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Commander Jesa Callen, was a commanding officer of the USS Isannah.


  • Full Name: Jesa Rachel Callen
  • Rank at Retirement: Commander
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 234902.29
  • Place of Birth: station, Rückgewinnung, Hepsen V, Beta Quadrant
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight:
  • Hair Color: Medium red, mid-back length. Ties it up mostly in a neat businesslike fashion (twist, not a bun), not braided; but when off-duty and alone always leaves it down and loose (not when around the crew, however).
  • Eye Color: Gray-blue, mixed. Gray dominating the outer portion and extending into the blue section in tendrils.
  • Distinguishing Marks: None

Jesa is a rather "average" looking woman in her physical appearance alone. She's of average height, average build, not terribly thin, simply "normal" looking. Her face is between round and pointed, and her nose straight and center-set. Her lips are well formed, not thin, nor unnaturally thick. Her eyes are moderately wide, blue-gray and can be highly expressive or veiled, depending on her intent. It is in her eyes and manner where she is significantly more than average.

With her crew, she is always in uniform and with her hair up formally, adopting a formal pose with the slightest showings of humor. On-duty, she has a most powerful appearance, but not harsh. Off-duty she has a rather formidable wardrobe composed of rather feminine looking off-duty clothes and leaves her hair down and loose. She makes a tight distinction between on-duty and off-duty time, and her appearance reflects it. Lately that distinction has been fading, something she dislikes about being a CO.


  • Recreational Activities

Jesa is unusual in that she has no real distinct on-going hobbies, they tend to come in when she is working on something new and needs to know as a necessity alone. She is very open to exploring other people's hobbies, and that is how she tends to pick up anything new. She becomes interested in something, then continues with it until she has reached a level she is comfortable with then she moves on to the next thing.

One of the few things she has noticed as innate to herself, is a rather distinct lack of real creative abilities in things such as painting, sculpting, music and other such endeavors. She can play instruments, but finds it not very expressive and not very meaningful to her; she prefers to listen. The one true gift she really has is a knack with dialects, languages and accents; not as useful as it might have been before the universal translator, but still a decent tool.

  • Habits

Jesa is both a creature of habit and a creature of spontaneity. She's extremely prompt and similar about some things (such as having a distinct change of what she is doing when her shift ends), and about her always wearing a uniform around the crew, unless she is on a starbase. She's typically female in mood-swings, and she is quite able and willing to chew out any junior officer who has been… quite frankly… stupid.

  • Likes:
    • People who *don't* try to pry into her life.
    • Comforting music.
    • Herbal teas.
    • Prompt obedience to her orders.
    • Time spent alone after stressful days.
  • Dislikes:
    • People who walk around her on eggshells; it makes her nervous.
    • Counselors who go above and beyond the call of duty.
    • Those who attempt to annoy and confuse her for their own personal self-image.
    • People who find out things about her history, then try to hold them over her in order to get a specific response of some sort.
    • Hero-worship, especially in regards to her.
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Prized Possessions: Jesa always wears the engagement ring given to her by Buck; both off duty and on duty. It is a gold ring with a diamond setting, with two dylithium crystals set in the shoulders… as he put it, useful in a pinch.


  • Spouse:
    • Fiancé: Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Becknar "Buck" Gear
      • Engaged Stardate: 237612.04
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Harmond Callen
      • Environmental Experimental Engineer
      • Current Location: Unknown
      • Last Reported Location: Vivani V.
    • Mother: Jessie Callen, M.D.
      • Research Geneticist Terraformer
      • Current Location: Unknown
      • Last Reported Location: Vivani V
  • Siblings: No biological siblings; three adoptive:
    • Justine Kaylie Callen
      • Tactics Analyst, Starfleet
      • 235010.20
      • Twenty-seven standard years
    • Todd Jayson Callen
      • Unknown
      • 235604.09
      • Twenty-one standard years
    • Terah Jamie Callen Ph.D. M.D.
      • Geneticist-Zoologist-Research Scientist
      • 235604.09
      • Twenty-one standard years
  • Pets: Jesa Callen has a bird from an undisclosed planet. She picked it up while on a mission; or rather it picked her up and got tangled in the transporter beam when Brynn Wellesley beamed out. The situation was hostile so they weren't about to turn back to drop off the bird. "Peeko" was returned to Jesa by Brynn when both of their ships were at the Starbase. As Buck said, "THAT stays on your side of the room." Peeko tends to mumble a lot, but does not distinctly speak except around Jesa.

