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USS Excalibur-A

USS Excalibur-AVesta classKalianna Nicholotti


The Trouble with Tacos
The Trouble With Tacos (Excalibur)

She first boarded the ship just before the Excalibur left Deep Space 224 for a diplomatic mission. Since the senior officers were occupied with the important meeting, Jovenan's introduction to the ship had to be postponed until after the meeting. The ship ended up facing difficulties, during which Jovenan offered her assistance.[1] She worked with Chief Science Officer Etan Iljor and Counsellor Seta Jinean to analyse the pathogen that had infected visiting ambassadors. After the sudden departure of the CSO, Counsellor Seta requested Jovenan to take the lead of the scientific endeavour.[2]

Working together with Counsellor Seta, Jovenan created a program that tested their hypothesis by subjecting holographic copies of the cells of the targeted individuals to the pathogen.[2] She also took a blood sample from Counsellor Gott. The blood sample analysis provided them with information that could help them device a cure to the pathogen to avoid future incidents. Jovenan presented their findings to Doctor Genkos Adea, with whom she carried on to work in order to find the cure and analyse the pathogen.[3]

She was awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon for helping discover the cure, although the ribbon could only be awarded after the following mission.[4]

Shoreleave 239912

During her first shoreleave on Excalibur, Jovenan participated on an EVA orientation held by Commander Karrod Niac. She was joined Ensigns Hera Kijana and Hiro Jones, who had joined the crew after her.[5] During the orientation, they encountered a problem when the airlock closed behind them and could not be opened due to remnants of the computer virus from the previous mission. They tried to reach the marine hanger[6] However, they had to opt for jumping to the Deep Space 224 some 200 metres away, where they were docked. After initial success, their anchoring gave in and they hurled towards the station.[7] Luckily, they survived with minor injuries.[8]

She also visited Doctor Genkos Adea for new crewmembers medical evaluation.[9] She received thermal underlayers and permission to control the room temperature when alone after complaining of feeling chilly.[10]


Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek (Excalibur)
Commander MacKenzie and Lieutenant Dakora

Commodore Kali Nicholotti cut the shoreleave short and ordered the crew to return to the ship and the senior officers to report her. In absence of Chief Science Officer, she gathered the science department and reported to the mission briefing.[11] The Commodore informed the senior staff that the First Officer, Commander Addison MacKenzie and Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Talos Dakora are missing and that they will try to find them.

The Captain ordered Jovenan to join Lieutenant Seta and Ensign Jones and try to find where the two officers had gone and why.[12] Reviewing the evidence, the team tried to deduce what the two officers where intending and what was the heading of the Daisy, the Maquis Raider they used. They also discovered that the two officers had met briefly before their departure under suspicious circumstance. Jovenan informed the Captain of their findings.[13]

Jovenan was ordered to provide them a detailed analysis of the surrounding space. However, en route to the astrometrics lab the Captain ordered her to the bridge instead. Meanwhile, the fake distress beacon exploded in the cargobay, where it had been transported to after being spotted in the empty space[14][15]. The turbolift got stuck and the communications went down, trapping Jovenan.[13] She was soon rescued by Ensign Kawarda, to whom she had been talking to via commlink when the explosion occurred. She decided to go to the astrometrics with Kawarda, as she thought her chances of assisting the Captain were better there than on the Bridge as the necessary equipment were going offline.[16]

In the astrometrics, they conducted an analysis of the data the sensors had received. They found an ion trail to follow, and two transmissions that needed to be decoded. They didn't have appropriate program at hand, so Jovenan had to opt to leave for Shuttlebay 2, where they believed a shuttle not affected by the system malfunctions could be used decoding the messages. She devised a method of communicating between her and Kawarda before leaving.[17] While walking there, Kawarda told her he had analysed the trail and found that the Daisy was hiding in the nearby Azure Nebula.[18]

In the Shuttlebay, she found out that the shuttlebay door was partially open and the forcefield was flickering due to the malfunctions. She chose a shuttle in a hurry. However, she was stopped by Crewman Tripu Lante, who was evacuating the Shuttlebay and whom she ordered to help her.[18][19] With the help of Crewman Lante, she managed to send Daisy’s location data to the bridge.[20] Soon after, she decoded one of the transmissions and found out it was the distress call by MacKenzie and Dakora, who were captured by a group of Klingon renegades. She transmitted the bridge the transcription of the transmission, as well as the description of a method of fighting the nanobots behind the malfunction, which Kawarda had found.[21] When the shuttlebay unexpectedly decompressed, they were stranded in the shuttle Ector.[22] Preparing for the worst, she refamiliarized Crewman Lante to the shuttle's weapons and shields controls, but the fight ended and they were rescued by Ensign Kawarda.[23][24]

She received the Innovation Ribbon and the Good Conduct Ribbon for her actions during the mission.[4]

