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Incident File

File created: 9:56 27/10/2473

Cardiff Educational Center

Incident File #2365997

Date: 27/10/2473 Incident cat: A006b

Location: Main Yard

File Status: Closed

Students Involved:

                  Jaxon-Kail Mc Ghee, 13/04/2458
                  Ryan Evans, 16/12/2457
                  Diane Davis, 11/01/2458

Incident Description:

From what could be reconstructed, the students Jaxon-Kail Mc Ghee and Ryan Evans had a row that ended in violence. Other students told the staff that the two were arguing over Diane Davis who refuses to comment the matter herself. Ryan Evans suffered multiple injuries and has been transported to the main Hospital.

sig_aburton 11:12 27/10/2473

The first information has arrived from the hospital. It appears that Ryan needs serious surgery. This was more than a scuffle between boys.

EDIT: sig_aburton 11:29 27/10/2473

Further information

It appears that Evans required two operations and will be recovering for at least three weeks. In a a brief conversation, he told me Jaxon started the fight and confirmed that it was over Diane Davis, who still refuses to comment the subject. It also appears other parents have heard of the matter as we have received three calls over the subject.

sig_aburton 10:02 30/10/2473

The police just arrived and took Jaxon with them for questioning. It turns out one of our security cameras filmed everything and Jaxon is the aggressor. The way he wouldn't let off Evans even after he was on the ground was shocking.

EDIT: sig_aburton 11:29 27/10/2473

In light of this incident I have no other choice but to suspend Jaxon Mc Ghee from our house until this matter has been investigated. The Mc Ghee's are also on their way here, the week isn't getting off to a good start.

sig_fdavey 12:24 30/10/2473

Finished meeting the Mc Ghee's. Jarred Mc Ghee commented quote 'financial repercussions' should I expel his son. I still think it is repulsive he even thought money would secure his son a place at our school in light of this matter.

EDIT: sig_fdavey 16:12 30/10/2473

The video somehow made it to the students and now the calls from worried parents won't stop. Thankfully the staff had already decided expulsion is the only answer to such a violent and above all unprovoked attack. It would be best for the school and regardless of how long the Mc Ghee's have been attending this house, we have a zero tolerance policy.

On a personal note, I am responsible for ensuring the safety of all my students and relieved; we're not trained to teach violent teen Vulcans.

EDIT: sig_fdavey 16:12 1/11/2473

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