Jasmine Devar (mirror)

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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg


  • Full Name: Jasmine Devar, also known as Adara Devar or Adara Lor Gulok
  • Species: Terran/Betazoid
  • Birthdate: 237812.27
  • Birthplace: Turnok Mining Facility, Mirror Universe


  • Hair: Long, curly, sandy blonde
  • Eyes: Hazel



She was born in Turnok's Mining Facility in a prison cell, which was operated by the Mirror Alliance. The facility held her mother prisoner. Her father was a Terran Resistance Member disguised as a Klingon hybrid. Her birth ignited chaos, confirming suspicions of her father's duplicity.

She was separated from her birth mother by the Overseer after she was born. The separation was the Overseer's way of punishing her father, a once trusted right-hand man, for his deception. When her father came looking for her as a baby, she was picked up by her aunt, Alliance Member and Agent of the Obisidian Order Alana Lor Gulok, who raised her as her own. The outcome of that mining facility is yet to be revealed.

Alana Lor Gulok is the only mother figure she's ever known. Jasmine has grown up trying to mirror her image. The young girl was trained by Lor Gulok and helped her aunt-turned-mother in taking over the Houses of Betazed and forming the House of Houses. Jasmine was renamed Adara, meaning "Young Golden Fire" in Betazed, and became the young mistress of the Houses.

In 238509.29, Jasmine's world was turned upside down when she was removed from the only home and mother she ever knew, by her true mother, Arista Devar. She was taken back to the USS Eagle, throwing fits of rage. Other than her emotional distress, Jasmine was found and "rescued" in complete health. She does not accept Arista as her mother even though they have a striking resemblance.

She was close to her father and was devastated when he passed away.