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Lieutenant, J.G., Jelandra Gear, a young, Betazoid, mass of internal contradictions, is currently Counselor in residence aboard the USS Columbia. She's played by Will (Mithrandir2k).

Lt., J.G., Jelandra Gear


  • Full Name: Jelandra Trélia Jadrice Gé'ar Midral
  • Given Name: Jelandra (Jadrice) Gear
  • Nicknames: Jelly; JJ (pron. Jayjay)
  • Race: Betazoid
  • Date of Birth: 235701.31
  • Place of Birth: Betazed Research Academy - BetaRAc
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T6/E5 See Telepathic/Empathic Scale
    • Note: While possessing empathic abilities that permit the reading of 'bi-lobed' and 'non-bi-lobed' minds, Jelandra is incapable of using her empathic abilities on any creature unless she is in the same room as they are. When utilising her empathic abilities on 'quad-lobed' minds, she needs to be in direct physical contact with them.
    • Note: Jelandra has the capacity to read minds that do not come under the category 'bi-lobed' but, as with all Betazoids, she is unable to telepathically scan 'quad-lobed' minds. Her higher level telepathic abilities revolve around the capacity to scan hive-minds and read the thoughts of shapeshifters.


  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Length of Hair: Reaches to just above her knees
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Very Pale
  • Birthmarks, Scars: A small scar along her right forearm, suffered during the Kaleb IV Incident
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None. In the past has been known to wear blue contact lenses to hide her species from those uncomfortable around telepaths; she has come to see this practise as degrading.
  • Build: Short for her species. Very slender, almost waiflike
  • Face: Elfin, vaguely heart-shaped
  • Eyes: Large, almond-shaped eyes. Thin, arched eyebrows
  • Arms: Thin and short, lacking any defined musculature
  • Legs: Long, thin and straight
  • Carriage: Elegant, but purposeful; occasionally, when cheerful, skips with her hands behind her back
  • Poses: Leaning back, arms folded; on her haunches, looking up at people; impishly leaning forwards on her tiptoes, hands clasped behind her back
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Elaborate bergundy dresses and ruffled suits; loose-fitting tracksuits; smart but casual; the Little Red Dress
  • Shoes: Medium-heeled; black, royal blue or white
  • Voice: Generally quiet and well-spoken; soprano; learned Federation Standard from her brother, and picked up his English accent
  • Handedness: Right-handed


  • Quarters:
    • Living Room: The walls of Jelandra's quarters are very elaborately decorated with paintings and tapestries in deep, rich colours - purples, reds, dark oranges, and all things twixt and twain. Her carpet, in stark contrast, is very light cornflower blue. Her living room has a small sofa, and an antique wooden 'table and chairs' set, upon which she keeps her portable terminal, and framed pictures of her friends and family. Aside from these, the only notable furnishing is a box-chest wherein she stores a hardcopy of the LAURA Project personality files. On her window wall are, carefully mounted, her multiple degree certificates.
    • Bedroom: Her bedroom contains a small prayer-temple to the gods of her House, and a large Ars Nouveau interpretation of the Great Fire, painted in oils, hangs directly above her bed. The small coffee table herein is normally overflowing with padds outlining the latest publications in her fields of interest: stellar phenomenology, hologramatics and psychology. Her viola hangs from a custom-mount in the wall, and a rack of sheet-music and a music stand are located within arms' reach of a small wooden chair on which she sits to practise.
  • Favorite Room: Probably the library in her estate back on Betazed.
  • Mannerisms: Jelandra is what one might call a strange fish. When in a settled state of mind, she is thoroughly pleasent and very mindful of etiquette; she is soft-spoken by nature, but a powerful public speaker when the situation demands it. If she is unsettled, however - something which occurs with a disturbingly increased frequency - she has been known to fly off the handle for no apparent reason. She frets over this tendancy which in turn only serves to unsettle her more; as a result, whenever in a 'delicate' situation she is doubly careful with her temperament. When discussing her people, she is often melancholy; she has a developed a habit of talking about the Betazoid race as one might talk about a dying friend.
  • Physical Limitations: Jelandra suffers from an extreme variant of hypertension; any protracted physical (or telepathic) exertion has the potential to cause her to lapse into dizziness; in particularly stressful cases, she has been known to lose consciousness. She is still capable of partaking in her favourite form of exercise, blade-dancing, but only for short periods and only if she has taken her medication.
  • Temperament: Generally, Jelandra is as cool as a cucumber in any social situation. She has a natural knack, as a function of her telepathic traits, of appearing to be all things to all people by subconsciously tailoring her conversations with them based on what she instinctively senses pleases them. She does, however, have an unreasonably angry streak, which has been evidenced on several occasions.
  • Habits: Chews her fingernails; bites her bottom lip when concentrating; finishes other people's sentences.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Jelandra observes an unorthodox denomination, taken from the basic Betazoid religious structure. She offers up prayer to most deities within the modern pantheon, but also occasionally prays to the long-abandoned Cyndriel religious figures.


