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Jieran is a Mathenite colony world located in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Date Founded: 2085
  • Population: 450 Million (Mathenite), 410 Million (Jieran Natives) Note: Population Totals Only Include Those Residing in Mathenite Controled Territories
  • Capital: Halshiir
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 45%

An exotic and beautiful planet with a largely tropical climate, Jieran is home to a diverse and unique biosphere of flora and fauna that can be used to make exotic luxury products. The planet's vast mineral wealth, unique life, and location as a 'Jump Point' for further colonization attempts made it an almost instant target of a Mathenite colonization boom. Upon making First Contact with the Jieran natives on the cusp of their first warp flight, the Mathenites negogiated rights to a small island off the western continent, later named New Harquon. Among the Jeiran nations there existed two power blocs, and exploiting this tension, the Mathenites negotiated plants for a joint invasion of the power bloc in opposition to the pro-Mathenite group. Making a massive land grab and carving out a vast new empire on Jieran, the Mathenites seized nearly a third of the planet in less than two years.

As the conquered land became developed, even more Mathenites poured into Jieran's recently vacated territories, and they developed a very lucrative tourist and luxury industry, supported by farming unique substances and rich mining opportunities. The Jieran natives in these territories rapidly fled in the face of Mathenite colonists and to this day, over 70% of the Jieran native population lives on the side of the planet not controlled by the Mathenites. Those that remain are treated fairly by the Mathenite Colonial Authority, though tend to be relegated to menial tasks. They are also citizens, though are deprived of the vote in the Confederacy elections, and are only allotted a fixed number of the seats in the new Jieran Assembly, though they make up nearly half the population of the Mathenite Colonial Territories.

Points of interest

  • New Harquon Island
  • Halshiir Peninsula
  • Oran Winelands

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