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USS Gorkon
Jocelyn Marshall
Position Executive Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236902.05
Age 29
Birthplace Volan III
Writer ID G239304JM0

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About the Writer

Jo Marshall Timeline

236902.05 Born on Volan III: Born to parents Robin and Luther Marshall on Volan III.
2375 End of the Dominion War: The Dominion War ends and the Cardassian occupation of Volan III is withdrawn. The Federation colony resumes rebuilding efforts.
238704.02 Professional Sports: A Bajoran national pastime, Jo played in championships and tournaments for Bajor and Volan III.
238709.23 Mining Collapse: Apprenticed into the Engineering teams for her homeworld mining works, an old Cardassian structural integrity grid failed and entombed Jo inside one of the caverns. Pinned beneath a fallen piece of the ceiling, her shoulder dislocated and she suffered quite severe damage to her head.
238909.01 Starfleet: Unable to continue with a life of professional sports, Jo set her sights on joining Starfleet. She worked hard, putting in the hours to prove her worth on her application, and was finally accepted.
239209.01 Fleet Operations Center: With an aptitude for Operations, she spent her final year as a First Class Cadet at the Fleet Operations Center, working with emerging technologies within the Ops field.
239304.10 Graduation: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with a Major in Engineering Warp Theory and a Minor in Operations.
  • Service Ribbons: Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon.
239304.11 USS Gorkon: Assigned to the USS Gorkon as an alpha shift Operations Officer, under the command of Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds.
239309.07 'Annus Horribilis, Redux': The first mission Jo found herself on after being thrown through a fissure during a crew resupply. The ship was supplanted into an alternate universe where the Dominion had won the war, meeting up with the crews' alternate selves, and fighting for a way to get home. 413 lives were lost.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Quantum Reality Service Ribbon
    • Extended Service Ribbon
    • Legion of Merit
    • Distinguished Service Ribbon
239310.13 Lieutenant (Junior Grade): Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
239310.20 Welcome Home, You Didn't Die!: The crew of the Gorkon attends an elaborate return celebration on Earth while the ship is under lengthy repairs. Jo's parents don't attend, neither do her brothers, and instead, Jo finds herself taking an evening trip up through the mountains of San Francisco with Erin Reynolds.
239311.01 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing': The Gorkon heads to it's new base-of-operations in the Tyrellian Sector. Dodging and unexploded "bomb", getting shot at by an old-style turret, then threatened by an Orion "slave girl" who turned out to be a mobster, it was a rather eventful mission for Jo she won't soon forget.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • War of Shadows Ribbon
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal
239403.18 'Old Hatreds': Jo performs the role of Operations Officer beneath Commander Alucard Vess aboard the USS Triumphant during a War Games scenario against their fellow task force ship, the USS Resolute. During the maneauvers, the USS Shavar is attacked by Breen forces. The Triumphant and Resolute rush to assist. Meanwhile, Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds is attacked and heavily injured while hosting a diplomatic conference.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Good Conduct Ribbon
    • Orion Syndicate Service Medal (2nd Citation)
239405.25 'The Silver Function': Escaping a radiation storm that would have made them all a little less than alive, the crew dove into the depths of Leutra IV to find that not only was there a living spider organism machine network running beneath the surface, but that a Ranger contingent, the 451st to be exact, had been stranded there during a mission. It was during this escapade into the weird and wonderful that Jo met her best friend Sera zh'Aella, who came riding into battle on the back of a mechanical spider wave, taking a chunk out of one of them with her bare teeth. Suffice to say, they were friends immediately.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Explorer's Ribbon
    • First Contact Ribbon
    • Innovation Ribbon
239409.17 'The Devil's Expanse': Upon suffering a dire shutdown of the Quantum Slipstream Drive mid-flight, the Gorkon found itself in the midst of The Roman Expanse; a supernova remnant with a constantly shifting interior. They discover it is home to a vast, extra-dimensional creature that has been feeding there for millions of years. It exists in a symbiotic relationship with a race of shapeshifters, which the crew names "The Seraphim." It is discovered that the Seraphim act as a form of "zookeepers" for the enormous entity, classified as Romanus Spatium Satanum.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Explorer's Ribbon (2nd Citation)
    • Captain's Commendation
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (2nd Citation)
