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|Department Chief Ribbon|1
|Department Chief Ribbon|1
|Silver Star|1
|Silver Star|1
|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|1
|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|2
|Explorer's Ribbon|2
|Explorer's Ribbon|3
|Legacy Ribbon|1
|Legacy Ribbon|1
|First Contact Ribbon|1
|First Contact Ribbon|1
|Good Conduct Ribbon|1
|Good Conduct Ribbon|1
|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|1
|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|1
|Captain's Commendation|1
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Awards
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Awards

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Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating - Carl von Clausewitz
Crew of the USS Columbia

Jarred Thoran 5.png

Commander Jarred Thoran

Commander Jarred Thoran is currently serving as the Executive Officer aboard the USS Columbia.

Personal Profile


  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Build: Athletic and lean
  • Complexion: Fair skinned
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Style: Medium length, often kept in a messy style
  • Voice: Refined & cultured with a slightly deep pitch
  • Off-Duty Clothing: Slim fitting trousers & shirt
  • Distinguishing Features: Slightly bulbous nose


  • Personality Traits
    • Loyal
    • Honest
    • Quiet
  • Hobbies
    • Endurance Running
    • Tae Kwon Do
    • Earth History
  • Likes
    • Martial Arts
    • Classical Music
    • Earth Military History
  • Dislikes
    • Felines
    • Tardiness
    • Loud people
  • Strengths
    • Analytical
    • Methodical
    • Self Control
  • Weaknesses
    • Trust issues
    • Lack of empathy
    • Self Confidence


Early Life

Most children on Alpha Centauri III are born at the Lady of Significant Mercy Hospital in New Samarkand and Jarred Thoran was no different. The son of Walter and Bethany and younger brother to Oscar, Jarred had a relatively unremarkable early life. A few months after Jarred was born, one of his mother’s friends gave birth to a boy, Will, who over time would become Jarred’s closest friend. A few years later, Jarred became an older brother, his mother had given birth to a girl, Fern.

As Jarred’s parents were both professionals, this meant Jarred and Fern spent a lot of their early life being looked after by Will’s mother, leading the three to become very close friends, almost inseparable.

Jarred’s father was history professor at the local university, meaning the Thoran household was filled with books, as well as artefacts and antiques. When not out causing mischief with his friends, Jarred would sneak into his father’s study and spend hours looking at all the fascinating objects from bygone eras. Often Oscar would catch him, and depending on what mood he was in, either regale Jarred with tales of the objects' fantastical histories, or try to get Jarred in trouble with his father.

Model of HMS Victory.

Thankfully Jarred's father was not one to chastise the children, but would instead indulge Jarred, giving him the real tale behind the objects. There was one item in particular that Jarred was captivated by, a hand crafted model of HMS Victory, a sailing vessel from Earth's history. It was this object that started Jarred’s love of military history and warfare, particularly old Earth naval history. Once a month his father would take Jarred and his brother to a holosuite where they would take it in turns to recreate historical scenes, with Jarred always choosing to play out scenes from great historical battles, almost exclusively from the massive sailing ships of 18th and 19th century Earth.

These experiences, along with his father’s guidance, meant Jarred excelled at history at school, always earning top marks for any history related project.

At the age of seven, Jarred and Will were enrolled in a Tae Kwon Do class at a local gymnasium. While the two may have been the closest of friends outside of the class, when they sparred together most would have thought they were bitter enemies, never giving an inch. They rose through the ranks together, until they were eventually awarded their black belts. This was one of Jarred’s greatest and proudest moments.

Jarred's suit and black belt.

During his teen years, Fern admitted to Jarred that she had feelings for Will, but did not know what to do. Jarred couldn’t help but smile, for a few days before, Will had told him the same thing. The two eventually started seeing each other.

Jarred only had one problem in his life, his older brother Oscar. It wasn’t that Jarred disliked him, it was just everything Jarred did, his brother did better. They both loved history, but Oscar seemed to excel it, as if he had a special gift. This was especially noticeable when it came to their father. Whilst his father had always encouraged Jarred’s love of history, he had taken it to another level with his brother. Oscar was almost inseparable from their father, which did cause feelings of jealousy from Jarred, feelings which he hated.

When it came time to choose subjects for college, Jarred didn’t have to think very hard about what to study. He was top for History, consistently gaining top marks, and even helping tutor others from his class. During his final year, Jarred entered a system-wide project, to write an essay on what the student perceived to be the most important historical event in the system's history. Jarred poured his heart and soul into the essay, spending many hours writing and re-writing. Despite all the hard work, Jarred came second; however his essay had caught the attention of University of Alpha Centauri’s Dean, who invited Jarred for an interview. During the interview, the Dean quizzed Jarred over his knowledge of history and was so impressed with him, he offered him a scholarship to study with them.

Jarred had never been more proud in his life, not even gaining his black belt had made him this proud. While Jarred’s parents had been pleased with his scholarship, he did not receive the same praise and acknowledgement that his brother had, when he had received his.

The sword Jarred's father presented on his last day.

