Jenatris Corridor

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Slightly over 260 billion kilometers in length, the Jenatris Corridor bridges open space through the Jenatris Cloud from Federation space to the Par'tha Expanse. Up until 2382, it was outside of legally controlled Federation space, and was the home to dozens of criminals, and the workplace of merchants and traders, scientists and businessmen. There was no government and no law, except the law of the strongest, most devious, or most willing to do harm.

Inaccurately named, Midway Station rests inside the Jenatris Corridor about six hour's travel from the Federation end, at warp 2. It was a criminally run spaceport, well outside of the Federation's jurisdiction. After 2382, with Starfleet vessels moving back and forth between Starbase 118 and Deep Space 26, the criminal element dissolved, in search of less intrusive accomodations. Midway Station is slowly becoming more respectable as a stopover port for vessels traversing the Corridor.

If the Jenatris Cloud is a place to avoid, the Corridor is not much better, and still difficult to travel. The Corridor stretches through the Cloud at the closest point between the Federation and the Par'tha Expanse, just breaking the 260 billion kilometer mark. And although its direction is fairly straight, the Corridor itself twists, turns, and corkscrews along its length. Communication and sensors are better than in the Cloud itself, but still work poorly; short range and lateral sensors will work, if with interference, but still will not penetrate the Cloud, and communications will work within the Corridor. Booster relays would help bring the signal into Federation controlled space, but have a tendency to break down or disappear when left in the lawless region of the Corridor. Travel time is decreased, but speed is capped to warp 2. Particle density in the Corridor is vastly less than in the Cloud, allowing a warp field to form, but for some unknown reason will collapse the field if too much power is given to it. With this restriction, at maximum warp (i.e. Warp 2), it would take twenty-four hours to traverse the Corridor from one end to the other.