Peeko is about the size of a large cat, red with iridescent green/blue/violet feathers about her wings and tail. Atop her head is a crest of the same iridescent feathers. She has a white bare skin patch on her face that is rimmed with tiny black feathers which also run through the skin patch. Her beak is hooked and black, clearly for cracking open large nuts. She's a perky loud bird, who is learning WAY too much vocabulary for Jesa's tastes. Peeko is also a major show off, and quite a clever bird in regards to opening things and getting where she's not supposed to be.

Medical History

Physical – Results: Completely fit for duty, no restrictions on activity Extensive trauma – Results: stasis required until medical bay repaired Physical – Results: Completely fit for duty, no restrictions on activity Phaser Burn – Results: Heavy stun, no treatment required. Shrapnel Removal – Results: Explosion, shrapnel impacted in to left shoulder blade, no follow up treatment required.

Current Status:

Psychological Profile

Evaluator: Counselor Kim Serrah; Starbase 118, SD: 237711.23

Jesa has an interesting ability to compartmentalize herself so that she often appears very different to different people. Within her ship, she has two distinct ways of interacting. On the surface and official way, she'll come across as kind, but quite firm; competent and aware. In a more personal interaction, she often appears more vulnerable, but this side is quite left to speculation as she refused to drop any walls and open up. She's a very "self-contained" person, meaning that she depends on herself, uses her assets and abilities (which may include ship and crew) to the fullest extent to solve problems.

She has an amazing ability to combine old information and techniques into new ways of doing things, though she seems to have difficulty coming up with completely off-the-wall and different ideas. She's very comfortable with her knowledge, and has a thirst for it so that every spare moment she picks up some bit of information or trivia. Jesa also has a eidetic memory, and a superb long-term memory, with little influence from emotional contamination. Apparently, as far as we can determine, she compartmentalizes what actually happens, along-side of her emotional perspective of what happened. This is an extremely useful ability for a command officer.

Jesa is slow to trust, anyone, or anything. There is a part of her mind that always is working out strategies for if something she is relying on falls through. The mental discipline she has is quite remarkable considering her age and background. Jesa shows low attachment to people and surroundings, able to completely uproot herself and work in a new surrounding with showing little tendency to go back to old habits or hearken to yesterdays. She is extremely unlikely to repeat mistakes, unless emotional needs come into play.

It is difficult to comment on her personal attachments, as she refused to comment on some aspects of interpersonal relationships. She seems to prefer forming attachments to only one or two people aboard ship, usually ones who need help from her in an emotional fashion. Jesa will tend to be friendly and supportive of people she identifies with. But it is a need-only driven activity, for Jesa tends to intentionally lessen the interpersonal contact between herself and other crewmates while off-duty. You cannot be a casual friend with her, you are either her close friend, or you are treated completely professionally. The transition phase from the latter to the former is usually quite emotional; for that is the only time it takes place, in times of emotional need.

The greatest frustration Jesa has is the inability to control her emotions as they are provoked by someone she has let close to her. In this one instance she ceases to be rational in her handling of things and turns quite emotional and behaves in a reactionary manner. Because of the sheer difficulty of becoming close to her, she tends to invest everything she has in a single other person, so when that person changes or fails her, the loss is indescribable. Those sorts of changes are extremely difficult for her to deal with and she tends to be avoidant about them.

Jesa has a strong streak of pride, and a need to keep a false front, not showing anyone how vulnerable she feels. This has become increasingly necessary as she has climbed the ranks. She does not show weakness (to the absolute best of her ability) to anyone around her. The only person she feels needs to know her fairly well is her XO, and that is for the good of her ship, not her personal necessity. Jesa will not go to another for help, unless she believes not doing so is a negligence of her duty. She will always try to handle things on her own rather than asking for help.

Callen has a strange way of testing new ensigns by playing a conversation other than they would have thought she would play it. This is her way of figuring out what they are all about, and usually it can provide her with a great deal of insight---and amusement. Unfortunately it tends to be traumatic on the ensign, but that is another side to deal with. Jesa is paranoid, and forever will be paranoid, about the ranking officers not on her ship, but directly in her sphere of interaction. She does not trust naturally, and can be quite distant, and stubborn until what she needs to hear has been said.

