Jarbaron Library

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The Jarbaron Library is a city-sized facility, located on Prelion in the Par'tha Expanse, which is a central repository for the collected scientific, historical, and cultural information from each planet, species, and society of the Par'tha Expanse region, both existing and extinct. The data kept here goes back for tens of thousands of years.

The facility is entirely enclosed, multiple storeys tall, and contains its own transportation systems for its patrons' convenience, including moving sidewalks, elevators, escalators, stairs, and even a monorail. The staff members are almost all Prelian, and their numbers vary over time depending on the librarians, researchers and other personnel, but is normally in the hundreds of thousands, approaching a million.

The amount of information accessible in the Library rivals that of Memory Alpha in Federation space. With the arrival of Starfleet personnel in the Expanse, more data is being transferred to the Library from Federation databanks.