Shoreleave 240002

During the shore leave, she took part in an emergency drill, held by Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu. The drill was held in a holodeck on Deep Space 224, and Jovenan, together with Hiro Jones and Genkos Adea had to try and evacuate the sickbay of a Galaxy class ship in 5 minutes.[25] Despite their efforts, they had to abandon some of the wounded behind. In the very last seconds, Jovenan stumbles and is helped to the escape pod by Jones. They had to leave the patient Jovenan was helping behind them. She took losing the holographic woman hard and cried after as the program ended.[26][27][28]

She also gave Jones tour in the astrometrics lab, demonstrating the microgravity properties while showing him the holographs of the Azure Nebula and her homeworld, Rubicun III.[29] Jones invited her to a movie night, which will be her first time seeing an Earth movie.[30] She also had an appointment with Counsellor Seta Jinean, discussing her fears and doubts about being in Starfleet.[31]

End of service on USS Excalibur-A

USS Artemis

USS Artemis-ALuna classAddison MacKenzie


Impact (Artemis)
Meranuge IV

Commander Adea ordered Jovenan to report to his office together with Lt Vitor Silveira and the new Science Ensign Sela Kag.[32] Commander Adea informed them they will be heading for the Da’al homeworld, Meranuge IV, where a meteor had hit the city of Tecra, killing estimated 10 000 people. The team would beam down to the Palace of Culture, which operated as an triage centre, and provide relief aid.[33] After the briefing session, Jovenan was asked by Lt Talos Dakora to join him in the Astrometrics. Lt Dakora asked Jovenan to help him investigate why the meteor had hit the city without the locals' knowledge or reaction.[34] However, they had to leave their investigation as they approached the planet.[35]

Jovenan and the team beamed down onto the planet's surface, finding the city largely destroyed. They met Jiah Kleebohn, Da’al rescue coordinator and their contact person. Jovenan scanned the air, not finding anything that could be dangerous to the team.[36] They quickly noticed that Kleebohn was easily agitated, although Jovenan thought mostly about stress and lack of adequate training. They started beaming down the relief aid and building up a distribution line.[37][38]

Quickly after setting up the distribution line, a large, uncontrollable crowd of refugees residing in the Palace of Culture came to the area. While the senior officers were attempting to establish order, Jovenan received a call from Ensign Jones.[38] She went to a courtyard to talk with him. Jones and his team had discovered an unusual molecular compound from the dust in the crater. Jovenan deduced the substance was created by the meteor impact, although some of the substance's properties remained unexplained. Considering the substance unimportant and unable to find it in the courtyard, Jovenan returned to the distribution area, where the other team members were attempting to control the crowd. However, as soon as she began to explain the call, her tricorder found some of the substance in the distribution area, and she left to contact Jones again.[39] They deduced the substance had caused the Da’al and Commander Adea to behave aggressively, and she went back in to warn the team of the danger.[40]

Commander Adea and Kleebohn, under the influence of the aggression inducing dust, reacted badly to the news. Adea attacked Kleebohn with his cane and had to be subdued by Silveira. However, Kleebohn caught Silveira's phaser and started shooting the Starfleet officers with it, hitting Adea, stunning him. Jovenan called for an emergency beam-out, and the team was quickly transported back to the Artemis. As soon as they rematerialized, she ordered a contamination field to be erected around the transporter platform, in order to avoid the dust from affecting the crew.[41] Silveira checked on Adea, who managed to get a hidden blade from his prosthetic leg and penetrated Silveira's shoulder with it. Working under Silveira's orders, Jovenan quarantined the transporter room and left the platform field, trapping Silveira with Adea. Wanting to avoid further damage to Silveira, she used the transporter to beam him to the sickbay, leaving Adea alone behind the force field.[42]

Chemical composition of the dust, "Da'allium"

Having saved Silveira and trapped Adea, she scanned the air and observed that the dust had dissipated after they had beamed up, as she had expected based on the hypothesis that there was something on the planet that kept the usually unstable compound from breaking down. She ended the contamination procedures and let in a security team.[42] She ordered the security team to stun Adea after she would lower the force field. Having stunned him, they took him to the sickbay, where Silveira and Doctor Morgan were waiting.[43]

Adea was restrained in sickbay, while Jovenan and Silveira explained to Morgan what had happened. Adea continued to hackle them. Jovenan informed the Captain of their status and location, although Silveira had wished her to do so earlier, giving him a reason to reprimand her.[44] Jovenan contacted the Captain, informing her of the team's situation. The Captain told that the remaining teams on the planet are deploying a potential cure and ordered them to be prepared to beam them back in. Together with Doctor Morgan, Jovenan resumed studying Adea's condition. He was given neurotransmitter inhibitor Lexorin, which pacified him temporarily.[45]