By her nature, Jesa is a quiet person, but certainly doesn't lack the ferocity that goes with her red hair. She is tight-lipped about information, and is quite actively aware of every bit she gives out. She tends to compartmentalize information. If she needs an analysis on a specific event as it relates to the whole from another point of view, she will often isolate bits of the information and ask for a few opinions from people she trusts, so that no one person has all the pieces to the puzzle. Puzzles and brain-teasers have interest for her, but the ones that frustrate her most are the ones that seem to have no logic to them whatsoever. She has no desire to pursue creative outlets, and has never been gifted at any sort of music, art, or other such endeavors. Since childhood, Jesa has always shown a strong tendency to exploration, and this is something she still exhibits strongly.

Overall, she is a very stable person, capable, and carefully considering possible moves down the road. She plays her life much like a chess-game, seeing to the endgame right after the first piece has been moved. Oddly enough she has never played chess. Jesa makes a very strong command prospect, but needs to watch her need to be a loner, as that will surely hinder in her command path. She has a deep caring about her crew, though she does not allow them to see it. But it is the opinion of this evaluator that she is a solid personality, self-assured and stable; completely fit for the roll ahead of her.


Jesa comes from a family of overachievers, and because of where she was raised; on a Terraforming station with very few other children around, and those who were seemed to be just there long enough for their parents to finish their jobs and then gone. Jesa became early involved in very advanced studies, and because she was the oldest, tended to influence her siblings to do the same. She was studying academy level physics, science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, xenobiology, xenobotany, and other subjects when she was twelve. At fourteen, she was allowed to assist both her father and mother in their jobs related on the base, and became quite knowledgeable at a young age.

The doctor on the station, an aging man by the name of Dr. Matin "Kizzy" Rileny, who allowed Jesa to observe, assist, and learn from the few interesting cases they had coming through. Jesa made her first diagnosis at age fifteen. She was quickly labeled the station child-protegee. Though neither of her parents were in Starfleet (to her knowledge) she was encouraged by her father to submit her application, and sit the entrance examination. She passed with flying colors, rivaling the scores of a Vulcan named Ja'Pren, who was expected to be one of the next great scientific minds of the Federation.

Once at the academy, Jesa tore through studies at a mad pace. She was nicknamed "the sleepless student" due to her ability to pull all-night study sessions. She was often asked what she was on to allow her to be able to do that, of course her toxicology reports came up quite clean, so they dropped the whole matter. She found the incident quite humorous, for she was almost in trouble for studying too much. Jesa passed as many equivalency tests she could get her hands on and placed out of the first two years of academy study. Somehow she was able to keep these facts quiet, something that was never really known how.

But there was method to her madness, and she used the additional time to switch majors twice, going through the required work in both science with a minor in tactical, then she switched to engineering with a minor in security. Jesa switched roommates every year, so she really didn't get to know anyone well at the academy. Of the girls she did room with she was quite disgusted at how they could be so brilliant in class and so stupid out of class. There was a question of some illegal activities going on the campus when she was there, causing an interruption in her studies, but Jesa was cleared of any of the charges.

At that point Jesa decided she wanted to continue her education in medicine. She was already quite knowledgeable of procedures and treatments, but lacked the background that many of the other students had gathered in the first two years. But she didn't allow that to cause her any grief and worked her way through quite well, achieving the salutatorian of her graduating class. Of course, because of her rather… unconventional style of learning, the Academy wasn't quite sure where to put her. But her studies paid off when she finally received orders to report to Starbase 118 for a final orientation session, and then to an advanced command post on the Isannah.

  • Degrees Held, with Honors:
    • Major: Medical Doctor (Internship at Starfleet Medical Research, and at Starbase 118, general practice) *** Starfleet Medical, Specialized in Xenophysiology
    • Major: Science Qualifications, Starfleet Academy, Specialized in Spatial Phenomena
    • Major: Engineering Qualifications, Starfleet Academy, Specialized in Warp Theory-Alternate Propulsion
    • Minor: Security Qualifications, Starfleet Academy, Specialized in HtoH Weapon Usage and Phased-Pulse Weapon Design
    • Minor: Tactical Qualifications, Starfleet Academy, Specialized in War Tactics


