Jaxton Vee

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jaxton Vee is an El-Aurian Medical Officer serving aboard the USS Gorkon.

USS Gorkon
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Jaxton Vee
Position Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 234101.23
Age 60
Birthplace San Francisco Bay Hospital, San Francisco, Earth
Awards & Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Distinguished Service Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Prantares Ribbon


  • Full name: Jaxton Vee
  • Age: 60
  • DoB: 234101.23
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height: 5'9"


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  • Biological Parents:
    • Birth Mother: Jaxina Vee deceased age unknown
    • Birth Father: Unknown
  • Adoptive Parents
    • Margie Houston (101) Physician
    • Robert Houston Civil Engineer deceased (2388) Died during the attack on Betazoid city of Ohmallera.
  • Siblings:
    • Adopted Sisters:
      • Mary-Anne Johnson (Nurse) Age 70
      • Martha Marie Adrian (Hospital Administrator) age 65
    • Adopted Brother: Micheal Glenn Houston (Architect) age 68
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


Jaxton was born on stardate 234101.23 in San Francisco Bay Hospital. His mother Jaxina Vee was a patient of Margie Houston. Due to complications during birth Margie was unable to save Jaxina. With no listed family or caretaker Jaxton was taken into custody of child protective services and later that year adopted by Margie and Robert Houston.

Jaxton grew up a calm and happy child. He expressed sorrow of over his mother's death but due to the love and care provided by Houstons grew up as a normal human child until the age of twelve when his El-Aurien longevity became active at the onset of puberty. Several exams where performed and it was once estimated that his aging process was slowed down to a rate of one year of growth every ten years. The specialists who examined him stated that they believed the rate of ageing was not stabilized and would not normalize itself until most likely the end of puberty.

Jaxton also developed a couple of other El-Aurian abilities. The ability to 'listen' came sporadically and limited to instinctual impressions of moods, motivations and so on. With no one to train him in their use the ability remained limited although he did learn to use it under specific conditions later in life. He also developed an eidetic memory.

Jaxton felt the first complications with his family life occur as his alien nature became more apparent to his family. His adoptive siblings seemed to take different attitudes towards him. He was closest to his sister Martha who went out of her way to protect and advise him. His older brother Michael tried to get along with him but their physical age differences made the relationship strained. Mary-Anne, his oldest sibling became distant and after her own life became busier with school and then marriage stopped making efforts to get to know him. His ,other Margie seemed to go to extra lengths to accommodate his needs spoiling him. A fact, his brother and sisters took notice of and frequently commented on. Often teasing him that he was the 'baby' of the family and could do no wrong. His father Robert, was not happy with this development. He had worked hard to ingrain a since of family and pride in all his children often stating that "No matter what. Family takes care of family. They will be there for you all of you're life". Due to his influence and guidance, Jaxton realized that no matter how much he fought with his other siblings, He knew they would be there for him no matter what and that he in turn would do no less.

2361 at the age of 20 Jaxton finishes medical school. Following in Margie's footsteps he completed medical school but found himself at a cross roads. He did not know if he could continue his education and pick a field of medical study when he still had the body of a 13 year old. His parents suggested he would want to pick a field that would limit his interactions with patients for now and allow him to continue his educations in preparation for when his body caught up with his skills. Jaxton accepted an internship at the Mayo Clinic as a surgeon.

2365 Jaxton finishes his internship and residency and continues his education with a fellowship researching advanced robotic surgical procedures. His research causes him to do further research on ancient surgical practices in order to perfect the surgical techniques. He finds himself gaining the respect and friendship of several other Doctor's he went through residency with.

He is even approached by Dr. Amanda Neh romantically. He had avoided romantic entanglements, mostly because he felt that his physical development was not ready for these social implications in a human society. He attempted to explore the possibilities for a while but after several dates Dr. Neh began to have doubts. She was not ready for a physical relationship with someone who looked like a child. Jaxton, took this extremely hard. It was not until his sister Martha pointed out that he had set himself up for that disaster and he needed to move on. She encouraged him by explaining that he was lucky. He had hundreds of years to live and his body will catch up. There was no point in rushing things. Jaxton recovered from the failed relationship but swore he would not involve himself in a relationship until it was the proper time. Since then he has began to fear rejection from women and became self conscious about his appearance.