After briefly meeting the new ensigns Savel and Flint Kader, the team in sickbay learnt that the away teams had been in an explosion and had them beamed up. Jovenan had to face the Captain's questioning over the events that had occurred to them, including Adea's aggression towards Kleebohn and Silveira and Jovenan's decision to beam them up and stun Adea.[46] Jovenan joined Jones and Lt Hallia Yellir in effort to emit a pulse that could undo the effects of the "Da’allium" dust over the city. Working silently avoiding detection by aggressive Da’al, they were nonetheless noticed and attacked. She and Jones shot at the Da’al in order to stun them, as did Ensign Luxa Lorana, who had unexpectedly joined them when the shooting began. The pulse was released, causing a wave of nausea over the team.[47] The pulse worked, and the team left the planet.[48]

In a ceremony held in Tecra at the end of the following shoreleave, Jovenan received Scientific Discovery Ribbon for the study of Da'allium, Good Conduct Ribbon for keeping her team alive, Innovation Ribbon and Legacy Ribbon.[49]

Shoreleave 240004–240005

Jovenan reported to the Chief Intelligence Officer Talos Dakora, telling him of Kawarda's report on their analysis why the meteor had hit the city of Tecra. The report indicated that the strike had been artificial and deliberate.[50] They informed Commander MacKenzie of the results.[51] Dakora asked Jovenan to covertly try and find out, where the people who had moved the meteor had launched their vessel, focusing on potential hiding places on the planet. She found out about a canyon, known as the La'kso Canyon, which had large kelbonite deposit. She informed Dakora, who asked her to go and study the place closer.[52][53]

She invited the new Ensigns Savel, Kader and Lorana to join her for a camping trip to La'kso canyon on Meranuge IV. The canyon runs through a deposit of kelbonite, which can block transporter signal.[54] Unknown to the other ensigns, she had planned the trip with intention to study a potential hiding place of the people who had moved the meteor to strike the city of Tecra.[53] They got themselves the shuttlepod Perseus, which they found cramped but sufficient for them.[55] They landed near the canyon and starter their hiking trip with telling stories to one another.[56][57] Their arrival was observed from afar by two Da'al, who suspected the ensigns were there to investigate.[58] The Da'al kept observing them from a hiding place, but were spotted by Lorana. That resulted in an confrontation, where both Jovenan and the Da'al attempted to keep up a façade of innocence.[59][60] However, it failed and the confrontation became more violent as they drew weapons and the Da'al attempted to kidnap them while threatening to blow up hidden explosives on rocks above them.[61] They managed to distract the Da'al so that Lorana and Savel could disable them. However, after a ferocious charge, Lorana fell off a cliff to a ledge c. 10 metres below. Jovenan rappelled down to help her.[62] During the ensigns' stay in the Canyon, Dakora had learnt more about the Da'al hiding there and realized the danger, causing him to organize a rescue team of himself, Adea, Gabriel Osuna and other security officers. The rescue team came to help the ensigns, and Dakora helped Jovenan and Lorana from the ledge.[63] Security officers discovered a hidden hangar with what was likely the vessel used for deorbiting the meteor. As Dakora and some of the security officers remained to investigate, Jovenan and others returned to the ship.[64]

During the shoreleave, she also took part in movie night with Hiro Jones, Luxa Lorana, Flint Kader and Vedic Koleth. They watched the Earth movie "Troll 2".[65][66] She also received a subspace letter from her family, giving delayed congratulations for her graduation from the Academy and getting posted to a ship. The letter was accompanied by an Edo Community leader’s necklace, a gift from her family, indicating their proudness of her.[67]

Near the end of the shoreleave, an awards ceremony was held in a government banquet hall in Tecra. Jovenan was promoted to Lieutenant JG during this awards ceremony.[68]

Drill (Artemis)
USS Berlin

After the shoreleave, the Artemis headed to the Paulson Nebula. Commander MacKenzie informed the senior staff that in order to familiarize themselves with the ship they would conduct a tactical drill within the Nebula. The Artemis would engage in simulated space battle against USS Berlin, a Reliant class cruiser on loan from Deep Space 224. Jovenan was assigned to remain on the Artemis and man the science station, while half of the senior staff took control of the Berlin.[69] After a series of questions and tactical discussion, the crew took their stations and the ships entered the Nebula.[70]

Due to the nebula's inhibiting properties, environmental hazards there and their desire to be unseen by the Berlin, Jovenan had to balance sensor usage carefully and keep an eye tightly on the readings.[71] Eventually, she discovered the Berlin in the nebula. In order to avoid being detected for as long as possible, they opted to send out a set of probes to verify Berlin's location.[72] However, the attack against the Berlin was a partial failure, and the Artemis lost its primary sensors. This crippled the Artemis in the dangerous surroundings.[73]

They took some distance from the Berlin and prepared for a new attack. Jovenan devised a plan, based on a graviton pulse, that could hide them right after their attack in order to avoid Berlin's counterattack.[74] However, their decision to fire the plasma pockets released more ignited plasma than intended and was dangerous for Artemis as well, and the graviton pulse only managed to protect them from the plasma without covering them from the Berlin.[75]

