Janus Kell

Ensign Janus Kell is currently serving as a security officer aboard the USS Darwin-A.

USS Darwin-A
Janus Kell
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
DOB 237101.31
Age 30
Birthplace Betazed


  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: (Add your stats after each bullet point)
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Build:


  • Parents:
  • Father: Darus Kell
  • Mother: Rachielle Kell
  • Siblings:
  • Brother: Garian Kell (born 236812.29)
  • Sister: Rolandra Kell (twin, born 237101.31)


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Being born into the seventh house of Betazed gave Janus an immediate start on a path towards a military career. His father had been injured in the war with the Dominion though not fatally so and as a result had drilled into his children from an early age military discipline and preparedness, focusing heavily on personal defence, martial arts and combat technique.

During childhood Janus was very close to both his siblings but especially so his twin sister whom he shared a special empathic bond with. It was during his childhood and adolescent years that Janus came to appreciate the need to unwind and relax when possible. His father was so keen to ensure they were appropriately trained that personal “fun” time was sparse and so the 3 siblings learned to make the most of it when it came along.

Upon completion of college Janus’ brother was accepted into and began training with the Peacekeepers, whereas Janus and his sister, a few years later, transferred into Starfleet, Janus focusing on Security and personal combat and his sister on Tactical and space combat. Though their assignments keep them apart they remain close and sometimes, despite the often vast distance of space between them, they find comfort in the telepathic bond they share.

Janus developed a bit of a reputation at the Academy as a ladies man, sharing the Betazoid tendency towards a lack of embarrassment or anxiety in social situations and combined with his good looks and his ability to get an empathic read on a potential partner meant that his bed was rarely empty.

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Ensign 239401.04 - present USS Darwin-A Security officer

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