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* '''Current Rank''': [[Starfleet Rank Index: Officer|Lieutenant]]
* '''Current Rank''': [[Starfleet Rank Index: Officer|Lieutenant]]
* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Darwin-A]]  
* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Darwin-A]]  
* '''Duty Post''': [[Counselor (Duty Post)|Counselor]]
* '''Former Assignment''': [[USS Constitution-B]] [[Starbase 118]] [[USS Vigilant]]
* '''Former Duty Post''': [[USS Constitution-B]] [[Starbase 118]] [[USS Vigilant]]
* '''Duty Post''': [[Science (Duty Post)|Assistant Chief Science Officer]]
===Awards & Commendations===
===Awards & Commendations===

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Crew of the USS Veritas


Lieutenant Jansen Orrey

Lieutenant Jansen Orrey, MD is serving as a Counsellor on board the USS Darwin-A.


  • Full Name: Jansen Orrey
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: September 16, 2359 ((235909.16))
  • Place of Birth: Starbase 10
  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0 See Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 6ft.
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Hair Color: Currently White
  • Length of Hair: Short to his head
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Tan
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications/Scars: Has a tattoo of a pair of angel wings that covers the majority of his back. There is also extensive scarring from his left hip, starting at the belt line and extending down to his knee.
  • Build: Tall, with a slight big of extra weight.
  • Face: Round
  • Eyes: Medium set eyes, colors have been known to change with moods occasionally. ((have gotten a slight red tint in extreme anger, etc.))
  • Mouth: Clean shaven.
  • Carriage: Some say he moves slowly, however he moves with measured movements. There is no wasted energy to the things he does.
  • Poses: When sitting, tends to temple his fingers in front of his face as he thinks.
  • Voice: A deep resonating tone.
  • Handedness: Left
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Jansen prefers a semi-formal style to his off duty wardrobe and can usually be found in a vest of some sort.


  • Quarters: Keeps a model of the USS Ares displayed proudly in a case with a folded Federation flag. Also has a Bat'leth he displays, and is able to use, that used to belong to his father. The neatly kept room displays also displays things from his mothers heritage as well
  • Favorite Room: Holodeck,
  • Mannerisms: Can from time to time be caught talking to himself.
  • Physical Limitations: Left knee begins to get stiff and lock up after a certain amount of time, however it does not hinder his abillity to do his job.
  • Temperment: Easy going, relaxed. Will protect friends and crewmates above and beyond call of duty.
  • Habits: Carries two PADDs with him at all times that he reads from occasionally.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Has a diverse belief system, and is interested in others beliefs as well.


  • Under Construction

Areas of study

During his time at the academy beyond taking the medical certification Jansen took his major in Chemistry. This allowed him to take the specialization courses in Mircobiology, and Nanotechnology. He was almost removed from the academy, and was placed on supervision following theories he put forth in a paper on Nanotech and its possible uses in Starfleet.


  • Romulan History and starship tactics.
  • Bat'leth combat
  • Has a blue sash in the Shen Lung style of Kung Fu
  • Writing holonovels
  • Plays violin
    Jansen's violin given to him on Vulcan
  • Has at some point in his past gained an understanding of the Klingon Language as well as the Romulan Empire's Language.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes
    • Holoprogramming
    • His job
    • Open minded people((especially in the science and tactical fields.))
    • Faith practices of various cultures.
  • Dislikes
    • Things he can't figure out.
    • Knowing that he is not alone, but having problems reaching out to people anyway.
    • Closed minded individuals

Ambitions and Goals

Is looking forward to one day following in his father's footsteps as a captain, but for now enjoys taking care of people as a doctor and advancing his knowledge as a scientist.

Service Ribbons and Posting History


With a large extended family Jansen was the only child of Captain Jackson Orrey and Miriam Orrey(née: Story). His mother, who died in labor, was a teacher on Starbase 10. Spending his time with his father on the USS Ares, a Constellation Class starship, he grew up surrounded by the wonders of Starfleet.


Father: Captain Jackson Orrey(deceased). Captain of the USS Ares, a Constellation Class starship that was decommissioned after an attack was made on the ship, near the Romulan Star Empire - Federation boarder.

Mother: Miriam Orrey (née Story)(Deceased). School teacher who enstilled in her son her love of writing holonovels.

Personal History

  • Under construction


  1. 235909.16: Birth/Mother dies in labor.
  2. 236401.22: Meets Sasha Saeras for first time.
  3. 236910.06: Creates first holostory.
  4. 237703.25: Completes Secondary School.
  5. 237706.20: USS Ares is decomissioned.
  6. 237708.09: Begins medical school.
  7. 238108.09: Completes medical school.
  8. 238101.05: Accepted to Starfleet Academy.
  9. 238407.14: Receives a censor on his thesis in Nanotechnology and is almost removed from the academy. Remains on probation for six months, and is watched by instructors until he reaches StarBase 118 to finish his Academy training.
  10. 238506.07: Completes Starfleet Academy and is assigned as Science officer to StarBase 118
  11. 238511: Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g) and becomes Chief Medical Officer to Starbase 118
  12. 238601: Forced to resign his commission and returns to Starfleet Medical on Earth due to medical reasons.
  13. 238605.20: Returns from an extended trip to Earth being reassigned to the USS Constitution-B as a Medical officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  14. 238709.02: Takes the position as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Constitution-B
  15. 238709.27: Is forced to resign his commission again due to his illness, this time heading to Vulcan to try and discover some balance.
  16. 238911.25: Leaves Vulcan and arrives on Andoria.
  17. 239009.16: Returns once more to Starfleet determined to fulfill his commission and responsibilities. Is assigned to the USS Vigilant as Counselor.
  18. 239011.26: Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.)
  19. 239012.28: promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Darwin-A. As a result of the "Ravensville" incident Jansen, and the whole crew of the Vigilant is awarded the P.O.W service medal.

Professional History

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Date Award


Name Date



Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg

Prisoner of War Ribbon 239012.28

StarFleet Assessments and Records

Working Areas & Living Quarters

  • Under Construction

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