Soon, the crew began to suspect something was wrong. MacKenzie asked the bridge crew to find out if some of the damage the Artemis had sustained was real instead of merely simulated, and Jovenan could confirm that was indeed the case.[76] The crew found out they had been boarded in secrecy by a hostile party, and they terminated the drill. However, multiple systems were offline, and some decks were filled with anaesthetic gas. In a situation briefing an hour later, Jovenan was ordered to find out the way to remove the gas, working together with a new ensign, Doctor Gila Sadar.[77] Their plan was to move the anaesthetic gas to a smaller area by creating an air current within the corridors and turbolift shafts, and then expose the gas to Naloxone, which would render it harmless for a while.[78]

Holographic Medical Muppet Teller

Jovenan and Sadar were joined by MacKenzie and Lt Commander Yogan Yalu. The four officers travelled in the Jefferies Tubes, first to the subprocessor that controlled the environment on deck 5, and then moving downwards, deck by deck. It was Jovenan's duty to interface with the subprocessor and program it to move the gas to the right direction. Meanwhile, Sadar discovered the gas was a mix of different chemicals, including Anesthizine and Felicium, which made combating them more difficult.[79] They cleared the decks 5-7 until they reached the sickbay. There, they met the Holographic Medical Muppet Teller, their modified Emergency Medical Hologram, and learnt that Dakora and his team had just been there but had left to fight the boarders on a lower deck. The four officers worked on the gas removal and the antidote, but left the sickbay crew to finish it while they were needed on the bridge.[80][81][82]

Back on the bridge, the bridge crew discovered another ship in the Nebula. Soon after them finding the ship, it opened fire against the Berlin.[82] The Artemis moved closer to the Suliban ship to protect the Berlin from the enemy fire. To Jovenan's surprise, the Captain ordered her to take the tactical and fire the Suliban ship, despite her knowing how to use phasers only theoretically. After an initial shot of disputable success, she became enraged at their opponents, hitting them repeatedly until an alarm broke her concentration. The Berlin had backed out and was preparing to fire at the Suliban ship with torpedoes, risking damage to themselves and the Artemis.[83] The Berlin hit both the Suliban ship and the gas surrounding it, damaging the Suliban ship further. Its warp core took damage, while some of the crew beamed onto the Berlin.[84] The Artemis flew closer to the Berlin, and Jovenan beamed the Suliban boarding party on the Berlin to the Artemis' brig.[85]

In the ceremony at the end of the following shoreleave, Jovenan received an Innovation Ribbon for helping clear the ship of the anaesthetic gas and Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal for the fight against the Suliban pirates. She was also appointed the Assistant Chief Science Officer.[86]

Shoreleave 240007-240009

The Artemis spent the shoreleave on Cait Spacedock. Feeling homesick, Jovenan checked the departing slipstream starliners from the Spacedock, but none of them coincided with the shoreleave. She then met Hiro Jones in one of the lounges on the Spacedock Promenade, telling him that she had visited the Spacedock before, as it had been one of the stops for her transport to the Academy.[87] Hiro also told of a matter pressing him, but due to the public nature of their meeting place, they didn't continue further with it. Instead, Hiro asked if Jovenan could show him the Sensor Pod, to which Jovenan agreed.[88] Having sensed Jovenan had more on her mind than she had told, Hiro asked about it. Jovenan confessed that she had started to view the crew as a family and not having seen her old family in more than five years, breaking in tears and instinctively hugging Hiro. After calling him her brother, Jovenan realised she might have crossed the line by hugging him without permission.[89] Hiro, however, was happy to be referred to as her brother, and promised never to judge her for being who she was. After she calmed down, Hiro asked her if he could try out the TOV suit. She offered to hold a training session on the use of it for him.[90] Studying the nearby moon Rea, Hiro passed the training.[91]

Later, Hiro invited her to a "sibling night" to his quarters.[92] After they made sliders together, Hiro told her that she had Lorana had been attacked while on Cait.[93] She was worried of what had happened to them, but hearing they had also been arrested, she also had to consider how her own morals related to the events. Despite the strict Edo moral code, she couldn't be angry at Hiro.[94] They then played "Would you rather?".[95]

While running in the Fitness Centre, Jovenan was urgently called to Chief Tactical Officer's office by Lt Silveira. Despite Silveira's stern look, he ended up praising Jovenan much to her confusion.[96] Revealing the prank, Silveira continued to compliment her actions in the previous missions and her overall growth.[97] He would also give her advice for the future. The conversation ended with Jovenan complimenting him in the same fashion he had did to her.[98]

She briefly also met Dakora in the Brew Continuum at the Cait Spacedock[99] and had a lunch with Lorana in the Elysium lounge.[100]

Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now (Artemis)

The mission was mostly played with alternate characters. See Jovenan (alternate) for details.