Jelandra is the concept of "noblesse oblige" personified. She lives for nothing more than her duty, having long since given up on any hope of personal happiness and fulfillment, and that duty is the preservation of the Betazoid race. A daughter of the Third House, Jelandra holds to the belief that aristocratic rank is a position of servitude more than a position of authority - that her 'position' means she must carry the weight of her peoples' troubles on her shoulders.

For one so young, not yet a woman by the reckoning of her race, this self-imposed responsibility weighs heavily on her, giving her a melancholy disposition when in private. In public, she make a valiantly successful effort to put across the bouncy, electric personality that she possessed prior to returning to Betazed after the Occupation.

  • Note: Jelandra suffers from kakorrhaphiophobia, a severe fear of failure and defeat. This makes her seem, on some levels, thoroughly (and overly) meticulous about minute details, where those details might increase success percentages by fractions of percentiles. It also drives her to dwell over small mistakes, sometimes to the level of actual sickness and vomiting.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Music
    • Jelandra plays two instruments, viola and pianoforte. The piano is undoubtedly her first instrument, and her primary method of stress relief and relaxation.
    • Jelandra uses her musical knowledge in a professional capacity, as a method of relaxing her patients. She believes that music is a universal language, and strives to experience music of every culture and species that the Federation has encountered.
    • Jelandra has a natural aptitude for singing, aided by years of lessons. She is a soprano.
  • Bladedancing
    • A traditional Betazoid sport combining their natural elegance with a functional approach to self-defence, Jelandra has practised it for over two decades. Being separated from Betazed high society, it represents her only tie to her people's penchant for graceful dance.


  • Music
    • Betazoid Crystal Symphonies
    • Klingon Opera
    • Romantic and Neo-Romantic Earth Music
    • Earth "Rock and Roll"
    • Andorian Ice Arias
  • Classical Literature
    • Betazoid Fantasy Fiction
    • Earth 'Classics'
    • Whodunnits of All Worlds
  • Dance and Gymnastics
  • Chocolate


  • Stupidity
  • Dishonesty
  • Exotic Foods

Ambitions and Goals

Once a very driven person, trying to carve out a place for herself in the world of scientific research, Jelandra now only has one goal: to see her people safe, and secure, before she dies. That said, there are some things she would like to see completed, mainly revolving around Project LAURA and its offshoots.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements
    • Jelandra obtained a PhD through research in the field of Stellar Phenomenology at the age of 18. Her thesis was on the topic of Trilithium Compound Proximity Effects in K-type Stars.
    • Her second PhD through research was in the field of Advanced Hologramatics aged 20. Her thesis was on the topic of Evolutionary Controls on Self-replicating Algorithms, focussing on application of accelerated generational refinement.
    • Receiving a professorship at BetaRAc for her work in Hologramatics.
  • Disappointments
    • Losing out on the Federation's EMH Mark 2 contract to Prof. Zimmerman.
    • Ethan Lysander. Long story.
    • Seeing the Federation permit her homeworld to be invaded and occupied during the Dominion War.


There is nothing more important to Jelandra than the responsibilities she feels stem from her family's authority. This does not mean she is particularly close with her family, but rather the ideal that she believes they ought to represent. Here we outline the individuals, and give some brief commentary regarding her relationships with each of them.


  • Marital Status: Single
    • Note: Jelandra's proposed genetic partner, Daysaan Kavrel of the Seventh House, was killed during the initial defence of Betazed at the commencement of the Dominion invasion of the planet; as such, Jelandra is no longer genetically bonded. Her family has debated alternative arrangements, but no firm decisions have been made yet. Jelandra mourned the loss of Daysaan; they had been friends since childhood. Their relationship never developed beyond a close friendship.




