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Early Life

Jansen Orrey was born on Starbase 10 to Captain Jackson Orrey and Miriam Orrey(nee: Story). His mother died in childbirth however it had little bearing on his early life. His father took steps early on to insure that Jansen had a surrounding of people that not only instilled Starfleet ideals in him from an early age, but also an understanding of how different peoples and cultures could interact. The most obvious example of this was how a Romulan woman named Merkal became something of a surrogate mother figure to Jansen when she was working with the crew of the Ares as a liaison between SFI(which Jackson served in for most of his career) and certain members of the Romulan Senate.

On Stardate 237706.20 the USS Ares NCC-9766 was attacked and destroyed by unknown forces while patrolling the Federation-Romulan border. A recovery effort was launched as soon as we became aware of the situation, and a total of seventeen escape pods were found out of the total complement. Seven seemed to suffer critical failure at launch, the engineering report is still pending as to why their systems failed to sustain their passengers. Two collided and their structural integrity was compromised. Seven more were found adrift along the route from the Starbase to the incident site. They had all suffered weapons fire that the preliminary report stated to be disruptor fire. One pod reached sensor range of the station and prompted the recovery and rescue efforts. On board was the eighteen year old son of Captain Orrey, Jansen Orrey. There was also a deceased girl in the pod the identity of which is confirmed as Sara Saeras, daughter of the Chief Engineer, Mikhail Saeras. Doctor Ritellian took command of the situation when we were unable to get him away from her body or out of the pod. Once his report is filed it will be attached. We recovered the computer core and all bodies possible on the first sweep of the area that we could without violating the Neutral Zone. However once we returned to base and attempted to read the core for any salvageable data to help in our investigation, Starfleet Intelligence appeared and immediately laid claim to it in regard to Captain Orrey's previous work with them. They promised a full report by the end of the week...

Excerpt from The Ares Report

Recovery and Medical School

Following rescue of the few survivors of the Ares Incident Jansen’s recovery was slowed by his own absolute refusal to allow more than basic services, which left him in a wheelchair for some time. It also resulted in muscle damage that created a weakness that left him with a slight limp after prolonged periods of walking.

During his recovery Jansen was plagued with a weighty sense of failure and nightmares regarding the death of Sara Saeras. Eventually this led him to wanting to pursue a career in medicine as a way to not only help others but hopefully at some point prevent the same events from occurring again.


Having greatly enjoyed his time at medical school, it nonetheless did not deter him from following the career path he had laid out for himself at a much younger age and applied to join Starfleet Academy.

Upon acceptance to the academy Jansen spent time considering his options before finally settling on a major in Science(specializing in Chemistry) also minoring in Com/Ops functions. When his thesis on the uses of Nanotechnology by the Borg for the betterment of the Federation received a censure he decided to take his last few classes as distance learning courses and transferred to the Academy outpost on Starbase 118.


As his final act as a cadet Jansen participated in a holodeck mission aboard the Nova class USS Centris-A. The mission that befell the Centris that day was an encounter with several Gorn ships as well as an exploration of a surface compound with him serving as a Science officer.

Starbase 118

Jansen joined the crew of Starbase 118 as a science officer. However that did not last long as he came into conflict with a returning officer Pedro Ramirez. The two became dueling Chief Science Officers sharing the run of the department until he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and moved over to medical and named as the Acting Chief Medical Officer after the departure of his dear friend Julia Harden.


Joining the crew as they retreated from the mission on SQ313 Jansen was thrown into the sickbay to try and help with the injuries sustained.

While on the way back to the Starbase, Captain Rocar Drawoh took several of the new crew members on a small mission in a runabout. This mission resulted in the small crew being near a binary star. While the mission went well, a strange moment occurred that proceeded to have a lasting impact on Jansen’s life. The Barycenter of the binary star released a tachyon wave that harmlessly passed through the runabout. No one seemed affected minus the science officer who fainted immediately and remained nauseous the rest of the trip.

Strange New Lifeforms

Jansen struck a deal with Kennedy Wysteria to use her services to throw a small party and a talent show for the crew of the station in order to better help the crew come together(The first and last time Jansen planned a crew wide function given the outcome.)

The talent show at the “Event Horizon” went well, including a small ceremony of promotions and new crew introductions. Here is where Jansen first became acquainted with one of his oldest friends Quinn Reynolds.

As the show drew to a close however power across the station failed and gravity began to climb the as the station’s exterior communications array went down due to a titanium based life form. Jansen found himself unable to rejoin the crew and spent the time in The Dungeon of the Commercial Sector.

Operatic Outbreak

Coping with the increasingly erratic changes to his body from the results of the tachyon wave Jansen continued to spend growing amounts of time in the medical area undergoing testing. His commitment to continuing to work though was rewarded as he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and give the position of Chief Medical Officer.

The crew was informed about a viral pandemic was spreading through Klingon colonies in the Serellen sector. A Klingon operatic troupe was also making it’s way to the station. Jansen was assigned to work with Quinn Reynolds and Pedro Ramirez on a black operation. Due to an unforeseeable flare up of his condition however Jansen was unable to attend at the last minute, causing both Quinn and Pedro to be captured and arrested by Klingon authorities. The failure of duty weighed heavily on Jansen, and even worse so years later when he learned about a fraction of the suffering that Quinn went through there.