2372 Jaxton finishes his fellowship and writes a dissertation on ancient surgical procedures and their 24th century applications. In the dissertation he states that modern surgeons have lost several vital skills due to their independence on Robotics during surgery. In it he provides not only ancient procedures used for common surgeries but how to perform advanced surgeries traditionally only performed with robotics in the modern era. The dissertation is well accepted among the military and emergency service providers but most civilian doctors consider it a step backwards towards barbarism. The Mayo clinic asks him to leave the staff.

Jaxton is crushed and angry. He returns home to his Parents house in San Francisco for a vacation before finding another job. He discovers that his Mother is uncharacteristically angry over his dissertation and states she could not believe he would write such a barbaric piece of tripe. She asks him to re-think his next paper before deciding it's subject matter and approach it like an Doctor instead of a first year med student. Jaxton get's angry with her over it and moves out but after a while he realizes that their was more going on with her mother. He begins to look into it and discovers that one of the surgical procedures he had presented in the dissertation would of saved his mother's life the night he was born. He had unintentionally accused his adoptive Mother of killing his birth Mother via incompetence. He decided to never bring the subject up again with his Mother. It took him nearly five years to repair his relationship with his mother.

2373 Jaxton moves to Vulcan and joins the Vulcan Medical Academy where he continues his education studying advanced manual surgical skills and xeno biology. He enjoyed studying on Vulcan finding that his youthful appearance was not a detriment. The Vulcan's only judged him by his intellectual abilities. He worked with Vulcan's to help control his 'listening' ability only achieving marginal success. The Vulcan's explained to him that his 'listening' abilities where not telepathic but a genetic ability to observe and decipher body language, voice patterns and other environmental queues to determine emotional states and motivations of others. This all occurs on a subconscious level and would take years of training to master them.

2380 Jaxton finishes his studies on vulcan obtaining a mastery in Xeno-biology and developed several new surgical procedures that he published. He is offerred a post at the Mars Daystrom campus to teach surgical procedures and work in their research labs developing advanced medical equipment. He begins his studies in Virology there.

Here he meets Sillya an El-Aurian who approaches him. She asks a lot of questions about him but gives very little in ways of answers. After a few days of conversations Jaxton found himself revealing his deepest thoughts and desires to her. He realized it was due to a skill El-Aurians had to make people comfortable and confide in them. It was a skill he never displayed. Realizing what was happening he insisted she give him a few answers about his species and if she knew his Mother Jaxina. She told him that she had never met Jaxina. She was however, upset that the humans had robbed him of his childhood, That his educations was rushed and because of that his abilities would be all that much harder to learn, especially with all that "Vulcan" nonsense he had exposed himself too. Jaxton had no idea what it was to be an El-Aurian and had not matured enough to learn. He was perplexed and angry at her reactions. Especially, her refusal to help. She promised to help only when he was ready to listen to what she had to say. He had become too involved in Human society and had no perspective. She left Mars soon after but from time to time contacts him from different locations. Always mysterious and always critical of Jaxton's humanity.

2388 Jaxton finishes his studies in Virology However, his adopted father dies during the destruction of the Betazoid city of Ohmellera. He returns back to San Francisco on Earth to be with his family. He spends a couple months with his Mother helping his oldest sister Mary-anne take care of the funeral arrangements. After the funeral, He decided to visit the Ohmellera disaster site with his brother and is devastated by the level of destruction he see's. He volunteers his services to assist in the local hospitals and works side by side with Star Fleet Doctor's for the first time. At first he is angry with Star Fleet. They had allowed a crazed terrorist to steal a ship and commit one of the worst terrorist attacks in Federation history. He blamed Star Fleet for the death of his Father. He was quite rude and had no problems expressing his displeasure with Star Fleet while he was working with them. However, after a while, he became impressed with their skill , knowledge and professionalism. Eventually, he befriends several doctor's who are also impressed with his surgical skills. Much to the dismay of his family, He stays on Betazed to continue to help out with the relief efforts He get's into a heated argument with his brother over the subject and ends the argument by stating "I will always be there for the family but I can not sit idly by and watch these people suffer without doing something. Father would understand." As the initial relief efforts come to a close he is approached by a Starfleet recruitment officer. Apparently, the Starfleet doctors he had worked with had given him a recommendation for Starfleet Medical Academy. Jaxton returns to San Francisco and stays with his mother for a month before telling her He had decided to join Star Fleet. She does not like it but eventually gives him her 'reluctant' blessings on the matter. His sister Martha is happy for him thinking it will be good for him. His brother Michael refuses to speak with him still angry that he abandoned his family to help strangers when they needed him the most. This, in his brother's eyes meant Jaxton was only going to separate himself from the family further. His oldest sister, Mary Anne, took the news in stride and promised to try and make more of an effort to stay in contact with him but Jaxton could tell the promise was only half hearted. He had the feeling he would never hear from her again unless the issue was forced.

