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Denali Station
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Jhryn Th'Ivos
Position Operations Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Andorian
Gender Male
DOB 237708.08
Age 23
Birthplace Andoria
Writer ID D240007JT3

Ensign Jhryn Th'Ivos is currently serving as an Operations Officer at Denali Station.


  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Short, White
  • Eyes: Greenish, Blue
  • Build:


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Jhryn was the firstborn of an arranged bond between two clans in Andoria, each clan had strong connections and reputation to uphold, so the arrangement for a marriage between them was only natural.

As the only male in the family, the future, and destiny of the young Andorran was pretty much settled, he was supposed to enter the Imperial Guard, honoring both of his clans by doing so, but the young male had different opinions about that.

After much consideration on his behalf, the decision of joining the federation was taken, earning him a few comments, not from his parents but from the clan of which he was part of.

He joined the academy a few months after, with a scar on his left eye that he earn in battle with one of the elders of the Ivos clan, he unfortunately lost the fight, but he was still granted the wish of parting from Andoria with one condition, to one day return and enter a bonding that to his surprise was already arranged.

Now, he serves as a young cadet in the academy, still inspired by the clans of which he was born, he dedicated a lot of time trying to get the best grades on subjects such as HCO and Intelligence, barely getting the grades he needed for everything else.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240007.11 - Present Denali-Station-logo.png Operations Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2400
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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Commanding Ofc.
Oddas Aria
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Tomas Falt
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Intelligence Ofc.
Jerra Dagaz
Tac Ofc.
Alex Forsyth
Asst. Eng. Cf.
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Engineering Ofc.
Ghee’looth Xiron
StratOps Ofc.
John Kendrick
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Chief Sci Ofc.
Alora DeVeau
Science Ofc.
Medical Ofc.
Sasus Raimor
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Medical Ofc.
Araxxu Vahin
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Arthur Strathmore
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