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  • Height: 178 cm (5'10")
  • Weight: 73 kilos (160 lbs)
  • Blood Type:
  • T/E Rating: T0+/E0


  • Acute Illnesses: "Varicella, & Rubella, Age: 7. The Earth childhood diseases almost killed him. "Cured by process of being genetically engineered". Combat injuries obtained from the "Klingon Battle of Wolf, 2369". Combat injuries from an incursion at a Klingon Household Wedding, 2381.
  • Medications: Mild pain reliever Rexalin, and Verratropine.
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: Active until engagement. Now, voluntary inactivity. 1 son by natural childbirth.


  • 'SD 236904.13: Spinal wound, multiple slashing on body, and paralysis from waist down.
  • SD 238107.05: Slashing to right arm,and stabbing through left thigh-while on mission from USS CHallenger-A. Overnight observation, as outpatient.


  • SD 236904.13: Results of multiple stab wounds from the incident with the assassination of his father's death. He also had to have surgery from an Orion dagger through his back, nicking his spinal column and sticking out of his abdomen. Paralysis from waist down.
  • SD 238107.05: Minor surgery of suturing wounds to right arm, and left thigh. Kept overnight for observation


  • SD 236904.10: Reid was with his family when ruthless Orion Pirates assassinated his Father. He was 18, serving as a Co. Cmdr., Mst. Sgt., Reid's Elite Home Guard. He had been invited to dinner with the family, When the assassins struck. He managed to kill two out of the three, and was facing the assassin leader, and getting ready to fight him. One of the two assassins Reid struck down, died as he threw a dagger striking Reid in the back, which nicked his spinal cord, and he fell to the ground partially paralyzed. First, Reid watched his father, who was bound, and gagged, when the assassin slit his throat. Then he watched his mother, being blindfolded, gagged, and bound,before the assassin came over to him. Reid swore to the leader that he would find him, some day, and kill him. It saved Reid's life, as the assassin took it as a Challenge, the assassin told Reid "he'd be waiting for him." The assassin walked away laughing, over to his mother, injecting her with some type of medicine that instantly put her to sleep. He picked her up, and said to Reid, "Here is some incentive, boy, but you are not up to my level of training, but since you challenged me, I will accept it." Then assassin leader took off his ninja styled black head mask cloth, walked longer to Reid, grabbed Reid's hair, and lifting his head. He told Reid to get a good look at his face, so Reid would remember him. He slammed the head of Reid, onto the ground. Just as Reid was slipping into unconsciousness, he watched the assassin leave with his mother. The leader left his black head masking cloth in Reid's hand. Reid never saw her again to this day. It still haunts him in his nightmares to this day. Reid still wears the black cloth around his waist when he is in training. When Reid was found the next morning by guards, he was taken to the hospital, and treated for his many wounds, and went into surgery, When he woke up his memory was loss for a long time. The Doctors eventually diagnosed him with Lacunar amnesia (type of amnesia that occurs when a patient witnesses an act of violence so terrible that the patient rejects the reality of the situation). He learned later after he regained his memory, that four of the guards were found "murdered". He also found out his brother, Adrian, and his sister, Jade were found unscathed in a secret hiding place. The nanny lingered in dying, but not before she revealed the location of the cave where the toddler, and baby were found also unscathed. Later he learned from a freighter pilot, that he heard of a general's wife was taken to Regellian, and she became a slave to a household of a prestigious Regellin family For a while, he was heavy into alcohol drinking at parties. When he later learned about the survival of his siblings,then his mother, Reid quit drinking while serving on the USS Constitution-B. He immediately dried himself out, and took to combat training to go find the leader of the assassins, and make him pay with his life,some day, and rescue his mother to freedom. She would then live with the family, and glad to see her grandchildren.
  • SD 238107.05: While attending a Klingon wedding with the Captain, and other command officers, the Klingon House was attacked by two sisters, and their rogue attack team. Reid took out one Klingon, and then was attacked by the younger sister who said she could learn to love him. She kissed him, and bit slighhlf tly into both sides of Reid's neck each time she wounded him. She also raked his back with deep long scratches. She then patched his wounds, and as she was leaving, she said to Reid they would see each other again. They did once during a leave of liberty for a week, and entered into a week long relationship. When Reid returned to the Challenger, Reid's body was racked with multiple scratches and bruising on That was then Reid made a promise to fight death for the rest of his life.. Most of his body. When the Doctor treating his wounds asked REID if he tangled with a wild animal during his liberty, Reid just smiled at him, and said, "Yeah, ain't it great". Reid also saw her many times since then as they fell in love. She was killed during their elopement by her sister. He vowed to hunt her down, and she just laughed, walking away. No matter how much he worked to save her life, she still died in his arms, and they shared a last kiss. Reid did eventually find her. And he killed her as promised. Then, he made his escape from the Klingon Home World. He was dressed in a white monks outfit, and no one would be able to recognize him, and had learned to use light to make himself invisible, through the help of an old ninja master. He made a successfully escape. He had killed before in his past historical life. What difference was one more dead Klingon beast, as he considered her low life, and hunted her down, since hunting was one of his favorite past times. Because of the method how he did it(Reid does not talk about it), the Klingons put s price on his head. So, now he his made two enemies. The Klingon family, and the Orion pirate.


  • Alcohol: Yes- he was heavy into drinking for a period of time. Now, he is reformed.
  • Recreation Drugs: N/A
  • Other: N/A


  • Mother: Regellian fever in her youth.
  • Father: None
  • Siblings: Just the common childhood diseases distinctive to Earth children.


  • Marital status: Engaged
  • Children: three - two adopted, and one by natural childbirth. The oldest son has been accepted to the Starfleet Academy.
  • Occupation/Assignment: Flight Surgeon, Forensics, and multiple hx: SAR Opertions. Currently assigned to the USS Gemini.
  • Diet: cultural food from three different cultures. His favorites are Reuben sandwiches, Vanilla Chai tea, Pizza, Chili dogs, and Cheeseburgers.
  • Exercise: daily training consists of weight lifting, climbing, martial arts, jogging marathon runs, and sparring with his Marine friends.


  • Medical Officer: Dr. Overlind, from Mercy Health Center, Seattle, Washington.
  • Medical Assessment: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Chronic Migrane headaches brought on by PTSD, stressful events,and multiple scars on his body from multiple combat wounds during missions.
  • Updated Physical:
    • SD 239104.27: "Fit for duty" Dr. D.A. Knightling presiding.


  • Counselor: Avoids going to counselors, except for physicals requiring Counselor's assessment for duty.
  • Psychological Assessment: Currently fit for duty abroad the USS Gemini.