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Jalana Rajel

Jalana Rajel is the Commanding Officer on the USS Constitution-B. She is a joined Trill and prefers to be addressed as Jalana, as she herself prefers non formality over formalities. She is the seventh host of the Rajel symbiont.

USS Constitution
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Jalana Rajel
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Fleet Captain
Species Trill (Joined)
Gender Female
DOB 2359
Age 37
Birthplace Trill, Mak'ala
Writer ID A238906JL0

Serial Number TR-896-431

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Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
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James T. Kirk Cross
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Christopher Pike Pendant

Service Ribbons
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Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Klingon Invasion Ribbon
Prisoner of War Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Purple Heart
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
Explorer's Ribbon
Gateway Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Department Chief Ribbon
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
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  • Birth name Name: Jalana Laxyn
  • Joined: 2392
  • Telepathic status: none
  • ID Number: TR-896-431


  • Height: 1.65m (about 5'5)
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Emerald Green


  • Mother: Caline Laxyn, Botanist/Gardener
  • Father: Vivan Laxyn, Ambassador
  • Brother: Prax Laxyn, Student of Architecture
  • Marital Status: In Relationship with Jerome Milsap

  Vivan Laxyn
Vivan Laxyn is a Trill Ambassador. When Jalana was young, he already started to prepare her to follow his footsteps, trained her and took her with him to Banquets to make the transition easy for her. He is unhappy about her decision to become a Doctor and does not support her. The relationship was tense and since she left Trill they have not spoken with each other. In 2393 Vivan suffered from a severe heart attack, which led to Jalana visiting Trill to take care of him. In that time they had time to speak and while it will take a while to heal that relationship, they are back to speaking terms and work on their connection together.
  Caline Laxyn
Caline Laxyn is an easy going Botanist, who thinks that hapiness in life is to live one's dream or at least follow it. Therefore she is supportive of her children, whatever they wish to pursue as long as it makes them happy. She is the voice of reason in the Laxyn Household, but also can have quite a temper if nobody seems to listen to her. In case of the relationship between her husband and Jalana she does not have much success with the reasoning part though.
  Prax Laxyn
Prax is a lot younger than Jalana and has not shown any interest in Diplomacy ever, so Vivan did not even try to push him into that direction. The age difference between Prax and Jalana has not aways made things easy, but they love each other. He follows his dream of studying Architecture.
  Viktor Lanius
It all had started as a simple 'Bring her to the Bridge', but as things go, that was not the end. During an R&R evening on the Holodeck that brought the crew into an old fashioned Casino Viktor was willing to teach her Poker and she had enjoyed the time at his side. But it took another R&R at the beach of Shinraka, that he asked her out. While spending time with him in a holo-version of his home on earth he confessed that he liked her and she returned these feelings. After Jalana fought with a small fit of jealousy, when she met one of Viktor's old flames on SB 118, Viktor confessed his love to her; feelings she undeniably returned. After being held as hostages during shore leave on Izar they spend time wandering through a forest and watching the beauty of a sunrise, as Viktor surprised her with proposing, she happily agreed. During shore leave Viktor and Jalana visited Earth to get to know his parents, but things did not go as wished. Not too long after when Viktor's mother was on her death bed, he left once more without her, but after his return he was not the same as before. About a week later Jalana got the bad news of him being arrested for murder. Upon trying to contact him, he refused to talk to her and relayed a message of her being free to live her life... without him.
  Jerome Milsap
In Relationship
It started with a breakfast as a welcome and has grown into a friendship and later into more than that. It took both over a year to figure out their feelings for each other, but in December 2393 they finally made it official and started dating.
  Cayden Adyr
When Jalana had learned that she will need a mentor to remain in the symbiosis program Viktor Lanius suggested Cayden as logical choice. Jalana did not know any other joined Trill in the vicinity and instead of getting a stranger to her side from the comission she decided to ask Cayden, who agreed to mentor her through her training. Even now after Jalana has been joined she continues her friendship with Cayden.
T'Mar and Jalana had been serving together for a while years ago on the USS Apollo. Shortly before the ship had been destroyed by the Borg, T'Mar was transferred to the USS Gemini as First Officer. Years later while serving on the Apollo-A T'Mar returned into her life and they picked up where they had left off. When Jalana received her own command she didn't hesitate to make T'Mar her first officer.
The first time Jalana met Nugra was, when he had come on board of the USS Apollo, to attend Sundassa Faranster's promotion as her Academy trainer. Jalana had been very curious and had asked him a lot of questions about him, the Gorn and the traditional blade he was carrying with him. Over the time Nugra and Jalana had grown closer and formed a friendship. He is rather protective of her which lead to him storming the Conny when Starfleet Intelligence had detained her and took the ship, to rid the Conny and Jalana of SFI. He also was the one promoting her to Captain and at the same time honoring her with gifting her her very own Vss'Kot blade. Learning of his death has been a tragedy for her.
  Teryn Vehk
Colleague, Childhood Acquaintance
During Jalana's upbringing Jalana has been taken to many diplomatic events by her father. As a child these were boring to her, so she gravitated around other children of the important men and women at these event. Teryn had been one of them, the nephew of Legate Trevok Vehk. They spent quite some time together over the course of childhood and teenage years, with Jalana being about 10 years older than him. They did not quite become friends, because she found his behaviour exhausting, rude and impossible. They met again later when he was transferred to the Constitution as Tactical Officer, much to his dismay.