  1. 234902.29 (Born) Unknown place, unknown parentage, unknown circumstances.
  2. 235403.13 (Age 5) As a child, she is discovered wandering on the Rückgewinnung station orbiting Hepsen V. No records are found that shed any light on how she got there, she simply showed up. She stayed with a childless couple, Jessie and Harmond Callen until her real parents could be located.
  3. 235510.14 (Age 6) The Callens move to adopt Jesa, which was the only part of her name she could recall, after. DNA tests are inconclusive and no matching DNA patterns are in the Federation's databanks.
  4. 235601.01 (Age 6) Jesa Rachel Callen is officially adopted by Harmond and Jessie Callen as their daughter.
  5. 235808.17 (Age 9) Harmond and Jessie Callen officially adopt Justine Kaylie Callen after she was removed from an abusive home where she was living with her father.
  6. 235903.12 (Age 10) Stowed away aboard a freighter headed for Earth. Somehow wasn't discovered until arrival. Spent two months with Darci Garret in Macilline, Louisiana. Upon the Callen's arrival to retrieve her, she had already picked up the dialect and a bayou accent (which Jesa has used in occasion to this date, but falls into a more standard federation accent).
  7. 235908.20 (Age 10) Returned home to Hepsen V, confirmed that her stowing away wasn't a running away from home attempt, but an explorative adventure gone wrong.
  8. 236201.20 (Age 12) Jesa begins assisting her parents on vocational endeavors.
  9. 236202.22 (Age 13) The Callen family is completed with the adoption of Terah Jamie Callen, and Todd Jayson Callen, twins also from an abusive home.
  10. 236608.22 (Age 17) Jesa sits the placement exam for Starfleet Academy – Passes.
  11. 236610.22 (Age 17) Entered Starfleet Academy, emphasis in science with minor in tactical. Took advanced placement exams and placed out of two years of Academy required classes.
  12. 236705.12 (Age 18) Opted for summer training in Command school, accepted.
  13. 236810.20 (Age 19) Upon completing all the requirements for her specified major and minor, Jesa declined graduation and switched to an emphasis in engineering with a minor in security.
  14. 237010.18 (Age 21) Declined for a second time, graduating with honors in her specified areas, and decided to pursue a medical degree. Many of her instructors and the training officers were impatient with her clear lack of sticking with one area and graduating into the field. Recommended counseling declined.
  15. 237002.14 (Age 21-22) Jesa is held by campus security in connection with questions that have arisen about her involvement in illegal activities occurring on campus. Her studies are interrupted.
  16. 237010.10 (Age 22) All inquiry into the matter is dropped, an attachment to her file is added with security access only. Diploma is granted from Starfleet Academy for her studies there. Jesa is allowed to continue to medical school where she is placed out of many classes, and put in an internship in the research division.
  17. 237302.04 (Age 24) Graduated from Starfleet Medical
  18. 237503.12 (Age 26) Began an internship aboard Starbase 118 medical facility.
  19. 237604.27 (Age 27) Attended a final training class aboard Starbase 118
  20. 237605.04 (Age 27) Completed training.
  21. 237605.04 (Age 27) Received orders to be posted aboard the USS Isannah as Deck Officer.
  22. 237606.28 (Age 27) Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant
  23. 237610.08 (Age 27) Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander
  24. 237610.11 (Age 27) Assigned as Second Officer aboard the USS Isannah
  25. 237610.04 (Age 27) Became engaged to Doctor Becknar "Buck" Gear
  26. 237702.12 (Age 27) Assigned as Executive Officer on the USS Isannah
  27. 237702.18 (Age 27) Assigned as Executive Officer on the USS Magellan
  28. 237704.23 (Age 28) Assigned as Executive Officer on the USS Isannah
  29. 237705.20 (Age 28) Assigned as Intelligence Officer on the USS Isannah
  30. 237708.01 (Age 28) Took position of Acting First Officer when the Captain fell Ill and the Acting Captain, then Lieutenant Lysander requested it.
  31. 237709.27 (Age 28) Doctor Becknar "Buck" Gear Officially Deceased
  32. 237710.08 (Age 28) Promoted to the rank of Commander
  33. 237710.08 (Age 28) Given command of the USS Isannah
  34. 237801.15 (Age 28) Doctor Gear resumed active duty on the USS Isannah as CMO.

Professional History

  • 237605.08 – 237610.11: Deck Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237610.11 – 237702.12: Second Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237702.12 – 237702.18: Executive Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237702.18 – 237703.26: Executive Officer, USS Magellan
  • 237704.23 – 237705.20: Executive Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237705.20 – 237708.01: Intelligence Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237708.01 – 237710.08: Acting First Officer, USS Isannah
  • 237710.08 - ######.##: Commanding Officer, USS Isannah