2389 Jaxton joins Starfleet Medical Academy where he volunteers for marine postings. He had met several marines during the relief efforts on Betazoid and quickly realized that the Marine Combat Medics where usually the first responder's of Star Fleet and usually did the most good in these situations. He also liked their no nonsense approach to matters. Something about the discipline and comraderie struck a cord with him. Jaxton struggles with the physical training only barely getting a passing grade each year never qualifying for a full time marine posting. However, he excels at his studies being in the top ten percent of his class in all his academic fields. He is posted on his cadet tours every summer to marine bases with the condition his electives are in physical education and self defense. He learns Akido and Bojutso.

During his third year, Jaxton attends a survival course hosted by the Marine base. During the exercise a Marine was injured by an explosion. Jaxton saved his life by performing manual surgery on the scene. He is put up for review for patient endangerment. The medical review board claimed the patient could have been beamed out and treated at a medical facility. After a long heated review where Jaxton's career was in question the medical review board came to the conclusion that if it was not for Jaxton's surgery stabilizing the patient he might not have survived the transport and he was cleared of all charges.

His mother and sister Martha attended the hearings to support him but never heard a word from Michael or Mary-Anne on the subject. He could tell his mother was extremely relieved at the out come but angry stating he should be more careful in the future and learn to think instead of react to these situations. This devastates Jaxton as he realizes that his Mother would never approve of his focus on emergency care over clinical care. His sister tries to comfort him but has little luck until she finally told him he needed a distraction to help put this behind him. It was probably time for him to start reconsidering the possibility of finding a girl friend. By then he had physically aged enough to appear old enough to avoid most social taboos. Jaxton, rejects the idea still afraid of setting himself up for failure again. Afterwards, Jaxton was given a merit of honor for saving the marines life. The award seemed more like a peace offering than an actual accomplishment to Jaxton. The marines gave him the nickname "Cutter" with each telling of the how he saved the marine becoming more exaggerated. The last time he over heard it being told by a marine he had only used a combat knife for the surgery and a fishing line with a fish hook to stitch the patient up afterwards. In actuality he had a surgical kit with him that he used. Jaxton did not deny or confirm any of the stories enjoying the reputation it gave him among the marines. Before then they had called him "The boy".

2393 Jaxton graduates and is sent to Starbase 118 to complete his training. His apparent age of 17, real age 52 majoring in Genetics with a minor in nano technology. He hears from Sillya who congratulates him telling him it was a step in the right direction. It was her hope that Star Fleet would expose him to the universe and open up more possibilities than what Earth has had a chance to offer him.

Psychological Profile: Cadet Jaxton Vee is a bit of a contrast in personality. A consummate student he has an exceptional and intuitive mind towards academic studies. Years of discipline and education due to his age yet, a youthful enthusiasm that over rides some of his better judgement at times. His need to learn stems from the death of his Mother during his birth. He feels a need to better himself so that he can somehow help prevent tragedies like that from happening to others. This need for excellence also comes from a desire to seek Margie approval whom he feels he owes his life to.
He seems somewhat crippled by his El-Aurian longevity. Being forced to watch people age around him while he pretty much remains the same. Especially, during his young adulthood has somewhat alienated him from society. He feels like he never quite fits in. This has affected his confidence in social situations and his inter personal skills with the opposite sex. As a result he does not take social risks. He exhibits a tendency to overcompensate these perceived inadequacies with a complete devotion to his academic pursuits and professionalism.

