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((Shared Quarters))

Eerie walked in the shared quarters and found Evanna sitting and relaxing with a cup of something in area between the two quarters, He huffed in a foul mood even for Eerie, not saying any thing to Blackwood, and going over to the replicator::

Eerie::Computer,Turkish coffee strong, hot:: In a down beaten voice::

The replicator produced the coffee, and Eerie took the coffee, and he stood there practically standing in front of the wall, looking blankly ahead, then the Brikar took a sip on the the coffee which filled the room with it’s strong and pungent odor ::

Blackwood eyeballed Buster critically. Something was not right and she was extremely tempted to poke the bear but settled for a greeting for now. ::

Blackwood: Hey Buster, you trying to impersonate a wall?

The Brikar officer, did not even turn his head, but finally decided that he should admit that she was in the room::

Eerie : Hi, Evanna. :: in a low tone of voice, taking another sip of the steaming hot coffee, with little regards to the temperature::

Blackwood felt a bit disappointed - that was a weak response for a weak torment. The quality of her plaguing must be diminishing or perhaps through conditioning he’d become used to it. She sipped her green tea and lemon and drummed her fingers off the arm of the sofa. She didn’t like to see him like this, he was even more lifeless and dull than ever. She would soon get the life fired back into him though. oOWhat will get a reaction? What have I done that gets under his skin? hmm...Oo ::

Blackwood: ::Mock sad tone:: Sand for brains, you seem a bit blue today... Did you eat a bad Brikar cookie? No wait I got it, you finally smelled your own breakfast...

Eeire took the last of the coffee, and carefully lowered his arm, and crushed the ceramic mug in is hand like it was a paper cup, letting the tiny contents fall on the floor, he turned to Evanna, staring at her, but the fire was gone from the normally piercing small eyes::

Eerie : Not today, Evanna I am not in the mood. ::shifting his focus on the destruction of the coffee cup and then back to Evanna, was about to go to his quarters when he stopped in front of Evanna, He looked uncertain on where he was going::

oO(Eerie) Come on, snap out of it rock head Oo

Blackwood: ::Clearing her throat to get his attention.:: Excuse me. Where do you think you’re going without talking to your super secret squirrel buddy? You haven’t told me the latest and it’s only right what with you kicking me out my quarters periodically yeah? Hows it going with beautiful blue? I hear she is moving to the security department... ? ::Smiling::

Eerie: Let’s talk about anything else::Feeling the heat start to rise::

oO What is the universe is wrong with you Eerie, why is she affecting you so much Oo

But his legs felt unsteady, and he walked over to the couch and sat down heavily at the opposite end of Evanna::

Evanna’s tea spilt into her lap as Eerie sat down heavily on the sofa. She leapt off the sofa wiping the hot liquid with her hand. ::

Blackwood: ::With a look of distaste on her face:: Hey watch it man mountain! Do you need some stronger anti-gravs to assist you in making a softer landing? Honestly...

Eerie instantly realizing what he was doing, got back up, almost startled and faced Blackwood::

Eerie: Sorry,.......not a good day...I ….I don’t know:: Confused, looking at the mess he was responsible for:: I’ll clean this up and I better just go to bed, I guess:: going over and starting to pick up the pieces of the mug::

Blackwood: ::Stamping a foot down hard and leaning towards him, snapping her fingers furiously in front of his eyes:: Wake up buster and tell me what the devil is going on with you!


Officer Tredd walked up to Eerie who was standing at attention, but his eyes were shut, and he looked at young teenager, who was going through training with the security detail, while it was informal, it was still the standard course for someone his age, 40 hours was about the limit that could be could be expected. He walked in front of the snoozing Brikar, taking two of his three finger he placed them next to Eerie’s ears and snapping them, thus startling him to attention::

Tredd: Eerie attention, eyes forward.

Eerie focused and came to attention::

((end flashback))

Eerie::Snapping to:: Yes, Sire, I mean Blackwood:: He stiffen and his shoulders went back into place, trying focusing on the situation and the problem::

Eerie :: Evanna ...what does it mean when two people start winking at each other?

Blackwood: ::Confused:: WHAT?!?! What are you talking about?

oOGreat, now I have opened my mouth Oo

Eerie : Peiy and Matthews have been spending time together with the training, and now they are winking at each other on the bridge::

Blackwood: You mean like this?

Evanna winked at Eerie, and then she really went to town. She winked at him with the other eye, making a clicking sound to accompany it as she strutted around in what was supposed to be an attractive manner. She brushed past him and used a waggly finger to “tickle” him under the chin giving him the “alluring smile”. ::

Eerie: Well, it wasn’t that bad, but it was a friendly wink, i guess ::More confused than ever::

Blackwood: ::Laughing:: Heck I wink at folk all the time, it don’ mean a frakkin’ thing. It’s just like punctuating sentences, only with your face.