Starfleet Medical

On Earth Jansen was subjected to a myriad of tests both at Starfleet Medical and Science command. The first flash flare of symptoms that had occurred rapidly on Starbase 118 had seemingly been a rapid onset.

USS Constitution B

Once he was cleared for active duty, Jansen was assigned to the USS Constitution-B. A happy joy being on such a large ship with a hive of activity like the Galaxy class. However he was not able to have a very long tenure to enjoy it despite being reunited with several of his friends from the Starbase in Tash Zubowskivich and Julia Harden. He also took an opportunity presented to him to serve as the Helm officer of the ship for a short time before his health declined again.

Medical Sabbatical

Confronted with the inability to do his duty to Starfleet, Jansen struggled even further with his mounting illness. He took a medical sabbatical to try and find some way to deal with what was happening inside his body and mind.


With his time on Vulcan Jansen took work as a civilian doctor and studied during his free time all the information he could on the teachings of Surak and how to use logic.This was a failed attempt at suppressing the chaotic swirl of emotions and thoughts brought on by his rapidly increasing metabolic state and the rapidly dividing cellular structure.


After the failure of suppressing the growing storm inside his body and mind through contemplative meditation Jansen took a chance to explore an opposite approach to life, at least in his mind. So he headed to Andoria with the same outward reasoning of a civilian doctor while immersing himself in the culture as much as possible.

Somewhere between the two trips, Jansen found a balance and calm inside him that he had been missing. The quiet calm he held firmly to as he returned to life in the fleet and continued to strengthen his mental resolve.

USS Vigilant

Jansen used the time on the vastly different planets to recenter and find a balance he had been missing for sometime. The sense of balance had not only allowed him some control over his medically unstable nature but served him well as he joined the ship as a counselor following the Bluegill troubles the Vigilant helped deal with on Duronis II.


USS Darwin-A

Following the Ravensville incident Jansen joined some of the crew of the Ares for the launch of the USS Darwin where he continued as counselor.


Starbase 10

Jansen could not keep the situation on Talvath off his mind. Tying back to his youth with such a entwined history with Romulans Jansen departed the Darwin and made his way back to his one time home of Starbase 10 where he began to work towards helping with the relief efforts for both the Romulan Star Empire and the new Romulan Republic.

USS Gorkon

The time on the Gorkon was both the most chaotic and exciting of his career up to that point.

A Sinking Ship

Counselor Orrey worked with the team led by Captain Quinn Reynolds. When they finally encounted the deranged crew of the USS Tharsis, Jansen attempted to defuse the situation by talking. However as that didn’t quite go that way everything dissolved into a brawling fight which resulted in Jansen getting cut across the chest and stomach by Walter Brunsig and wrestling a similarly crazed Vulcan off from strangling the captain.


The crew of the Gorkon was treated to a ceremony on the holodeck to celebrate the success of the mission on the Tharsis inside a recreation of an Victorian mansion from Earth’s history. Once some of the crew were awarded ribbons, including Jansen’s Diplomacy ribbon and his Purple Heart, Jansen wanted to withdraw from the party and decided to take in the library.

Later once he and Lael had rejoined the Captain in the garden maze they encountered a wounded Walter Brunsig having been shot by an era specific firearm. Given the limited technology they had at the time, a result of being locked in the holodeck, Jansen managed to stop the wound bleeding and then cauterized the wound until they could get somewhere else.


USS Veritas

With his health firmly in place, Jansen returned to the fleet and found himself posted to the USS Veritas and surrounded by several old friends and fast making new ones, in the newest form of his Starfleet family.


Joining the crew of the Veritas, Jansen joined the crew on the bridge during the destruction of the Aretmis. Returning to his once held position of the Helm piloting the Veritas, hauling Tholian ships with them warping them away from the shockwave. Once the Tholians had departed he also piloted the ship to recover Tasnim Shandres, and Geoffrey Teller.


Jansen was spending time with his friend Raissa Moonsong when the call to abandon the Veritas came. The pair made their way to

Jansen's violin given to him on Vulcan

an escape pod that also held Tasnim Shandres, Dante Vanlith, and Aramantha Payne. Once the pod was away it experienced the same equipment failure that the rest of the sabotaged pods did falling roughly, but safely to the moon that would be dubbed Limbo.

On planetfall Raissa went into labor and Jansen delivered Natalia Moonsong.

Natalia Moonsong born on the moon Limbo

The quintet spent some time on the shore where they landed, Jansen's time at home in the bayous of Louisiana had helped provide some of the skills that proved useful including fishing that he shared with Tasnim. After some time the group found their way to the rest of the crew where Jansen took up not only his position of Counselor, but also organizing the Mess tent.


As a portion of the group departed to hopefully find other survivors Jansen added the medical tent to his responsibilities in the New Risa Resort and Spa camp. During the build up to their return to the ship, Jansen took over the majority of the daily operations of the camp while the smaller teams focused on more specialized teams.


Enjoying his time back on Earth with his family, the main enjoyment of his shoreleave was a dinner party Jansen held with Raissa and Natalia Moonsong, Wil Ukinix, as well as G'var at his home. He also spent time in Minnesota with the Moonsong family, but was more than ready to return to duty with the rest of the Veritas crew in space, where he felt he belonged.