He has a somewhat healthy family life with issues typical of an adopted family. Feelings of alienation from some of his siblings but with a strong family core that does not allow him to give up on each other is at the center of his character. He does have an unhealthy relationship with his adoptive mother. He depends too much on her approval which for some reason she readily gives him yet constantly gives him reasons to doubt himself.

The Death of his father during the destruction of Ohmallera seemed to strengthen his devotion to humanitarian efforts. He volunteered three months in the relief efforts at great cost to his family life. He did this despite the fact he blamed Star Fleet for his fathers death and worked along side Star Fleet Marine Doctors. Their where a few reported confrontations at first and a great deal of friction was caused as he was out spoken about how he felt about Star Fleet but by the time he finished working with the Marine's he developed a friendship with several of the doctors who later recommended him to Star Fleet Medical. This shows an adaptability and willingness to work through his own issues in the face of a crisis.

As an El-Aurian he has completely adopted a human perspective, which is understandable with no contact with his own species. Little is known about El-Aurians except that they are considered a race of 'listeners' and have an almost empathic ability to sense the emotions of others. This ability is genetic and not telepathic. His skills in this ability are extremely limited compared to what we know of other El-Aurians. He displays the highest ability with it when dealing with patients. This is most likely due to his genuine interest in their well being. However, he does not seem to have the ability to encourage others to confide in him as reported by other El-Aurians. This may come with age or he may need to be taught the skill by another El-Aurian. So little is known about the species abilities it is unclear at this time.

Another cause of concern is that Cadet Jaxton refuses to take into account the ramifications of his longevity. He is 52 years of age and has four remaining members of his family all older than him. He will out live them by hundreds of years given his natural life span and he shows no preparation for this certainty. When asked about it during our counceling sessions he said he would rather spend his time with his family with out counting the days until they die. Living in the moment with the people he loves would have to suffice for now. He will worry about it when it happens. While that attitude is commendable and even healthy to an extent, It is something he needs to mentally prepare himself for.

It has been noted that he has attempted to qualify for the Marine Corp every year while in Star Fleet Medical but has failed to pass the physical requirements. He works hard and is determined. His ultimate goal being to join the Marine SAR team. I fear his El-Aurian physiology makes it impossible at this time. El-Aurians are known for their communications skills not their physical powers. His body has to at least age before he can build up his strength and endurance required. I personally admire his determination but feel he has not adjusted well to the reality of his situation. I am hesitant to dissuade him from these efforts as the physical training is good for his focus and morale. In fact after reviewing images of him from when he first joined star fleet and every year since i have noticed an impressive physical change. the extra muscle and weight helped mature his appearance a little which should make it easier from him to adjust socially .He might surprise us all and pass his next SAR entrance exam. I fear however, this will not happen. If he passes his final exams at starbase 118 and makes ensign he will no longer be qualified for SAR. I have put in a recommendation for the Crazy Eights in his behalf in case he fails his physical again. Their physical requirements are still strenuous but a little more with in his reach.

Physiological affects on Mental Status: Jaxton Vee has undergone an extended stage of puberty. His body has normalized itself to increased hormonal levels and other effects of puberty. These hormonal spikes however can cause increased aggression, irritability and sexual drive. He shows a well disciplined mind and has adjusted to these levels but his body has shown signs of nearing the end of his puberty. it is unclear what physiological changes will occur at that time and should be monitored closely.

Given his current psychiatric evaluations he is cleared for duty.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239302.09 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical Officer
Ensign 239302.10 - 239305.10 USS Gorkon Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239305.10 - Present USS Gorkon Medical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Prantares Ribbon 239306.25
USS Gorkon
Awarded to those medical officers who have moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239302.09
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from

Starfleet Academy.

Distinguished Service Ribbon 239305.10
USS Gorkon
Victory over the Dominion Fleet in an alternate universe.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239305.10
USS Gorkon
Joint operations with the crew of the USS Triumphant in an alternate reality.

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