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Crew of the USS Hawking

Lieutenant Jon Cumar.jpg

Lieutenant Jonathan Cumar


Leland Bishop
Leland and Jon met in Brooklyn, New York. On 238105.16, the two become friends. Gradually, Jon formed a "hero-worship" for his friend, though that was all destroyed when an incident at a bar takes Jon's arm in 2388. After the incident, he distanced himself and they haven't spoken much since. Jon has since gotten over it, though they both have a long way to go before their friendship can continue.


Peters Red 2398.png
Cadfael Peters
Jon met Cadfael on the USS Victory. They became fast friends, and have developed a fondness for one another's company. Shortly after the lieutenant transferred to the USS Darwin-A, Jon headed to Starbase 118 Ops to pursue a minor in security. Once he heard that Cadfael was once again being transferred, this time to the starbase, he opted to go pick up his friend and grabbed his bags following the riots to help him get situated. They've been exchanging the occasional letter since Jon's departure from Ops, and they haven't heard from one another since the launch of the USS Juneau.
Zaaia Leix.png
Zaaia Leix
It was Zaaia's stories about flight that got Jon interested in wanting to be a helm officer. He would always ask for star charts to look at, pictures of the places she'd been, and their letters usually contained a new request for pictures or star maps. Up until recently, he never had a face to associate to the name. It wasn't until her assignment to the USS Veritas that they'd actually met face to face, since before that they had played message tag through James, Jon's father.


Rosek LtCmdrRedBkgd.png
Lael Rosek
Jon and Lael first met when he walked in on her kicking the stuffing out of a punching bag. After a sparring match and some talking, Jon asked her out on a date. Lael formed an attachment to Jon surprisingly quickly. However, following a difficult custody battle and bouts of mistrust, Lael broke it off in a letter while he was still visiting his parents on Earth.