Eerie: I was practically ignored on the bridge, and now Matthews wants to do more training with her:: There was some emotion in his voice::

Blackwood: ::Sticking her petted lip out and pulling a sad face.:: Ignored? How rude. Oh wait!! I WAS THERE! ::Suddenly realising what he was referring to.:: Yeah I only saw the back of their heads though, they are quite chummy though huh?

Eerie: Well, I thought so, but I guess Peiy can see who ever she wants:: Dejected, it looked like his mountain was about to collapse::

Blackwood: Woah the horses! ::Coaxing Eerie to sit back down on the sofa and then sitting so close next to him she was almost in his lap.:: Don’t talk like that!

oO(Eerie)What is going on hereOo

Eerie: What am I suppose to do? :: Looking away::

Blackwood: Yer makin’ a mountain range oot o’ a pebble, you know that right? So tell me from the top what makes you think things have changed with Peiy, I want times, I want places, I want the fine grained truth of the matter.

Eerie: You were there, they ….I don’t know, I just thought that, I want to is a strange feeling, something I have never had before. :: Sitting straight up and turning back to Evanna:: Other that the bridge I don’t know of anything.

Blackwood: Well she probably wasn’t ignoring you intentionally. It’s kinda a sweepin’ statement to say she doesnae want tae spend more time with you armed with only one incident.

Eerie : I do have strong feeling towards her, Evanna., it is hard to explain, I am not sure what it is but, I really would not want to be with out her. I really don’t like seeing them so friendly to each other.

Blackwood recognised what was going on and was no stranger to it herself. She chuckled but it was more sympathetic than anything else. She looked at him with the slightest smile.::

Blackwood: I take it back you not blue you’re GREEN!

Eerie: Brikar do not change color, we are just different shades of this ::Totally straight::

Blackwood chuckled again but dismissed the idea of explaining to him what the reference was all about. ::

Blackwood: Eerie pal, you’re just a bit jealous. Happens when you care about someone that much. Most times it boils down tae fear. I’d say somewhere in that stone cold heart of yours you worry about losing Peiy. ::Dramatic:: Like she is going to find some other squishier, less biologically different being to be with. ::As she rambled on she wondered dubiously where she was going with this. It wavered on a knife edge between cruel and something more helpful.::

Eerie sat there for a minute, thinking and then he turned to Blackwood::

oO (Eerie) I do care for her a lot, perhaps I should tell Peiy, but I don’t know, nothing makes much sense Oo

Eerie: Is it wrong?:: a bit of the fire returning to his eyes, but the voice was soft, and relaxed:: And what do I do about it? ::The Brikar for all of his mass still looked a bit like a freighter caught by Starship, helpless::

Blackwood: I’m no philosopher it is not for me to state the morality of an emotion. As a biologist everything I have seen tells me it is a natural psychological process. I suppose everyone experiences it at times but it is how it is dealt with that counts. Let me think...

Blackwood thought about the times she had been jealous, which was considerable. She often thought she’d been born jealous. Ever since she was born she had competed with her sister for the love and attention of her parents. She hadn’t got it so she’d obviously gone very wrong. oOBitchiness, silent treatment, chucking toys oot the pram, violence... nope all wrong. What else could one do? Boy this is hard.Oo She often thought of herself as being green through and through. The only thing that would make her more green was a marine career. At last she came up with a tentative plan but she had no idea if it would work. ::

Blackwood: Perhaps if you just talked to her you would see that she is oO...or isn’t...Oo totally nuts about you. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about something that is oO...or isn’t...Oo totally innocent.

Eerie: I think that would be a good idea, we have weekly get togethers, but I think I want to talk to her, sooner. ::Trying to think, but he was exhausted, and wanted to sleep, he couldn’t think anymore::

Eerie stood, and turned but then turned back to Evanna, he looked tired with worry, but he straightened up::

Eerie : Thanks red ::nodding his head, as if agreeing on the course of action:: you are a good friend, keeping me sane over this.

Blackwood: ::She looked at him dubiously, she didn’t think she’d been much help at all.:: Just remember to keep it cool and speak kindly but honestly. oOAnd don’t do what I do and bash things in.Oo

Eerie nodded again, and when into his quarters, and laid down, and fell asleep in his uniform, totally drained::

LT. Eerie Tactical Officer USS Avandar


Lt JG Blackwood ACSO USS Avandar