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Lieutenant Commander Julio Vannini
USS Victory

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Julio Vannini, also referred as JV for his closest friends, is a Terran male, currently posted as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer on the USS Victory.


  • Full Name: Julio Vannini.
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant.
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 235103.21.
  • Current Age: 37 years.
  • Place of Birth: Manziana, Italy, Sol III.
  • Gender: Male.


  • Height: 1.74 mts.
  • Hair Color: Black with some hints of white at the sides and mild baldness.
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Preferred Hand:Left.


  • Marital Status: Divorced.
  • Children
    • Cesar Vannini.
    • Alessandra Vannini.
  • Parents
    • Father: Fatima Ramirez.
    • Mother: Oscar Vannini.
  • Siblings:
    • Adriana Vannini.
    • Antonio Vannini.

Duty Posts

Starbase 118 Ops: As Assistant Chief Engineer.

USS Discovery-B: As Assistant Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer Officer and Chief Tactical Officer.

USS Victory: As Assistant Chief Engineer.

Professional History

237312.10 Major in Computational Science from the University of Rome, SOL III.

237401.01 Researcher for the Starfleet Research Facility at the Mediterranean Sea, SOL III under the supervision of PhD. Enzo Firelli.

237903.01 Entered the Engineering Major at the Starfleet Academy Campus, Los Angeles, California, SOL III.

238304.14 Assigned to StarBase 118 Operations as Assistant Chief Engineer after graduating from the Academy.

238307.12: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Posted to the new USS Discovery-B as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer by Commander Tyr Waltas.

238307.12: Awarded with the Neelix Award and TOSMA I Award.

238405.16: Promoted to Full Lieutenant by Captain Tyr Waltas.

238501.26: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and as Chief Engineer Officer of the USS Discovery B by Captain Tyr Waltas.

238501.26: Awarded with the B-Plot Award and the Silver Palm Award

238702.07: Named Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Discovery B.

238703.01: Transferred to Utopia Planitia Shipyards to monitor the construction of a new Science Pod for USS Discovery-B. (posting due to LOA)

238804.04: Reassigned to the Intrepid class vessel USS Victory as Assistant Chief Engineer Officer, with the rank of Liutenant. (demotion according to UFOP regulation for returning officers with a LOA of 12 months or more)

238804.14: Reinstated to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Captain Andrus Jaxx.

Overall Character History

JV is an engineer by heart, coursing his mayor at the University of Rome. During that period he met Sonia, an artist student on the same University and became engaged in a relationship that ended in matrimony right after their graduation. Sonia got pregnant twice, giving birth to their offsprings: Cesar and Alessandra.

Julio was accepted as assistant engineer for Dr. Enzo Firelli at one Starfleet Research Facility on the Mediterranean Sea.

Their work location allowed him to stay very close to his family. But with the raise of the Dominion War, JV started to fear about their future. Not being a man with strong desires for armed conflicts, JV struggled with the decision of joining Starfleet as an officer, as a way to ensure his family's safety. The idea was not shared by Sonia who openly discussed the topic with him. As the Dominion War intensified in magnitud and the Federation began to lose ground, JV took the decission of enrolling Starfleet, with the strong desire to do his part in defending his family and planet in a more active way.

As he advanced in the Academy years, the Dominion War came to an end with the eventual defeat of the Dominion forces. JV expected to obtain a post in one of the nearby Facilities, but once the Academy was over he was sent to serve as Assistant Chief Engineer for the Starbase 118 OPS crew. This posting turned difficult for Sonia and JV in order to keep a working marriage.

At his arrival to OPS, he was rapidly inmersed into an unexpected mission: the retrival of Captain Steve Lee McCall from Romulus. Commader Tyr Waltas, XO for SB118 OPS commanded the mission onboard an old Romulan warbird: the Enarrain Galae. With his knowledge in advanced computer languages, JV helped with the creation of an translation program for the ship's computer. The software helped the crew to accomplish their goal.