After the catastrophic drill, the Artemis was ordered to a research mission. During the intense scanning mission, the Artemis conducted deep-level sensor sweeps across the Borderlands, with the sensors running around the clock.[101] This being her first mission as the Assistant Chief Science Officer, Jovenan wanted good results, but was too eager and approved more research proposals than their resources allowed. Trying to fill in, Jovenan worked several shifts a day, exhausting herself.[102]

The nature of the mission changed dramatically, when a group of vessels crossed over from another universe. The research mission ended, and the Science Department administrative assistant Ailata Milath told her the science officers blamed her for the cancelled studies as well as the chaos before the events.[102]

Jovenan's counterpart from the other universe

One of the people that had crossed over was her counterpart, whom Jovenan went to meet. After the counterpart seemed to refuse to open the door of her temporary quarters, Jovenan introduced her through the door. Almost immediately, the alternate Jovenan rushed to hug Jovenan and pulled her in. The alternate Jovenan asked her which universe they were in, but Jovenan couldn't answer. The alternate Jovenan further questioned her of Divine Fleet (which Jovenan didn't know about) and Starfleet. The alternate Jovenan quickly determined that the Edo in the Prime universe were “nothing but sex-crazed hedonists who are too afraid to leave God’s Claims”, which Jovenan was ashamed to admit. The alternate Jovenan moved to reveal details of the Edo God, which she claimed were the same in different universes, surprising Jovenan. When Jovenan insisted her counterpart to assist her in finding out how to send them back, the alternate Jovenan instead interrupted her and requested her assistance, appealing to their shared faith.[102] After Jovenan refused, the alternate Jovenan tried to appeal to her rank as a mediator, making Jovenan pull out her community leader's necklace, indicating her status over her. The alternate Jovenan, however, took notice of the fact that Jovenan was hiding the necklace under her uniform turtleneck. This lead to her mocking Jovenan of her abandoning their culture.[103]

Jovenan resumed to study the "prismagons", devices that had caused the alternate universe ship to travel to their universe, working long days and nights to find a way to send them back. Despite the pressure to finish the research quickly, Jovenan was interrupted by Dakora, who asked her to join him in his office. There, Dakora and PO Xandeus Filistrien told her that they had intercepted a message, transmitted by fluctuation in the Desdemona's system, and was apparently written in her language. Jovenan quickly identified the text of the message as her native dialect, but since the message was only partial, she could only make out "somebody is going to do something to a deer vessel".[103] Jovenan informed Dakora of what had happened during her meeting with her counterpart, believing her to be deceitful and manipulative. Just then, Dakora found out a group of the Desdemona crewmembers had beamed over to the Artemis, including the counterparts of Jovenan and MacKenzie. Based on what they had learnt, they decided to warn the Captain and the security.[104]

The Captain ordered Jovenan to cooperate with Doctor Genkos Adea to try and find the ending for the message. She went to the Sickbay trying to find him in his office but was informed by Doctor Gila Sadar that Adea hasn't been there that day. After being asked, Sadar told that Adea hasn't been doing his normal shifts and has appeared busy since the arrival of the Desdemona. Jovenan began to suspect that Adea's odd behaviour might be Desdemona's crew's doing, and she informed Sadar of the possible attack.[105][106] They began to investigate Adea's odd behaviour and concluded that he might have been replaced by his counterpart. They believed the real Adea might be held in his quarters, and decided to enter there to find out.[107] They found Adea bound and gagged in his closet, alive and in relatively good condition.[108]

After freed Adea had joined Jovenan and Sadar, they learnt through the communications system that the crew of the Desdemona were claiming to have taken over all essential locations on the ship. Adea began to plan attacking the bridge with Jovenan and Sadar, who reluctantly accepted his orders.[109] Before just the three of them could leave for the bridge, they were contacted by Captain MacKenzie, who joined them together with Lt Silveira. The larger group planned that some of them would pretend to be their counterparts and others would be "captives", so that they could all go to the bridge without immediate resistance from the Desdemona crewmembers occupying it. Silveira pleaded them to fast so that he could go and rescue the alternate Jovenan.[110] Jovenan learnt that Silveira and her counterpart had started a romance, and was initially weirded out by it and refused to believe her counterpart was sincere in that relationship. She also worried how this might affect her collegial relationship with Silveira.[111]

The team procedeed with their plan. Jovenan, Adea and Sadar played the roles of their counterparts while MacKenzie and Silveira pretended to be their captives. The team was allowed to the bridge, where they found Silveira's counterpart Vitor Olivera, Ensign Flint Kader in role of his counterpart, and another Desdemona crewmember. Olivera initially fell for their ruse, but then contacted Colonel MacKenzie, the Captain's counterpart, asking if Jovenan's counterpart wasn't in her team. The team learnt that Mediator Jovenan had died after betraying the Desdemona crew. At that point, Jovenan realised she had been wrong on her counterpart. Meanwhile, Silveira became rageous and attacked his counterpart. Their ruse discovered, the team took over the bridge after a brief fight. Silveira planned to kill his counterpart, but they were interrupted by an approaching vessel and they took their stations. Kader informed it was nothing to worry about, and soon their deflector fired an energy burst and the approaching vessel, a Shint ship, disappeared, presumedly back to their universe. While she didn't know how Kader had acquired this information, he told them how they could send the Desdemona back to their universe. Jovenan however learnt that the Hazardous Materials Lab had been breached, a scientist working there killed and the prismagons stolen. Before they could do much more, Ensign Savel informed them that Hiro Jones had been severely injured in an explosion in the Sickbay.[111] This information nearly devastated Jovenan, and Doctor Adea left the bridge to help him.[112]

