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Barbara Jennett



  • Father: Bartham Jennett
  • Mother: Francessca duMerce
  • Sister: Antoinette Jennet
  • Brother: Amwin Jennet
  • Husband: Barnes Cody
  • Son: David Cody


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Barbara Jennet (232111.01 – Present) was a Trade Securities Investigator, the founder of Jennet Trade Securities Corporation, and the mother of Cmdr. David Cody. She is currently outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, her present whereabouts, unknown.


  • Full Name: Barbara Alexis Jennet
  • Profession: Trade Securities Investigatior, Corporation Business Owner
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 232111.01
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Date of Death:
  • Place of Death: Mars Colony, Mars, Sol System
  • Gender: F
  • Telepathic status: E1


  • Height: 5’3”
  • Weight: 114lbs
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Green


  • Spouse: Barnes Cody (b. 231903.19)
  • Children: David Scott Cody
  • Parents
    • Father: Bartham Jennet (Deceased)
    • Mother: Francessca duMerce (Deceased)
  • Siblings: Antoinette Jennet (deceased), Amwin Jennet (disowned)

Personal History

Barbara Alexis Jannet was born on November 1, 2321, in the heart of Paris, France to a pair of aristocratic parents heavily involved with interstellar trade as well as brokerage for the development of wine real estate. As a child, the product of her parentage, but as a teen, Barbara demonstrated a shrewd business sense. Her older brother, Amwin, was disowned before she turned eighteen when he left the family business.

At age 18 in 2339, Barbara was sent to business school where her studies focused on interstellar trade and commerce. Quickly catching on to the need for security and policy on the regulation of fair trade, as well as recovery and insurance, she shifted her focus halfway through college and specialized in trade security law, a relatively small and at the time, inconsequencial focus.

But at graduation in 2343, Barbara returned to Paris and quickly was able to market herself as a consultant for Federation policy regarding trade between systems. Meeting her father’s approval, eventually Barbara took over the family business and continued trade and real estate work. Her star would continue rising in Trade over the next five years, providing legal, security and investigative work to traders (and to the dismay of the Ferengi in 2365 when they started arriving, one very good and sharp negotiator for business).

It was on a contract for several civilian businesses in the Starfleet Complex where Barbara first met Barnes Cody in 2348. She was aware of the family name in the sales and production of distilled beverage, and initially, she approached Barnes as a potential client where she could market his family product across the systems.

Nearly avoiding a take-over of the Cody distilling operations, Barbara proved her meddle on what wouldn’t the first, but not the last, crack-down on civilian trade policy. Snagging Barnes for a husband would be a greater challenge, as her younger sister Antoinette died in a shuttle accident and left her as the sole child for what her father, Bartham Jannet, would impose strict impositions on who Barbara would marry.

By now, the year was 2349. Barnes was still fulfilling a shipbuilder contract with traders at the SF base facilities and by the increasing worry and neddling of her father, decided to appeal to the old man by taking him on a tour of the trader businesses inside the complex. Bartham’s initial reaction to meeting Barnes Cody was a business one, the same as her daughter, who was very aware of Cody’s real estate and liquor production.

Barnes Cody would run for another year before Barbara could pin him down long enough to get him down the aisle. They were married on September 4, 2350.

Barbara was ready for a change, and so was Barnes. Both of them saw the advantages to removing themselves to the Mars Colonies, where they could establish themselves as independents and still contract with Starfleet when necessary. Their first joint project was the construction of their own house, opting not to build within any given colony, but establish themselves outside of the actual colony cities themselves. They had the house completed in 2351. By this time, Barbara was pregnant with David.

But along with the construction of the home, Barbara saw the need to establish her own business from her specialization, and saw the fruitation of it not long after their arrival on Mars. Acquiring a bankrupt business building, with the help of her husband and a team of colony city engineers, Jennet Trade Securities Corporation was built and opened its doors on October 15, 2351. Advocating investigation, security litigation, property retrieval, civilian trade law, the JTSC rose in the next decade as one of the premiere firms. Barbara would go on to train an elite firm of crack-investigators and eventually drew the attention of Starfleet Intelligence in 2365.

There’s no lost love between SFI and JTSC. Originally perceived as a threat, SFI nearly managed to shut down the JTSC as the company was focusing more and more on its investigative branch. Prior contracts made in her youth, combined with her husband’s engineering corps, made for a lethal combination in the eyes of Starfleet. The JTSC had already built ten ships of a prototype design of Cody’s for trade securities investigation. Barbara spent three years fighting off the SFI, first in the Federation Council, and later at Starfleet Command.

Civilian trade law was rapidly approaching the front burner as the Ferengi became more heavily involved within the Sol System, and the company was extending to mining colonies as well as colonization projects. The Federation Council finally ordered a separation between civilian law and Starfleet law in what would be the definitive blow to SFI’s campaign to shut down Jannet in 2369.

Over the course of the next five years, Barbara would shape her company as a specialist firm dealing with civilian law, primarily in trade, but offering services that would extend to other areas.

Her and her husband’s death in 2375 came as a severe shock to everyone. Found dead in their home, everyone from the civilian population up to the upper echelons of Starfleet Command began one of the most comprehensive investigations to resolve what was perceived as a hot topic. SFI even joined the fray (as the Council suspected they might have had a hand), for once cooperating.

Was it murder? Was it natural causes? Was it an accident? A inconclusive medical exam proved no evidence of foul play, although Barbara’s and Barnes’ sudden death was too unnatural. JTSC launched their own investigation amongst speculation between Ferengi, SFI, traders, and civilians alike. None of them would pan out. Although Barbara’s only son, David, is the beneficiary, it was later proven (after David Cody returned having to prove his whereabouts) there was no family involvement.

On Stardate 239001.28, it was discovered that Barbara Jennet was still alive, outside of the Milky Way galaxy somewhere in the universe when she opened a subspace link to Odyssey Station and met with Captain Nicholotti's biomatrix counterpart, Anya. ::