It was because of this experience that Jarred decided to do something different with his life. He had always had a fascination with military history, as well as naval warfare. After rejecting the scholarship, Jarred decided he would join Starfleet. At first his parents were shocked, and his mother upset, but after talking it through with them, including a visit from a Recruitment Officer, Jarred’s parents came around to the idea and fully supported his decision. As a parting gift and a demonstration that there were no hard feelings, on his last day his father handed him his very own nineteenth century naval officers uniform, along with a decorative officer's sword from the same period.

Starfleet Academy

Upon acceptance to the academy, Jarred was assigned to study at the main facility on Earth. Based on his love of history and study of warfare Jarred chose to major in Tactical with a minor in Security. He also took a few courses in history, piloting and astrophysics. Life at the academy was very hectic for Jarred and it was a big adjustment from his previous life. Thankfully he had the support of a fantastic training team who helped him through it all. Although not being the brightest or most gifted student in his class, through his hard work Jarred finished in the top ten percent overall, as well as being the top cadet in his history classes.

Despite the busy schedule, cadets were encouraged to partake in extra curricular activities. These included Wargames Committee, Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Upon graduation from Stafleet Academy, Jarred was assigned to the USS Blackwell, part of the Andaris Task Force.


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Personal Relationships

Thoran - Father, 52
Jarred Thoran Father.jpg

Jarred's father is a quiet, scholarly man who has a love of history. He encouraged the Jarred's fascination with history, but never to the point of being pushy. Some of Jarred's fondest memories had been those with his father, either on days out or sitting in the study as he told stories. The two remain quite close, despite Jarred deciding on a career in Starfleet. He is currently a lecturer within the History Department at the University of Alpha Centauri, Alpha Centauri III.

Thoran - Mother, 48
Beth Thoran.jpg

Jarred's mother is a very professional, driven woman and also kind and compassionate. Due to her long work hours, she was not around much during Jarred's childhood. When she was not working was ever the doting mother, relishing the time she had with the children. Jarred and his mother were never particularly close, always favouring his father. She is currently a doctor based at the Our Lady of Significant Mercy Hospital, Alpha Centauri III.

Thoran - Brother, 29
Oscar Thoran.jpg

Jarred and Oscar have always had a rivalry. The two were always vying for their father's attention, as they both were fascinated with history. It always seemed that whatever Jarred did, Oscar did it better. Over the years, they have gotten closer, but there still reminds a friendly rivalry. Oscar followed their father into studying history, and so far has gained a Bachelors and Masters in the subject. Oscar is studying for his PhD in Anthropology & Archaeology at the University of Alpha Centauri, Alpha Centauri III.

Thoran - Sister, 23
Fern Thoran.jpg

A few years after Jarred was born, there was a new addition to the Thoran household. His mother gave birth to a girl, Fern. Whilst Jarred and Oscar did not always get along, with Fern it was a different story. Jarred was ever the doting older brother and the two were as close as siblings could be, almost inseparable. Fern decided to follow her mother into medicine and at present is finishing her Medical Degree at Lady of Significant Mercy Hospital, Alpha Centauri III. She is currently dating Jarred's friend Will.

Anderson - Best Friend, 25
Will Anderson Jarred.jpg

Will and Jarred were destined to be friends. They were born a few months apart, and Will's father was a colleague of Jarred's mother at the hospital. The two would often play together, and as they got older had very similar interest. During their teen years, Will started dating Jarred's younger sister, a relationship which has continued to this day. Will is currently practicing Medicine at Archer University Hospital, Alpha Centauri III.

Professional Relationships

Emery Rhyn - Mentor
EmeryRhyn Cmdr.png

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy Thoran was posted to the USS Blackwell, part of the Andaris Task Force. At the time Starfleet had a policy of assigning a mentor to new ensigns as a way to help guide them. Despite serving as the CO of the USS Atlantis, Commander Rhyn was assigned to Thoran. The two kept in regular conduct, with Thoran being forever thankful for the advice and guidance Rhyn offered.

Akinor Onali Zaekia - Former Captain, USS Blackwell
Akinor Onali Zaekia.png

Zaekia was Thoran's first CO aboard the USS Blackwell.Shortly after Thoran had been assigned to the Blackwell he was the security detail on an away mission to a Caraadian ship. Almost at the conclusion of the mission, an infected crewman was trying to gain access to the bridge to exact revenge. Zaekia and Thoran went out to meet the crewman and without a plan, the two of them working in sync were able to talk the crewman down.

Brell - Captain, USS Atlantis

Brell was Thoran's first FO aboard the USS Blackwell. The first time Thoran interacted with Brell was when the pair were part of an away team to a Caraadian ship. The two got to know each other over the course of the mission, with Brell showing himself to be a very capable and respectable first officer. Since the conclusion of the mission, the pair have partaken in a boxing training session, with Brell teaching Thoran the basics.