The bridge crew began to track down the attackers and report the status around the ship to the Captain. Jovenan found the stolen prismagon container using its locator beacon.[112] Genkos Adea, Doctor Adea's counterpart, escaped with a stolen shuttle while the Artemis was holding the Desdemona from fleeing. Meanwhile, Commander Dakora and his team secured the prismagons.[113] After a while, Ensign Kawarda informed Jovenan that he might have made an accidental breakthrough in the study of the prismagons, and Jovenan asked the Captain to join him. By this time, they had already located and detained or killed all remaining Desdemona crewmembers on the Artemis. A few hours of research and installation work later, the Captain ordered the crew to create an opening between the universes and send the Desdemona back to their home reality.[114]

At the end of the next shoreleave, in January 2401, Jovenan received the Innovation Ribbon and the Quantum Reality Service Ribbon for this mission.[115]

Shoreleave 240012-240101

The Artemis spent the shoreleave on Betazed.

Jovenan was invited to a ritual held to the alternate universe counterpart of Jaseb Chevalier by Petty Officer Damien Black, together with Doctor Adea. Chevalier's counterpart, Jaseb, had died during the previous mission and had apparently addressed Jovenan's counterpart as his friend before his death. The event consisted of a ritual washing of the body. Jovenan felt discomfort about touching a dead person, but when on with the ritual nevertheless. They discussed matters of spirituality and religion.[116][117]

Dakora visited Jovenan at the Artemis Science Centre. He wanted to talk about how Jovenan was feeling after the mission, but Jovenan could tell that the mission had been challenging to Dakora as well. They tried helping each other, and they became closer as a result.[118][119]

Silveira visited Jovenan's quarters on day. Silveira wanted to erect a memorial to the alternate universe Jovenan, with whom he had begun a relationship before her death. He wanted to know about Edo funeral rites. They also discussed their relation with alternate Jovenan, and Jovenan learnt about how much Silveira cared about alternate Jovenan. They ended up comforting each other after they both blamed oneself of her death.[120] Later, Silveira invited Jovenan to the memorial service in the Arboretum. There, they said goodbye to the alternate universe Jovenan, whose memorial stone stood next to an oak tree in a quiet corner of the room.[121]

USS Ronin, to which Hiro was transferred.

After Hiro was released from the sickbay, he surprised Jovenan in a lab. He came there using his support chair asked her to join her on a dinner. They went to Elysium, where they discussed how they were faring and what had happened during Hiro's time in sickbay. Jovenan told him how much she was afraid of losing him, and he comforted her by telling that those who you care about can never be truly gone.[122][123] His words came in need soon. After getting out of his support chair, Hiro unexpectedly asked Jovenan to his quarters, where he showed her a transfer order he had just received. He was to report to the USS Ronin the next day, by the orders of Commander Niac. After the initial shock and Hiro's comforting words, including “I love you, sis”, Jovenan hugged him and told him she loved him as well. They promised to keep contact.[124]

Before Hiro's departure, Adea asked Jovenan to join him to Dekoa, a village on Betazed where he had been born. They were taking Toto, Adea's pet dog to a vet, although Jovenan suspected Adea wanted an excuse to visit his old home.[125] Walking through the village, Adea told her he hadn't been to there since he had left for the Academy, and Jovenan in return told him she hadn't been to her homeworld since her enrollment to the Academy as well.[126] In the reception to the vet's office, the receptionist recognized Adea's name but not him. This provoked Jovenan to ask if there would be anyone in the village who would still remember him. He said there was a girl he knew. The receptionist informed them the vet was ready to receive them. When they entered, they found out that the vet was in matter of fact Doctor Tevet Elain, the same girl Adea had mentioned a moment before.[127] They learnt that Doctor Elain had acquired the vet's office after it an incident involving Adea's father. She also told that Adea had been an important influence for her to become a vet.[128] Elain and Adea told about their respective news and joked around, but when Elain heard that Toto had been caught in a bathroom for days during the previous mission, she began to question if a starship was a safe space for a dog. Jovenan tried defending Adea, but Elain shot her down quickly.[129] They argued for a moment, but eventually they agreed about steps how to make Toto feel more safe. Elain had to keep working, but they agreed to meet her after work.[130]

Jovenan also had a medical checkup done by Doctor Sadar,[131], and she took part in a fire drill held by Ensign Jaseb Chevalier.[132]

At the end of the shoreleave, the crew held an awards ceremony at the Fifth Chalice bar in Oxeania, Betazed. Jovenan was promoted to full lieutenant and was appointed to the Chief Science Officer.[133] During the ceremony, Jovenan agreed with Sadar and Silveira that they would held a “cooking date” sometime in the future.[134]

Note that the next mission began immediately following the events in the awards ceremony.