239411.12 Dearly Missed: As the Gorkon returned to the Tyrellian Sector for shore leave, Jo spends an afternoon and an evening with a certain dearly missed botanist on Ereina, the Ark Project.
239412.28 'Telutho'kai': The Gorkon is sent to determine why Starbase 173 has gone silent. They quickly determine that nearly it's entire population of over 100,000 people have mysteriously vanished. Lost in a fissure, Jo woke up, shivering and hypothermic on the deck of the base, to find the crew had suffered quite a lot at the hands of the previously encountered Orion Syndicate mobster Leelou.
  • A Brother's Return: Another Marshall was found to be trapped in the same fissure and awoke on Starbase 173 at the same time, rescued by the Gorkon.
239503.15 Delightfully Startled: Conducting routine operations to begin the next mission, Jo wanders into the Science Labs, only to discover the botanist close to her heart, Erin Reynolds, had taken up the post of Chief Science Officer on the Gorkon. The surprise leaves Jo a little speechless, until she stumblingly asks her out to dinner.
239504.15 'Hvei'khenn': The colony of Sikuna was in the throws of a storm, a virulent sickness outbreak, and a lot of protest problems, requesting Starfleet assistance. Transporting down to the surface, Jo was part of the Away Team that were tasked with trying to repair the Verteron Array and get it back up and running for Federation science collaboration. Instead of doing that, they found a D'deridex class warbird underneath the Science Facility crewed by a strange mix of Andorians and Romulans, as though they'd teamed up for the kicks, and took the warbird out for a joy ride.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Good Conduct Ribbon (3rd Citation)
239508.01 Northern Lights: As the ship docks at Trill for shore leave, Jo and Erin sneak away from the Vessine Glade crew party to take a hike into the mountains overnight. Once up there, the two found it a little too difficult to stumble around their feelings anymore, and confessed them under the northern lights.
239508.11 Lieutenant: Promoted to Lieutenant by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
239508.14 'Sweet Dreams Are Made of This': Waking up as a member of the Maquis Resistance cell on the crew, Jo remembered nothing of her real life and instead, memories and friendships were replaced by recollections of a life lived under Dominion occupation of the DMZ. Resisting a Cardassian attack on their home of Outpost Schulman, and managing to escape on the raider, things went from bad to worse when they discovered they were trapped inside a dreamweb concocted by someone on the outside. When finally they broke free from the dream, with memories still haunting their real lives, they discovered the Trill known as Lladre had hijacked the ship and kept them under for hours, despite their recollected lives of years spent as someone else. Lladre escaped, taking with her something stolen from the ship. It's all a mess.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Prisoner of War
    • Lifesaving Ribbon
239511.25 An Offer Extended: Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds asks Jo to take up the roll of the Gorkon's Executive Officer. Despite the surprise, Jo accepts.
239512.15 Cohabitation: Moving into a new set of quarters, and scaring her partner half to death, Jo and Erin discuss the after effects of the Skarbek dream and the dawning light it threw on their relationship. Quietly realising they're in love, Jo asks Erin to move in together.
239601.27 Lieutenant Commander: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds.
239602.05 'The Njörðr Incident': While the USS Gorkon is in for a comb over at Starbase 123, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and company have hitched a lift with the USS Njörðr to the annual New Horizons conference; a prestigious conference to showcase new technologies for all branches of Starfleet. During their voyage, the ship encountered a nebula, suffered intense damage, and nebula gases have begun to seep slowly into the ship.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
    • Purple Heart
    • Explorer's Ribbon (3rd Citation)
239604.22 An Orion Syndicate Pawn: Unexpectedly, Jo's brother, Bear had been supplying the Orion Syndicate with information on the Gorkon's movements for years. Taking his first opportunity, the man escapes the ship with Valesha Sienelis, a Romulan Science Officer charged with murder and espionage. The two fled on a test bed shuttlecraft made by Tasha MacFarlane, the Gorkon's Chief Engineer, and Jo is swinging violently between incredibly angry and intensely betrayed.
239605.15 'Operation Sea Devil': The crew of the USS Gorkon undertake a daring mission to infiltrate Orion space in order to capture a fugitive crime boss, acquire valuable intelligence and extract and undercover operative. At the same time, the Gorkon searches for one of the Syndicate's pirate captains who may be convinced to retire to the safe shores of the Federation... bringing all of his knowledge with him.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • None yet.

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