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Ensign Joran Sek is currently assigned as a Security Officer at the Embassy on Duronis II, and aboard the USS Thunder-A.


Full name: Joran Sek

  • Date of birth (Age): 29
  • Species: Trill
  • Gender: male
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Gray
  • Height: 1.85 m


Doran is a Trill of unremarkable appearance. He is attractive enough to have had some success with females, but not so much as to be a 'ladies man'. His Trill 'markings' are darker than most of his species as a result of his extended time in combat environments. The extended exposure led to a natural darkening of the pigmentation similar to human 'tanning'. His hair cut is maintained in traditional Trill style, while his goatee is precisely trimmed and carefully maintained.



  • Father - Jorad Litle, Historian, Trill Cultural Preservation Society
  • Mother - Sistern Litle (Ema), Registered Nurse, Leran Manev regional hospital


  • Sister -Pajara Litle -21, Research Assistant, Planetary Oceanographic Institute
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none


Joran is a former marine NCO who has served during several of the federations last wartime deployments. He had risen through the ranks of the corps to staff sergant when he was approached by a Starfleet security instructor who proposed the idea of having marines should be an integral part of fleet asset operations as a means to bolster star fleets combat readiness and increase effectiveness on board starships with regard to being a more agile defense and response unit.

At the instructors urging and with his recommendation, Joran signed up for Starfleet academy once his remaining tour had ended. He hopes to one day help rebuild the MACO division, or something like it, as a staple in modern fleet staffing and deployment.


  • 236205.07 Joran Sek born
  • 237206 Passed initial symbiosis commission youth evaluation exam.
  • 237409 Recommended for advanced intermediate education program.
  • 237707 Accepted into GATE secondary education program.237711 Joined SFMC explorer program.
  • 237907.05 Field training on Cetri prime moon
    • Training accident during field training
    • Emergency implantation of Sek symbyote following death of instructor.
  • 237907.10 Implantation reviewed by symbiosis commission
  • 237907.14 Implantation certified by symbiosis commission with mandatory six month orientation and education program
  • 238001 Finished orientation program
  • 238002 Joined Starfleet marine corps 18mo training background
  • 238108 5.5 yrs field deployment with promotions to staff set
  • 238706 Joined Starfleet academy - Academy training background 4yrs
  • 239106.29 Graduated Starfleet Academy

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