  Olen Varel *Born in 2032
  • Joined 2055
  • Death: 2013, Age 71
  • Family: Married to Pinar, one daughter: Iren

Olen was a successful and rather popular author before being joined, he wrote a numerous amounts of non fiction novels, philosophical works, poetry and more. After being joined none of his books hit off the ground any more. Because he needed to write to live, he ended up writing fiction novels, that did not have any impact on society like his former books, but were popular enough to earn him a living. The pressure of being the first host for the Rajel symbiont was too much for him to be. In combination with the wish to make an impact and not being able to overcome his block, he slipped into depression. He received an award for his work, but upon realisation that he earned it with his fiction, he was not able to bear the shame and pressure anymore and ended his life.

  Zindara Jerin *Born: 2176
  • Joined: 2203
  • Death: 2233, Age 57

Zindara was an innovative and successful fashion designer. If not working on her designs, she lived rather reclusive and private. There is not much known about her, but that she never married and had no children. The cause of her death is unknown, memories have been blocked by the commission.

  Apria Navile *Born: 2204
  • Joined: 2233
  • Death: 2295, Age 91
  • Family: Married to Saril, 3 adopted children: Gora, Udel, Triina

Apria was born into a military family. Her parents were part of the Trill Private Service, and she followed his footsteps. Through the years she worked her path up to being commandant of her own ship, the Farel. When Trill joined the United Federation of Planets in 2285 the Trill Private service was disbanded. Apria opposed the Federation and refused to join their ranks. She retired and died 10 years later, peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her family.

  Waeyna Zerin *Born: 2295
  • Joined: 2304
  • Death: 2340, Age 45
  • Family: Engaged to Eryl

Waeyna was an engaged Zoologist. She travelled all over Trill to find animals that were not yet discovered, to research and get to know them and their 'essence'. She died doing exactly that, bitten by an unknown insect which lead to an Anaphylaxis.

  Arlen Tenar *Born: 2321
  • Joined 2344
  • Dead: 2387, Age 66
  • Family: Married to Kilan

Arlen was a police officer on Trill in the VPD (Vran's Police Department). He climbed up the ranks up to the Earth equivalent of a Chief. He refused to climb further, as he loved being in the field and did not want to end up behind a desk. He was murdered while doing his duty.

  Suril Wenar *Born: 2354
  • Joined: 2387
  • Death: 2392, Age 38
  • Family: No spouse, 2 children he never met

Suril was an Agricultural engineer, working on ways to improve and optimize cultivating and harvesting crops, innovating new ideas for machinery and tools and so on. He visited many conferences to exchange ideas with engineers of other species. On the way from a conference to another, he died of an accident. Slipping after a shower, he hit his head and broke his neck.

Personal History

Jalana was born into the family of a Diplomat and a Botanist, who always wanted the best for their child. As many other times, when having good intentions, they do not work out as well as thought. Knowing that his position would bring prestige and a good life, Vivan Laxyn started early to do everything that Jalana would one day follow his footsteps. So the girl did not visit schools, but was taught by her father in everything she would have to know for this fate. But Jalana was never really interested in this field of expertise. Already early she wanted to help people in a different way.