End of the year 2400


Alternate History
Alternate History (Artemis)
Note that this mission began immediately following the events in the awards ceremony during the previous shoreleave.

Jovenan was talking with Sadar and Silveira in the Fifth Chalice bar in Oxeania, Betazed at the end of the awards ceremony. Unexpectedly, a loud fingersnap was heard, and Jovenan found herself in a completely different location with Adea and Sadar. Adea noticed a person out of the window, recognizing them as CloQ, a member of the Q Continuum with fixation in time and hatred towards the current Artemis crew. He also recognizes the building as his childhood home where he and Jovenan visited earlier during the shoreleave, but certain differences revealed they were now around the year 2375. A Dominion vessel flies above the house, which was something that couldn't have happened in that timeframe, indicating they were in an alternate timeline. They try to reach the Artemis, but can't get a comsignal.[135]

Map of Betazed. Adea's childhood town Dekoa marked by the Thaxan Ocean.

Planning their next move, they hear someone else with them in the building. The person turns out to be child Tevet Elain of that timeline, threatening them with a knife. From Elain's perspective, the officers are intruders and she insists they leave. However, when they attempt to leave, CloQ stops them from doing so. The team tries to talk with Elain, hoping to create a connection to her, prevent her from attacking her and possibly learning more.[136] They learn that the counterpart of Adea and his family have been taken to a camp by the Dominion, while Elain has remained here to take care of animals in the basement. The team promises to help Elain with the animals and convince her to let them see them. Finding that the animals have only minor issues, they offer help to them.[137]

Jovenan accidentally slips out Elain's first name which she learnt during the visit there on shoreleave. Elain remembers that she had not in matter of fact revealed it to her, immediately raising her suspicions and preparing to fight the team again. While Jovenan is terrified of the prospect she might have violated the Temporal Prime Directive, Adea reveals that they are from the future and that he is the same Genkos that Elain knew. This calms down Elain who insists more evidence, and Jovenan and Adea allow her to read their memories.[138] They manage to get the trust of Elain, who joins them. After discussing what Adea knows of CloQ and the threath they pose to the team, they go on to investigate the house, finding Adea's father's trashed study and a broken computer terminal.[139]

After they manage to fix the terminal, Adea and Sadar try to clean up the room and find out what was taken, while Jovenan studies the computer records to figure out what caused the timelines to diverge. She spots that the Romulans didn't join the Alliance in time for the First Battle of Chin'toka, which ended up as a defeat for the Alliance, unlike in the prime timeline.[140] However, as they are discussing the finding, the others find a inscription written to the back of a bookself, which triggers CloQ to appear in front of them.[141] Despite Elain insulting CloQ, they manage to learn that CloQ has sent them here because of Dakora's "mother issues" and Adea's "traumas", at least that's what they claim.[142]

After CloQ leaves, the team continues to discuss Jovenan's findings. Sadar remembers that the Romulans joined the Alliance after the assassination of Senator Vreenek, and after they couldn't find evidence of his death in this timeline, they start to believe his survival is the divergence point between the timelines. Adea believes CloQ would have left "portals" to other times and places like in his previous encounters with them, prompting them to seek one in the house. Sadar finds one behind the window in the study.[142] They discover the portal takes them to the time just before when Senator Vreenek was assassinated, and, despite the objections by Jovenan and Sadar, Adea decides they must go through the portal and fake the Senator's assassination.[143]

Jovenan in Romulan disguise

After some hesitation, the team steps through the portal and find themselves on a walkway between two buildings in a large city. Jovenan determines they must be in Ki Baratan, the Romulan capital on Romulus before the planet's later destruction. Planning their next move, they decide they must look for disguises.[144] After witnessing a Dominion vessel fly over them, they go into one of the buildings, finding Ensign Gnai inside, much to their surprise. A new crewmember, it had been left there by CloQ. After only a brief introduction, the team must move on.[145] However, a Romulan civilian enters the room, and the team must start chasing him to avoid being reported to the authorities. Sadar falls a flight of stairs, blocking the Romulan, who is then knocked out by Adea. Jovenan and Gnai put the unconscious Romulan to a closet and take his PADD.[146]

The team decides that they need disguises, and since Jovenan is closest to the size in the Romulan they captured, she puts on his clothes.[147] Meanwhile, Sadar and Gnai find the map of the building and the city from the PADD, locating a workshop or a laboratory on a lower floor. Disguised as a Romulan, Jovenan leads the way, managing to convince a local that she is also a Romulan working in the building. She finds the workshop/lab empty and lets the rest of the team inside.[148] In the workshop, they find engineering tools which they believe will help them blend in. They also notice a turret attached to the building, wondering if they could use it against the Senator's shuttle. Sadar creates prothesis and a wig for Jovenan, who puts them on to complete her disguise.[149] They finish the rest of the disguises, draft a plan and hide their uniforms while Jovenan destroyes her Edo community leader necklace.[150]

