Jaxton Vee (alternate)

First Lieutenant Jaxton Vee is currently serving as a Marine aboard the USS Triumphant.

USS Triumphant (alternate)
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Jaxton Vee
Position Marine
Rank First Lieutenant
Species El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 234101.23
Age 60
Birthplace San Francisco, Earth
Writer ID G239302JVO


  • Height: 1.75 m (5'9")
  • Build:
  • Hair: Black, Military cut
  • Eyes: Blue



  • Parents: Margie and Robert Houston, deceased (killed during Earth’s invasion).
  • Siblings: Mary-Anne Johnson (sister), Michael Glenn (brother), Martha Marie (sister), deceased (killed during Earth’s destruction).
  • Spouse: None.
  • Children: None.


Jax grew up, living a normal and happy life much like his counter-part up until the the second year of the Dominion War were he was conscripted into the Marines as a combat medic and surgeon. The war changed him greatly, giving him an outlet for his anger and a stronger since of commitment to the war efforts. This only intensified as the war progressed badly for him and news of Earth’s destruction reached him. After discovering his entire adopted family was killed on Earth something in him snapped. Renouncing his Hippocratic oath he volunteered for any and all assignments that would take him into the thick of the fighting. He received several ribbons for heroism as both a Marine fighter and a Medic. He achieved the rank of first Marine Captain was demoted to First Lieutenant shortly afterwards for disobeying orders to attempt a rescue of several marines. It was a hopeless situation and he barely managed to survive and come back from it. He was injured, and received a scar bellow his left eye from a Cardassian blade. He kept the scar to remind him of the price of failure.


Jax is a dedicated field medic and Marine suffering from post-traumatic stress. He does not freeze up in combat but instead tends to go a little crazy taking risks other sane men would not. It has been described as a death wish at times. With limited crew and resources he has never received treatment but instead his superior’s keep an eye on him judging when to use him as appropriate. His hatred for the Dominion and there allied races being considered a tactical asset at times for all or nothing missions.

Jaxton is a cold tactician willing to make sacrifices both personally and with others to get the job done. He not only lost his humanity with Earth’s destruction but is slowly losing his compassion as well.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
First Lieutenant - Present USS Triumphant Marine

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