It took her quite a bit to finally 'come out' to her parents, letting them know that she wanted to become a Doctor. In contrast to her mother, her father did not like this at all and kicked her out of the house and tried to stop her with his influence, but Jalana stood up against him and followed her dream. After graduation from school and passing the tests of Medical school she enrolled. She knew during her training that she wanted to do more and applied for Star Fleet Academy, to go there after her medical training would conclude.

She had to do the tests for Academy two times and just a week before she graduated from Medical School she got the message that she was accepted. As soon as she had her graduation letter in her hand she left Trill joining Star Fleet.

While Jalana was at Academy she never did regret that step and enjoyed her training, even though it was harder than she expected. During her fifth year she was surprised by a message from the Symbiosis commission of Trill that she was also accepted for taking tests to become an initiate. Finding out that her parents had send her application she first ignored it but then became curious if she could do it. Surprisingly she passed the tests but did not hear anything from the Commission after that. First she told herself, that they had a lot of applicants so it would take a while, but after some time she forgot about it and went on with her StarFleet Medical Training.

In the year 2389 she finally finished the Academy, and was stationed on the USS Apollo. As of Stardate 239104.30 she has been declared Doctor med. by the Medical Commission.

On Stardate 239108.22 Jalana learned that Viktor Lanius had been arrested by Starfleet. He was charged with several murders and the attack on another person, in that progress he had been removed from Starfleet and is now waiting court martial. Jalana has not taken the news well and was moved from her Chief Medical Officer position down to ACMO for the time being.

Noticing that she had more trouble getting through the situation, she requested to be lowered to Medical Officer to be able to focus on getting better. On SD 239202.01 the request was granted. On the very same day though, she received a call from the Trill Symbiosis commission and was sent to an emergency joining. Since the symbiont would not have survived a longer trip back to the homeworld, she agreed and met the USS Nemia to receive the symbiont. She is the seventh host of the Rajel Symbiont.

On SD 239205.28 she has been promoted to Commander and has received Command over the USS Constitution-B, relayed through Captain Shelther Faranster, which was a big surprise to her. The biggest part of the Apollo crew had been transferred to the Constitution to serve under her in the Talos Sector.

After returning from a time travel mission in 1914, Jalana has been promoted to Captain on SD 239212.31 by Nugra, who came to visit the Constitution. He also honored her by gifting her a Vss'Kot blade, a Gorn dagger, that had an orange gem embedded in to the silver, engraved handle, with the words: "You had once asked me about my Vss'Kot blade and I had explained to you that it is a way that a Captian of a vessel shows their achievements in the service of the leader. I present to you, this hand made Vss'Kot blade, to commemorate your rise to this hallowed position."

Personal Notes

Drinks and Food

This teabox, filled with original Jestral Tea from Betazed, was gifted to Jalana by S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl tr'Khellian when she became CO of the USS Constitution

Jalana is helpless when it comes to cooking. She uses the replicator, because even the easiest meal will either burn or otherwise fail. If using the Replicator she is very eager to experiment and try out new things and does not have any favourite. She still will have to figure out if that changed after her being joined.

Also she has a little problem with alcoholic beverages. Upon trying them she usually starts to cough and hyperventilate, or spits them all over the bar to her own embarrassment. She did not find one yet, that did not cause this effect, although she keeps trying. But usually she just sticks to non alcoholic ones. Her favourite non alcoholic mixed drink is 'Coconut Kiss' a terran drink, but she exchanges the usual cherry juice against Trill Boulan Berry Juice. She learned about this drink during her academy time on Earth, introduced to her by her room-mate so she would not have to stick to water while everyone else had fancy drinks.

Jalana's favourite hot drink is Betazoid Jestral Tea. She learned to enjoy it during the training with her father, to calm her nerves.


Jalana's Quarters

When Jalana is concentrating, she bites her lower lip. Sometimes she slightly sticks out her tongue in the progress, though pulls it back as soon as she realizes that she does it.

She takes a lot of things with a portion of humour. She believes that only because she has a serious profession, she does not have to be just as serious at all times. That also shows during duty. But she knows when to be serious.