The team walks upstairs to the turret in disguises, Jovenan and Adea as Romulans, Gnai as a robot and Sadar as the robot's operator. Pretending to be a maintenance team, the team is allowed to pass to the turret, despite the guards initially being against allowing Sadar, an alien, to enter. In the turret, Adea and Jovenan look at the controls while the others work to frame the Dominion for the attack.[151] Jovenan identifies the Senator's shuttle, and the team takes control of the turret.[152] Adea fires, hitting the shuttle. However, the damaged shuttle turns and falls on the turret, destroying it and killing everyone in it.[153]

Meanwhile, CloQ has been observing everyone's progress. The plan to correct the timeline by killing the Senator fails as the Romulans found out about Starfleet's involvement, resulting in a war between the Federation and the Romulans. Eventually, a Betazoid Empire arose from the ashes. CloQ rewinds time a few milliseconds and relocates the crew to the new future Jovenan and her team had inadvertedly created.[154]

Deep Space 9

CloQ summons Jovenan, Sadar, Silveira and Dakora to their realm.[155] CloQ has a new game prepared for them. After Jovenan objects on the grounds that they had already fixed the timeline by killing the Senator, CloQ reveals that their attempt had failed. To allow them to try fixing the timeline again, CloQ sends the team to back to Deep Space 9, just a little before the assassination of the Senator in the prime timeline. On DS9, the team learns that CloQ has frozen time for people there, allowing the team to snoop around freely.[156] Reading PADDs from the table of Captain Sisko of DS9, Jovenan learned that he had negotiated the release of Grathon Tolar, a death row criminal, from the Klingon Empire. After the team continues to find more weird details about Tolar's stay on DS9, the team decides to investigate him on a holosuite where he happened to be at the time with a Cardassian tailor.[157]

On the holosuite, the team finds Tolar and the tailor preparing a holoprogram featuring Cardassian soldiers and a Vorta. Studying the setting, the team learns more about the setting. It seems to them that the two are creating the holoprogram for Sisko with the intention of fooling the Senator into thinking the Dominion is planning an attack against Romulus, dragging them into the war. It also seems that Sisko might be related to the assassination of the Senator.[158] CloQ sends the team a bit into the future, when Sisko was meeting with Vreenak. They find out that the fake recording failed, which leads to the team understanding that Sisko had the motivation to assassinate him to avoid the Romulans to know of the attempt.[159] As the team cannot locate the tailor, CloQ reveals that the tailor had indeed planted a bomb on the Senator's shuttle with Sisko's approval. Morally conflicted, the team is send to the correct timeline, aboard the Artemis with the rest of the crew by Deep Space 9.[160]

Shoreleave 240104

The Artemis spent the shoreleave on Deep Space 9 and on Bajor.

Jovenan invited Ensigns Chevalier, Savel and Gnai as well as Crewman Renirs to a tricorder analysis field training. After boarding the shuttle Kerynitis, Jovenan briefed the trainees of their mission: they would study the soil and water in a remote area in Rakantha Province of Bajor, which was poisoned by the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor. She assigned Savel and Chevalier to investigate the soil and Gnai and Renirs to study the local river.[161] Landing in their designated location, they found the area barren of life. The pairs split up and went on their ways to investigate their respective assignments while Jovenan supervised them from the shuttle.[162] After a while, she joined Savel and Chevalier, and soon after, went on to find Gnai and Renirs after they discovered a cave they wanted to investigate.[163]

When Jovenan arrived to the cave, Gnai and Renirs shouted to her and warned her not to enter. Renirs had stepped on what they believed was a mine and was injured. After asking them for more information, Jovenan ended the exercise and called Savel and Chevalier for help.[164] When the remainder of the team was gathered outside, they discovered that the cave had been laced with transporter resistant minerals by the previous residents. However, they believed that transporter boosters could help them enought to get their people out. Savel and Chevalier went in with the boosters, while Jovenan coordinated and supported from outside. However, Chevalier soon stepped on a mine as well, but it didn't go off before he would lift his foot. Savel managed to set up the boosters alone, and Jovenan transported all but Chevalier and herself to the shuttle.[165] Jovenan went in to rescue Chevalier, but he couldn't hold his foot put and the mine went off. Chevalier lost his leg and suffered major injuries, while Jovenan took a lesser hit. Devastated, she went to give him first aid and then started pulling his barely conscious body towards the booster.[166] They were soon after that beamed to the shuttle.[167]

Later, after she had been cleared from her injuries on Bajor, Jovenan was invited by Silveira to come and join him and Sadar to a cooking get-together they had planned before the previous mission. They met in Holodeck 2, where Silveira had prepared a large kitchen.[168]


This is not a full list of Jovenan's sims, nor is it a list of "best" or "favourite" sims either. It's simply a list of sims referred to in this wiki article.

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