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Introduction to StarFleet information. Give a general summary of the career in StarFleet.

Previous Assignments

Jelandra's active career in Starfleet began with her cadet cruise aboard the Nebula Class USS Isannah, serving under Captain Jesa Callen. Following a personal crisis, she took a prolonged hiatis from Starfleet to visit her homeworld.

USS Isannah

  • Rank: Cadet, 1st Class
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Jesa Callen
  • Stardates: 237908.1 -> 237912.09

During her time aboard the USS Isannah, Jelandra demonstrated repeatedly her prowess in the fields of stellar physics and artificial intelligence programming. Possibly her most noteable achievement was detecting attempts by malevolent parties to artifically induce the Deladrelian sun to go supernova, and preventing those intentions coming to fruition.

Current Assignment

Returning to Starfleet following her sabbatical, she completed her practical assessment at Starbase 118. Following that, she was assigned the position of Counselor aboard the USS Columbia, another Nebula Class vessel, under Captain Mal Avatar.

USS Columbia

  • Rank: Lieutenant, J.G.
  • Duty Post: Ship's Counselor
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Mal Avatar
  • Stardates: 238202.25 Onwards

Jelandra has served aboard the USS Columbia as Counselor for some time now. During the Kaleb Incident she aided Lt. Zubowskivich in their mission to obtain data from a sensor buoy, surviving kidnap and torture at the hands of regional pirates. Later, during the Columbia's mission to Delorea, she aided Captain Avatar in his deliberations regarding Delorea's application for Federation membership, uncovering a plot by senior Delorean political figures to use Federation membership to overcome traditional practises they could not outlaw themselves without public outcry.

Command Reviews

Jelandra has proven herself to be a relatively competent Starfleet Officer. Though she is hardly the best officer to come out of her year at Academy, she does her duty to the best of her ability, and her Captains have noted this.

Assessment: Captain Jesa Callen

“Jelandra Gear is an extremely intelligent individual who has no difficulty addressing all possibilities of a situation and responding appropriately. Upon reviewing Jelandra’s personal history, one might mistakenly assume Jelandra's excellent scholastic and academic achievements would make her less than able to function in practical and less than ideal situations. But one should not confuse a positive self-image and demands of professionalism from the people around her for aloofness or unwillingness to do her part. She is able to apply herself to situations both simple and complicated with equal dedication, and possesses the flexibility to allow her to survive any situation that may be thrust upon her in the future. I look forward to watching where this young woman takes her career in Starfleet.”

- Cpt. Jesa Callen

Assessment: Captain Mal Avatar

"Counselor Gear is one of the most talented psychologists that I have had the pleasure of working with. When the Columbia launched roughly two years ago, we did so without a ship's counselor within the senior officer framework. I did not find one to be necessary. However, over the past year I have found her input to be invaluable. She is a bit eccentric at times to say the least and her methods perhaps questionable, but her abilities are valued by much of the crew. Some would argue that a Betazoid is best suited for counseling just as a Vulcan is best suited for science, but in this case there are times that I feel that Counselor Gear may be resented by some because of her impressive telepathic abilities. I know that she has worked to hard to limit her telepathic sense in situations where a non-telepath would feel violated by the intrusion into their mind. From what I understand, Gear has an almost vulcan-like discipline in controlling her telepathic abilities. For some, this is a necessity when dealing with a Betazoid counselor. However, for others, having some peer into their minds may be helpful in confronting their problems. Gear's discipline and abilities allow her to cater to both types of patients."

- Captain Avatar

Disciplinary Log


Medical Records

Jelandra has been relatively fortunate in terms of her required visits to the Columbia's Sickbay. She required extensive treatment following her assignment during the Kaleb Incident. Aside from that, she has only been to Sickbay for minor complaints.

Doctor's Assessment

"Jelandra suffers from several medical complaints, some of which are related to her birth. Her overall health is, by Starfleet standards, fairly poor. She takes her manditory physical once per year, generally scraping a pass by rotating which medical officer takes the exam, so no one doctor can note her steadily deteriorating health. Most notably, she suffers from severe hypertension, mild asthma and has been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope. Her fluctuating blood pressure affects her paracortex reliability to varying degrees, inducing occasional breakdowns of her psionic defences while sleeping - at best this causes sleeplessness, at worst it can cause her to share the nightmares of multiple other minds. To combat her blood pressure issues, she takes an experimental heart medication called Gallanisan twice a day; to aid her sleep when she has particular difficulty, she has a high prescription of Trianno-Kellizen. If I had my way, she would be on permanent assignment to a facility with full medical provision - but since when has she listened to her big brother?"

- Cmdr B. Gear, Personal Log

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