Randal Shayne - 2XO/Operations Manager, USS Blackwell
Shayne, Randal.png

Jarred first met Randal during his first shore leave aboard the USS Blackwell, at the Nova Room on Deep Space 26 where the pair shared a drink. Since that moment they have only grown closer, forming a firm friendship and frequently engage in jestful banter with each other. He counts Randal amongst his closest confidants and although he may never say it to his face, Jarred knows he wouldn't have gotten to where he is today without Randal's friendship.

Anath G'Renn - Chief Medical Officer, USS Blackwell

After a particularly difficult mission the crew of the USS Blackwell took their shore leave upon the Caraadian capital of Oscion. During a reflective walk through the gardens he happened upon a rather flustered Anath. The pair got chatting and with much patience she showed him how to meditate. Anath has always seemed to be around whenever Jarred needed a friend and considers her one of his closest friends.

Career History

Full Article: Timeline
AcademyLogo2390.png Starfleet Command.png Starfleet Medical.png
Starfleet Academy Records Starfleet Records Starfleet Medical History

Service Record

Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 gold.png
Cadet 4th Class 239009.01 - 239107.29 Starfleet Academy Cadet
DS9style-cadet2 gold.png
Cadet 3rd Class 239109.01 - 239207.28
DS9style-cadet3 gold.png
Cadet 2nd Class 239209.01 - 239307.27
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png
Cadet 1st Class 239309.01 - 239405.07
DS9style-ens gold.png
Ensign 239405.08 - 239407.13 USS Blackwell Security/Tactical Officer
DS9style-ltjg gold.png
Lieutenant JG 239407.13 - 239408.31
DS9style-lt gold.png
Lieutenant 239408.31 - 239410.11 USS Blackwell Acting Chief of Security and Tactical
DS9style-lt gold.png
239410.11 - 239410.17 Acting Chief of Security
DS9style-lt gold.png
239410.17 - 239502.14 Chief of Security
DS9style-ltcmdr gold.png
Lieutenant Commander 239502.14 - 239506.12 USS Blackwell Chief of Security
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png
Lieutenant Commander 239506.12 - 239509.10 USS Blackwell Executive Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png
Lieutenant Commander 239509.10 - 239601.03 USS Columbia Executive Officer
DS9style-cmdr red.png
Commander 239601.03 - Present USS Columbia Executive Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg
Neelix Award 239406.19
USS Blackwell
A general award given to those who demonstrate extra, out of character, simming devotion.
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement 239506.28
USS Blackwell
The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class. This award is given to members who show great dedication in their behavior and simming abilities. A candidate for TOSMA regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development. They also take the time to edit and proofread their sims to ensure quality in their writing.
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword 239506.28
USS Blackwell
Presented to those to decide to inflict mental and/or physical trauma on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner. The name comes from a line in a Robert Jordan book where a warrior must be prepared to 'sheath the sword' in his own body, i.e. take a grievous wound to achieve one's goal (in this case, more realistic simming) as opposed to an actual goal of the character.
Awards The Khan Award.png
Khan Award 239506.28
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a simmer who thoughtfully develops a three-dimensional villain over the course of a mission or more.
Awards Special Locutus.jpg
Locutus Award 239506.29
USS Blackwell
For members of the Publicity Team who go above-and-beyond their monthly requirements for participation on a regular basis. These team members show enthusiasm and flair for spreading the word about or role-playing community and take an active interest in finding new ways to invite people to join our ranks.
Awards Special Boothby 2011.jpg
Boothby Award 239506.29
USS Blackwell
For trainers who go above and beyond their Academy Training Requirements. These trainers display an outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community.
Awards General 1Year.jpg
1-year Member 239506.29
USS Blackwell
For those who have been members continuously for one year.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239405.07
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239407.16
USS Blackwell
Awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239408.28
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a person who distinguishes themselves by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239412.06
USS Blackwell
Awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239505.20
USS Blackwell
Awarded to anyone who sustains injury in the line of duty.
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Department Chief Ribbon 239505.21
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a person who has held the title of department chief for no less than 6 months.
Awards ServiceRibbons SilverStar 2011.jpg
Silver Star 239505.21
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a person who is cited for gallantry in action against an enemy of the Federation.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239509.03
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239601.03
USS Columbia
Awarded to a person who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 239601.03
USS Columbia
Awarded to an individual who has served during the reactivation and assignment of an existing vessel or installation to a new mission.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239602.28
USS Columbia
Awarded to a person who distinguishes themselves by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239602.28
USS Columbia
Awarded to a person who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239602.28
USS Columbia
Awarded to an individual who participates in a successful first contact event.
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239602.28
USS Columbia
Awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239602.28
USS Columbia
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against pirates of any faction.
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239605.30
USS Blackwell
Awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239605.30
USS Columbia
Awarded to a person who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239605.30
USS Columbia
Awarded to a person for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer.
For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons



Notable Sims

All Jarred's sims: SIM Archive.
  • The New Arrival - 239405.10 - Jarred reports for his first duty assignment since graduating from the academy.
  • The Negotiator - 239406.09 - Using all his diplomacy skills, Jarred tries to talk down a hostile Caraadian who is infected with a plague

A complete archive of all sims can be found here Sims Archive.

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