artist, sells pieces occasionally but hasn't become really famousThey started dating each other and 6 month later they were engaged.
  6. 237311.25: Julio married Sonia.
  7. 237409.14: Cesar Vannini came to the world.
  8. 237603.29: Alessandra V. came to the world.
  9. 237603.01: Julio applied to StarFleet Academy, being accepted.


Sonia Pacheco

After joining Starfleet, his relationship with his family was severely damaged by his long absence. Sonia, practically a single mother had to carry the burden of raising their own childrens alone. In a desperated last attempt to reunite the family, Sonia and the kids traveled to the Ba'ku homeworld in search for her husband, who was in Shoreleave after his assignment onboard the USS Discovery.

A tragedyalmost occurred, when his 9 years old son got lost inside a bellcave. An extended search took place with the the assistance of the Discovery crew. The child was found dehydrated and with minor injuries, being scorted by Tas, the Captain's cat.

All of this and the following mission, where the ship was almost destroyed on an alternate timeline, was too much for Sonia, concluding in a divorce.


During Shoreleave, Julio almost betrayed his wife with an Intel officer known only as Tyee. He found her swimming naked on a natural pool while he walked taking photos and collecting plant samples. During the encounter, Tyee invited him to visit her at her camp. At the most intense moment on their encounter, Julio withdrawed himself and kept his oat.

Grauro Zekyel

Tyr Waltas


Tsodi Sumataran

Professional History

  1. 237303.01:

Started working on a StarFleet Research Facility as a System Analyst and Assistant of Dr. Enzo Firelli, who was in charge of the development of a new Redundant array of computers. This Facility is placed on the Mediterranean Sea.

  1. 237603.01:

Julio entered S.F. Academy encouraged by two reasons: the Dominion War and the rescue of Montgomery Scott by the crew of the Enterprise. The first, make him realized the urgent need for hands and the call of duty as a citizen of the Federation. His wife was not completely agree with him, but when the war started to head toward the core of the Federation, she gave her support to him.

The second, was an unexpected but wonderful event that marked him for the rest of his life: the Rescue of Montgomery Scott by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the surface of a Dysan Sphere; his patterns discovered on a recycling flux of an old transporter beam.

'Scotty' was one of the pioneers in space exploration and an engineering genious. Julio celebrated the day when he received an invitation for join in a special celebration where 'Scotty' was named the CO of the Starfleet Corp of Engineers. After that Julio started to investigate about the S.C.E. activities and got "stunned" by their actions. With all these in mind, he enroled on the Academy. He was not a young boy recently graduated from highschool anymore, but he felt the need of a new career and head toward the stars.

  1. 238304.14:

Assigned to StarBase 118 Operations as Assistant Chief Engineer. As soon he arrived to his Post of Duty, he volunteered on a Rescue and Diplomatic Mission in order to retrieve Capt. Steve McCall from romulan imprisonment and to deliver several romulan spiritual leaders back to their home planet onboard a stolen and almost wrecked warbird. During this mission, Vannini and his team of fellow engineers played a significative role keeping the wrecked warbird from breaking apart. With the help and support from Ensign Rama Sumataran, he was able to create a gravitational lense that, along with several replicated bio-signatures using tricorders, covered the escape of the crew transfering from the Enarrain Galae to the USS Morningstar. The USS Morningstar, Ronin class vessel, was found adrift inside the Bassin Rift. This ship played a key role on the crew's return to Federation Space.

  1. 238307.12:

After the arrival of the USS Morningstar back to SB118, Vannini received his first promotion to Liutenant Junior Grade by hands of Captain Tyr Waltas and a special commendation for his efforts during the recovery mission. After that promotion, the former crew of SB118 Operations were delighted with a wonderful new: The Morningstar was rechristened to bear the name of USS Discovery B. Vannini and his friends became the new crew of this Ronin-class vessel.