Jaxon Mc Ghee

USS Victory
Ensign Jaxon Mc Ghee


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Ship: USS Victory
  • Position: Engineering Officer
  • Race: 7/8 Human, 1/8 Vulcan
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 235804.13 (Age 31)
  • Birthplace: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, Earth
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Skin: White
  • Build: Stocky, heavy frame

Former Posts

  • Thunderpin.png
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Ensign Jaxon-Kail Mc Ghee is currently assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Thunder and at Embassy, Duronis II.


Other Names

  • Nickname: Long terms friends call him 'J' or 'JK' for short. Dislikes the use of his second name intensely.


Jaxon is a quiet and thoughtful man, introverted when around people he doesn't know. He has a generally polite and helpful manner, though can sometimes be thoughtless when interacting with others. Occasionally this can lead to unintended strife with colleagues and superiors. Mc Ghee is usually not one to bear grudges and if he notices his faux pas towards a colleague will at least attempt to repair any damage he caused. On the whole he prefers to remain to himself but has learnt that the group is stronger and can and will work with others. Due his Vulcan side he can be drawn to angry outbursts which are usually strong, but short lived. If sometime has passed since his last Meditation, his emotions, positive or negative, more easily arise and will tend to last longer. When actually annoyed his anger is directed to world in general and those who don't know this can take this personally.

From a professional view point Mc Ghee lives to work. Anyone searching for him should start at Main Engineering and work on from there. Engineering and Technical work mean almost everything for him, and only his son Joel-Kail receives a more important role in his life. Jaxon expects everyone to be alert and do their best and demands nothing less of himself. As a result he often works till he 'drops' forgetting food, drink and rest in the process and thus neglecting the mental control of his Vulcan side, vital to remain socially amicable.

Career Synopsis

Early Career 2388 - 2389

Jaxon Mc Ghee began his career aboard the USS Ronin. The then freshly promoted Ensign Mc Ghee was thrown into the middle of a Breen/Romulan conspiracy. During these first weeks Mc Ghee got to know his new ship and crew, unaware that it was the final mission aboard of the Ronin which was decommissioned upon returning to DS9. Due to new personnel structures aboard their next assignment, the USS Thunder, Captain Tuner offered the freshman Ensign the post of Acting Chief Engineer. While having years of engineering experience prior to Starfleet Jaxon readily accepted, though surprised that Captain Turner chose to place Engineering in his hands. The next few weeks for the now freshman Chief became a balancing act comprised of the increased workload, his private life and a continuing struggle with his past which began to catch up on him.

2389 - 2390

While the crew and the chief settled in their new surroundings, the arrival of Joel Mc Ghee, Jaxon's only son, caused a few problems as the teenager still blamed his father for taking on a position so far from home. As the Mc Ghee's are a space-faring family, the clan operating a modest freighter fleet specializing in bulk transport and recently also venturing into the high speed courier sector, no one could understand why Jaxon would turn his back on the clan.


Distinguishing Features

  • Has the welsh “Three Feathers” tattooed upon the center chest.
  • Yellow corona around pupil varying in strength, cause unknown.
  • Short, stocky/muscular frame.


  • Possesses a near eidetic memory. Ability decreases when fatigued.
  • Human/Vulcan hybrid; Posses more physical strength than most humans his size and build.
  • Trained in various armed and unarmed combat techniques.

Hobbies & Pastimes

  • Martial arts

Jaxon learned Tai Chi from an elder student during his first years at the Academy. The techniques he learnt during those first years helped to further calm his emotions while creating a vent for his aggression allowing him to “let off steam”. Even though failing initially (see below), he now draws strength using a combination of meditation and various martial arts and sports to constantly center his inner peace.

  • Technical

Jaxon was introduced to physics and other sciences by both his Human grandfather at a relatively young age and later, by his (Vulcan) great-grandfather in his teens. Both grandparents did their best to encourage a young Jaxon to take interest in both subjects. Even though never having the same interest as his grandfathers in these subjects, Jaxon did develop an interest in all kinds of devices and technological advances that has held on throughout the years.