Jalana does not like formalities and prefers to be on first name basis with everyone. So it can happen that she does use the first name without asking first and also likes when others stick the 'Ma'am' elsewhere and rank and use her name.


Jalana has learned to play the flute on Trill. The Trillian flute is a long wooden instrument with a small moveable wooden attachment, that allows a broad variety of tunes covering several octaves. It is able to be in harmony with various instrument due to this. Depending on the kind of song it can be simple or rather complicated to play. Of all instruments she had been trying as a child this was the only one she stuck to.

Goals and Ambitions

Because Vivan Laxyn wanted his daughter to follow his footsteps to become a Diplomat and one day Ambassador, he is not very supportive of Jalana's choices. In that dynamic, Jalana has the feeling to proof to her father that she can make it, even without his help.

Apria, one of her former hosts had been a Commanding Officer in the Trill Private Service. The experience of course throws shadows onto the way of her own command in Starfleet. She aims to find her own way, not too much influenced by Apria's CO style.


On duty: While the Uniform is self explanatory, she prefers the skirt style and wears it whenever possible. She combines the knee-long skirt with knee high boots. Now that she is not bound to Sick Bay anymore, she wears hair hair either in an up-do or loose.

Off Duty: Jalana prefers skirts and dresses to pants, but wears them as well. Her favourite colour to wear is a dark green, though she likes to experiment with other colors and if they go with her hair. If not for a special occassion she usually wears rather casual or casual chique. Usually she wears her hair loose off duty.

Events and formal events: She will dress accordingly to events when attending these, even if the attire would not be her taste of make her feel foolish (for example special robes or barely covering attire for special occassions on different worlds).

