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Ensign '''John Hanstead''' was a [[Human]] whom served as tactical officer aboard the {{USS|Discovery|B}} between stardates 238708 and 238809.
==Basic Character Page==
This page is pretty bare-bones. It's similar to what's on the UPDS, and just gives you a basic character page to start with.
* To see what this basic page includes look below under Example
* To use this template, put the tag below into your character page and save the page. Then click the "edit" link to fill in the results.
** '''<nowiki>{{subst:Biosimple}}</nowiki>'''
This is a good simple character page for starting characters to use. Eventually some of you will wish to create more complex, indepth character pages. When you do just replace the old page with the new format. Their is no need to create a new page.
See the [[Creation and Upkeep of a Character Page|Wiki/Chars. Tutorial]] page to learn how to make a page. This Tutorial will also teach you how to make more advanced character pages.
In the following example which is the basic character page from the template above, all you need to do is fill in the data following each heading. That and change the name of the character and probally the name of the ship he/she is serveing on as well.
Ensign '''Joe Bloggs''', a Terran, is currently the chief science officer aboard the [[USS Independence]].
* '''Full Name''':
* '''Current Rank''':
* '''Race''': Create a link to a species from the [[ILI]], i.e.- [[Terran]]
* '''Date of Birth''':
* '''Place of Birth''':
* '''Gender''':
* '''Telepathic status''': See [http://www.starbase118.net/cadets/training/docs/jrny256.php Telepathic/Empathic Scale]
* '''Height''': In feet or meters.
* '''Weight''': In pounds or kilos.
* '''Hair Color''':
* '''Eye Color''':
* '''Spouse''':
* '''Children''':
* '''Parents'''
** '''Father''':
** '''Mother''':
* '''Siblings''':
# '''232001.01''': Event.
# '''232001.02''': Event, etc.

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