  • Mother: Rianne Marie Mc Ghee born 233705.24 (24th May 2337) Age 52 years, Maiden Name: Devonport
  • Father: Jarred Kail Mc Ghee, born 233209.30 (30th Oct 2332) Age 57 years
  • Additional Information: Vulcan great-grandfather (Mother's side)
  • Son Joel-Kail Mc Ghee, born 237309.26(26th Sep 2373)Age 16 years
    • Place of Birth: Swansea, Wales, Earth,
    • Mother: Diane Davis, born 235802.12(12th Feb 2358) Age 31 years, whereabouts unknown
  • Further Information: Currently, Joel-Kail is living with his grandparents at the family home in Pembroke, Wales, Earth.
  • Sister: Marie Mc Ghee, born 236108.15 (15th Aug 2361) Age 28
    • Place of Birth: Swansea, Wales, Earth
    • Further information: Married. Two children. For more information access Federation civilian databank.

Personal History

Jaxon was born as the eldest child of Jarred and Rianne Mc Ghee, an old welsh family, deeply rooted to the lands. Growing up in Wales, Jaxon led a carefree life in the cities of Cardiff and Swansea. Spending his summers with his parents on the land amongst mountains and Valleys. His development progressed well until hitting puberty where his Vulcan genealogy began to grow. Things climaxed when at the age of 15, Jaxon seriously assaulted a fellow schoolmate who had shown interest in Diane Davis. Unknown to all at the time of the incident, Diane was pregnant from a night spent together some weeks back. Diane gave birth to their son, Joel-Kail some seven and half months later.

His Great-grandfather, S'Kendel, heard of the incident a few weeks later and the aging Vulcan responded immediately. Laying down all his posts on Vulcan upon the same day, S’Kendel left for earth, uncharacteristically using his influence to get there as fast as possible. S’Kendel began tutoring the young man right away. Even though Jarred Mc Ghee was against the idea, he had to admit the Vulcan’s tutelage and teachings and had a calming effect on the developing teen and the emotional outburst and aggression's reduced significantly. A strong bond formed between the two. Things looked bright again and Jaxon began to prosper archiving graduation a year earlier than expected. Jaxon applied for an academy place with 18 and he was accepted even though concern was voiced over having a young teenage father study.

For unknown reasons he fled the academy the same year and left earth for almost 2 subsequent years. After that he worked aboard civilian Trade-station “New Worlds” and on the civilian federation ship “Merek Prime” before returning to earth in 2382 where he reapplied for the academy. Jaxon's time at the academy was uneventful, doing quite well in engineering and technical studies. Never the top of his year his studies were successful. Jaxon’s near eidetic memory often astounded his Professors and fellow students alike. Not just through his academic achievements, but also his uncanny ability to be often blinded by the obvious.

Today Jaxon is a more 'rounded' person, even though he still prefers isolation. He is happy to work alone accepts that, that isn’t always possible. His Vulcan side is still powerful, but his emotional outbursts are short, brief and seldom witnessed by 3rd parties.

On 238801.10, Jaxon was assigned to Star Base 118 for finial training and assessment and was subsequently assigned to the USS Ronin during her final mission before her returning to DS9 for subsequent decommissioning (238802.25). Ensign Jaxon and the main part of the old Ronin crew transferred to the USS Thunder and were assigned to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II. Here he was offered the post of Chief Engineer pending his promotion to Lieutenant.

Arriving at their next assignment the crew started to unwind with a long shore leave. Not one to socialize Ensign Mc Ghee investigated the Embassy and it soon became clear that the ousted Romulans had taken practically everything of value, literally leaving nothing but the buildings behind. The barely functioning infrastructure bestowed the Chief and his staff many sleepless nights and ‘round the clock’ shifts. Engineering did its best to revive the nonexistent Engineering and 'Re-Federalize' the Embassy and her infrastructure.

Upon returning from the the mission 'Rapture', on Stardate 238804.28, Jaxon Mc Ghee was promoted to Lt.JG and officially offered the position of Chief Engineer. Jaxon readily accepted and immediately returned to the task of rebuilding the Engineering complex and ensuring that the Embassy became more autarchic of the Laudean people. Around Stardate 238806.28 a joint attempt to put an end to an organized crime ring was undertaken, resulting in the USS Thunder pursuing a rouge crime boss fleeing aboard Romulan scout. The vessel subsequently seized and employed to infiltrate a freighter of the Scarlet Brotherhood. While the mission was in effect successful, their cover was quickly blown and a number of light to moderate injuries were sustained by various crew-member's, making the assignment one of the less smoothly run operations.