As the Enarrain Galae was returning from Romulus, it was intercepted for 3 more Romulan warbirds inside the Bassin Rift. There, in a really hit of luck, they found an unexpected salvation boat: the Ronin-class vessel USS Morningstar, reported lost with all hands not long ago. Using a divertion of several gravity lenses using the Galae's gravitational drives put in place by JV and the science officers, the crew managed to gain enough time to board the Morningstar and to escape toward Federation Space.

Starfleet Command granted permission to the Crew of OPS to take command of the Morningstar and to re-christened her as USS Discovery B. Commander Waltas received his promotion to Captain and JV to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The USS Discovery B was assigned to the Avalon Sector.

After several dangerous missions his relationship with Sonia came to an end, with the long postponed divorce becoming a reality and the kids staying under the care of their mother. The couple tried to have a civilized discussion, with Sonia trying to get him out of Starfleet and JV willing to stay. Although JV wanted to leave everything and return to Earth, his experiences as an Starfleet officer taught him that there were many dangers still threatening the Federation and therefore, his family. The decission was made: he was to stay serving in Starfleet.

Some time later, they were able to meet again and to talk in a more peaceful way. Although not married, they've kept their friendship, for the kids's sake.

Some time later, JV started a relationship with Ens. Mira Kaschenko, a science officer serving on the Discovery. Their romance lasted for a couple of years until he was trasnferred to Utopia Planitia temporarily. Mira, a very promising officer, decided for her career instead of following him to Mars. This setback was a strong blow for JV, who was now tasting a bit of what he did to Sonia and how she felt.

Medical History

Although JV was not an athlete, he tried to keep his body in shape. Being an engineer, he loved to engage himself in physical activities at work, and not to keep a sedentary behavior. Despite some minors cut and brushes, his overall condition was in a "fairly good shape".

Nevertheless, his service had put him into several threatening situations that had caused some impact on his health.

The Saurian Incident

Attending a distress call from the Saurian Empire, JV and the crew of the USS Discovery-B were presented to a new terraforming technology using time warp dilations. One of the devices went malfunctioning, trapping JV into a temporal bubble where his phisiology was aged some 30 years. After some medical treatments and a prolonged visit to the Ba'Ku world, JV was able to regain most of his "lost youth", but some hints of white hair at the sides of his head remained, and minor pains the muscless when exposed to cold over long period of time.

The Hit-the-Wall Incident

JV engaged in a hand-to-hand combat with one of his fellow engineers, a young Vulcan that was beggining the Pon-Farr process. JV was caught by the Vulcan and sent to one of the metallic walls inside one cargo bay, hitting his skull really hard. He lost conciousness for a couple of hours. His skull and brain suffered no damage, but he required a minor surgery in his jaw, in order to replace some lost teeth.

The Flying-into-Oblivion incident

After barely escaping death in a fighter as co-pilot for LtCmdr. Rode Mitchell, both officers were forced to make an extreme emergency transfer from their doomed fighter (with no power and propulsion at all) to another one, by jumping from the cockpit with no survival line. Not used to such emergency procedure, JV panicked while doing the transfer, almost loosing grip of the second fighter. Mitchell managed to grab him in time, saving his friend's life. After that, JV feels uncomfortable in flying inside a fighter or any high-speed small ship.

The Coma

Everyone that have worked along with JV could testify how strict Julio becomes in matter of safety and occupational hazzards prevention among the Engineering staff and crew. No matter that, JV suffered one terrible accident caused by another crew-mate that was working in a plasma conduit. The unexperienced engineer was about to touch an exposed power relay when JV jumped to pull him away. The young engineer jolted in surprise, pushing JV against the exposed circuit. A nearly fatal discharge of energy sent JV flying in the air until he landed a couple of meters away. The accident put him into a coma that lasted several months. He was place inside a stasis chamber under the care of medical personnel and Mira Kaschenko. Besides a scar in his right arm due a 3rd degree burn, no other evidence of permanent damage has been acknowledge this far.

Personal Interests

  • Classical music and opera.
  • Has a taste for astronomy.
  • Likes to cook for friends, particularly Italian dishes.
  • Likes coffee (a lot!).
  • Not a good Kal'Toh player.
  • Tries to avoid Sickbay all the time.
  • Likes the soft humming of the warp core in the morning.
  • Likes dogs.

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