  • Father: Becknar Pira Hitorin Martins Gé'ar, PhD.
    • Jelandra's father has been an intelligencer for Starfleet for several decades, only finally reaching the stage where he is content to hold a desk post within the past two years. He is an energetic man when around friends and family, though somewhat withdrawn and secretive around others. Jelandra holds him in the highest possible regard, and loves him dearly.
  • Mother: Jadrice Kaya Trélia Pilos Midral
    • Jelandra's mother has never really identified with her daughter. Viewing Jelandra as a "flawed" child, Jadrice has never felt any particular kinship with her. Jelandra, similarly, finds her mother's somewhat simplistic view of the universe draining and tiresome. The two only meet when absolutely necessary.


  • Brother: Becknar Salayus Tareon Gé'ar Midral, MD
    • Four years Jelandra's senior, Becknar was the big brother she never had. That is to cheapen their relationship however since despite spending much of their respective childhoods unable to spend time together, separated as they were by several hundred lightyears, they did communicate extensively. The two are particularly close, and on the rare occasions they meet in person are thoroughly inseperable.

Personal History

Full Article: Jelandra Gear's Personal History

Jelandra's journey thus far has had a great many twists and turns. Her path has led her from the sterile walls of the research institute of her birth to service in Starfleet, a thousand lightyears from her homeworld, via a great many junctions, stations and diversions. She is a scientist, a deeply devout follower of her people's traditions and beliefs, a natural philosopher, an aristocrat, and a slave to the perceived needs of others.

Born and educated on Betazed, she has travelled a significant portion of known space in the years since she left her world, and these experiences taught her one important lesson: that the best place for her to be was the place she had most wanted to leave. She has left that place once more, she believes for the last time, in an effort to protect the place and its people, with her life if necessary.


  1. 235701.31: Born at BetaRAc Research Facility.
  2. 235702.01: Transferred to EDP Facility within BetaRAc, Telepathic Training Division.
  3. 236206.09: Begins schooling at the ITG on Betazed, under BetaRAc supervision.
  4. 237108.28: Graduates Secondary Level education, two years early.
  5. 237109.14: Joins the BetaRAc Accelerated Learning Programme, studies Physics with Advanced Tech.
  6. 237306.12: Graduates with BSc (Honours) in Physics with Advanced Tech.
  7. 237306.17: Her research proposal to the Phenomenological Studies Institute on Earth is accepted; she begins her research en route to Earth.
  8. 237401.05: Moves into her adoptive Grandfather's home in England, living with her Grandfather and brother for the first time.
  9. 237504.10: Completes thesis on Trilithium Compound Proximity Effects in K-type Stars.
  10. 237505.19: Granted Doctorate in Stellar Phenomenology.
  11. 237506.12: Her research proposal to San Francisco's Advanced Hologramatics division is accepted on its second submission; she moves to SFHQ to begin the research.
  12. 237702.10: Completes thesis on Imposition if Evolutionary Controls on Self-replicating Algorithms.
  13. 237703.01: Granted Doctorate in Advanced Hologramatics.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238202.21
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Current Assignment: USS Columbia
  • Duty Post: Ship's Counselor

Awards & Commendations


StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: Jelandra Gear's StarFleet Records

Jelandra has spent much of the past six years aboard starships of one form or another. She originally trained in academy to serve as a science officer, her research experience placing her in good stead for swift advancement in that field. She may well have done so, too, had she not permitted her emotions to impede rational thought. Taking a hiatus from the training program gave her the opportunity to study a different field, Counseling, from a civilian perspective. Returning to 'Fleet, she completed her examinations, taking additional modules in psychotherapy.

She has served as Counselor aboard the USS Columbia for several months, and has found her skills in that field - and in many others - tested to their limits. Without doubt, the crew are a strange mix, and that variety makes her job significantly more interesting but, at the same time, infinitely more difficult.


  1. 237703.12: Begins tuition at Starfleet Academy, majoring in AI Programming, with a minor in Physical Sciences.
  2. 237908.01: Completes exam-segment of her course, joined USS Isannah for Cadet Cruise.
  3. 237912.09: Goes on sabbatical to help the rebuild effort on Betazed; Cadet Cruise assessment incomplete.
  4. 238001.10: Signs onto BetaRAc's Relief Efforts; begins training in Counseling.
  5. 238202.06: Returns to Starfleet to resit final practical examination, taking additional modules in psychotherapy.
  6. 238202.25: Despatched to USS Columbia as Counselor.
  7. 238205.14: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, for actions during the Kaleb Incident.

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