During the phases of political upheaval during the buildup to the elections of a new prime minister, involving the kidnapping of Vail Daysa, Jaxon and his team also assisted in securing and stabilizing a dam that threaten to break and flood the downtown of the planets capital. These prior events finally climaxed around 238808.0 - 238808.20 in the Battle For Bajor, where the the Thunder took a leading role in searching the Brotherhood freighter Pah-Krel, which was rigged to attack DS9 in an attempt to disrupt the Bajoran acceptance into the Federation. With the plan averted, the Thunder returned to Duronis II and the Federation Embassy.



  • 2364– 2370 Pembroke Primary school,
  • 2370–2373 Cardiff Educational Complex; expelled fall ’73; For more information access civilian databank, CEC_E-alpha, file #2365997
  • 2373–2376 Private Tuition at family home under civil jurisdiction
  • 2376– 2376: Received application for the Academy early 2376. Abandoned studies early winter 2376, reasons unknown
  • 2382 – N/A Reapplied for Academy enroll, Application denied by Academy counseling due family issues
  • 2383 – 2387: Reapplied for Academy roll, Application granted
  • 2387 – 2388: Cadets year-cruise, aboard the USS Menehune NCC-52142
  • 2388 – 2388: Assigned to Starbase 118
  • 2388 - 2388: Assigned to USS Ronin
  • 2388 - Date: Assigned to USS Thunder

Employment History

  • 2377– 2378 Unknown; Clerks note; the individual refuses to reveal information of this time period. As no crimes are known of, have been admitted/reported, and /or are suspected in relation to this time span it falls under the jurisdiction of the non relevance act of 2207(as seven years have passed), with right to withdraw the later regardless of lapsed time if a crime is admitted/reported and/or suspected to have been committed during this time period. Note; post script; The individual’s brief duty aboard the “T’Pek” and “Marseille” have been confirmed by trustworthy sources.
  • (Confirmed) Crewman, Vulcan freighter “T’Pek” 2377–2377
  • (Confirmed) Crewman, Federation Freighter “Marseille” 2377– 2378
  • 2378–2380 Engineering Crewman on the civilian Trade-station “New Worlds”
  • 2381–2382 Engineering Crewman on the civilian federation ship “Merek Prime”

Military History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Cadet 1st Class 238701.28 USS Menehune NCC-52142 Cadets year cruise
  Cadet 1st Class 238801.17 Graduated Starbase 118 Academy Helm/Comm/Ops Officer
  Ensign 238801.17 - 238802.25 USS Ronin Engineering Officer
  Ensign 238802.26 - 238804.28 USS Thunder Acting Chief Engineer
  LieutenantJG 238804.28 - 238808.01 USS Thunder Chief Engineer
  Lieutenant 238808.01 - 238902.11 USS Thunder Chief Engineer
  Lieutenant Commander 238902.11 - 238912.24 USS Thunder Chief Engineer
  Lieutenant Commander 238912.24 - 239007.14 USS Thunder-A Chief Engineer
  Ensign* 239007.14 - Present USS Thunder-A Engineering Officer

*Demotion is for in character story line only.

Favorite Mottos

"Only the bold can walk the path of freedom"

Ensign Jaxon Mc Ghee

Blockbuster Campaigns
Awards & Service Ribbons:

Romulan Conflict
Bajoran Campaign
(Battle for Bajor)
Klingon Incursion
Gateway Bluegill
Invasion 2390

Other Awards &
Service Ribbons:

Joint Meritorious Unit 2390
Purple Heart 2390
First Contact Ribbon 2390
Explorer’s Ribbon 2390
Innovation Ribbon 2389
Good Conduct 2389
Distinguished Service 2389
Joint Meritorious Unit 2388
Purple Heart 2388

The Sheathed Sword 2390
Scotty Cross 2389
The Russ Bar 2388

3-year Member

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2011 Awards

Award Name Mission
  Bajoran Campaign Battle for Bajor
  Good Conduct Laudean Prime Minister Election
  The Russ Bar N/A

2012 Awards

Award Name Mission
  The Distinguished Service Ribbon -
  Purple Heart 238911.04


USS Ronin Missions

USS Thunder

  • Rapture

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