Classified (( OOC: This information is not known to any character but Jalana, Sundassa Faranster, T'Mar and Jerome Milsap. )) Since the hostage situation on Izar, Jalana suffered from nightmares, that had only intensified with her almost death during the Iconian Gate Mission and later by the events around her ex-fiancé. Due to those she started to self medicate to suppress her REM Sleep (the phase in which we dream). As REM sleep is where she would rest, energize, process the events of the day or problems this did have an impact on her behaviour and personality. Jalana was constantly tired - which she countered again with medication, it was easier to irritate her in contrast to her known chipper personality, she was not as stress resistant as before and in addition had audio hallucinations. Her friend Sundassa found out about her problems and helped her through the progress of living without the drugs. While this has been a while, in Situations of Stress Jalana still shows signs like shaky hands and the loss of focus for a moment. She abstains from medications as much as possible, to not be tempted.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
2379 - 2383 Medical School Trill
Cadet 4th - 1st Class 2383 - 238906.11 Starfleet Academy Medical (including Residency)
Ensign 238906.11-238908.11 USS Apollo Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG 238908.12-238908.20 USS Apollo Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG 238908.21-238912.10 USS Apollo Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 238912.10-239004.14 USS Apollo Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239004.14-239008.24 USS Apollo Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239008.24-239109.18 USS Apollo Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239004.30-239108.07 USS Aegis (Transition-ship of Apollo Crew) Temporary First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239008.24-239109.18 USS Apollo-A Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239102.01-239205.28 USS Apollo-A Medical Officer
Commander 239205.28-239212.31 USS Constitution-B Commanding Officer
Captain 239212.31-239602.21 USS Constitution-B Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain 239602.21-Present USS Constitution-B Commanding Officer
"Slither, Slither in the Night" The USS Apollo, after dispatching a discovered Borg scout ship to a transport tug, resumes her primary mission to explore the Typhon Sector. Her first mission is to locate the missing USS Nelson and find out what happened to her. Soon, the ship was discovered adrift in space. In an effort to complete it's mission, is facing a double edged dilemma. This mission was Jalana's maiden voyage. She did not have any time to get warm with the crew or the medical staff, before she was thrown into a packed Sick Bay. Because the CMO was part of the away Team Jalana had to fight through this on her own and her time in the Emergency Room during her residency helped her to stay calm and shine within the chaos.
"Vantage Point (Summer Blockbuster)" The USS Apollo was recalled to the Trinity Sector as tensions between the Romulans and Klingons got worse. With tensions flaring, and the threat of an assassination attempt on a high level Cardassian diplomat, the crew must endure a race against time to stop it from happening. Meanwhile the USS Victory departed StarBase 118 heading for the Thracian Alliance. Their encounter would require them to enlist help from the Apollo.
Above and Beyond After receiving word from Admiral Luke Reider that someone was securing the elements to synthesize cobalt diselenide, the USS Apollo was dispatched to investigate the situation. A research station on Quatal Minor was hypothesized to be the base of operations for the manufacturing of biogenic weapons. The crew must uncover what is going on within the walls of the research facility and who is behind the procurement of the weapons. While the Away Team checked on the planet, Jalana was invited to stay on the bridge until she was needed in Sick Bay. It was a new experience for her to be in the middle of the happenings and also her first time to 'have' the bridge, when Captain Jaxx used the quiet time to check on things. After the Apollo made out a visiting Cardassian freighter approaching the planet, Jalana also had her first time in leading an Away Team to check on the cargo of this ship. She found this exciting but was needed in Sick Bay before she could finish her work. The away teams came back and had to be cut off the rest of the crew in quarantine because of a possible infection with a modified version of cobalt diselenide. But not only that was a problem, also that Alan William's heart condition had become worse and she had to proceed with a hear surgery right away. Almost had she lost the Science Officer as his heart gave up, but he got through. It had been one of the closest call she had in her career so far.
The Price of Freedom Izar is the home to the Starfleet Tactical School, and the shore leave destination for the crew of the Apollo. After they arrived, the Apollo, with a skeleton crew, was dispatched to the nearest starbase for a quick resupply, leaving the senior staff and many others on the planet to enjoy some time off. Unbeknownst to them, a group of freedom fighters from a nearby system had hatched a plan to bring attention to the plight of their people. After requesting Federation intervention and being denied, the resistance fighters were desperate. One way or another, they would have the attention they needed... A small group of the Galaran Resistance took the group of Senior Officers hostage as they were sitting for dinner in the hotel own restaurant. Jalana faced her very first hostage situation and not only that, more than once she found herself at the wrong side of the rifle, for wanting to do her job. Helping another hostage who suffered from a heart attack and Cmdr. Tel-ar as he is badly wounded brought her into the position to place demands to the hostage takers and grow beyond the typical line of duty.
Gate to the gods Scans of a region show unusual results, that leads to further investigation. The source of these strange readings is an iconion gateway that is found on a planet somewhere in the countryside, though with a post-warp civilization. This gate shows only one image. The other side is a fixed Gateway too. The crew begins to explore the other side. A civilisation that is far back in time without own technology. The strange readings though remain and they find tools of high tech level and are greeted by the inhabitants of the planet as gods. What happened here? Jalana did not enjoy to be seen as a deity, but it has been a special treat for her, to be able to work with the healer of the village. Going back to the roots of medicine. When after three days those appeared who had been showing up at the village as gods for 50 years the plans to rid the Eridean people from the 'False Gods' is in danger. That is also what the false gods notice and they deliberately poison the mayor hoping she will pass the poison on to the starfleet team. She succeeds to a part. Among the affected was Jalana, who had a strange outer body experience while the poison took over her body. Thanks to her friend and former Assistant Sundassa and Captain Jaxx an antidote was found and the crew (all but one) returned to the Apollo.

"Medina Ascending" On their way to Starbase 11 - the Constitution's new home base - the crew receives a distress call from a freighter. Upon arrival they learn from the Captain of the SS Medica Ascending, that they have been attacked, boarded and robbed of their cargo by unknown aliens. During their efforts to help the Conny crew researches the attack to find the culprits. But things don't add up. Can they find out what really happened?
"1914" During routine patrols in the Talos Sector, the Constitution gets shaken through violently as they are pulled into a surprisingly appearing singularity. Upon scans and research they find out that they landed close to Earth, on June 27th 1914. The temporal rift has closed itself and the ship has been damaged during transfer. Will the crew be able to return to their own time?
"Unity" The USS Constitution receives a distress call that is barely audible apart from the words "They are coming". The call is originated in the Bretaka Nebula from the USS Unity, a deep research ship that is well a known part of history for disappearing over 100 years ago. What happened to the ship? Why have they called out now? What are they doing so far from their Mission area? And who are 'they'?
"Cloak and Dagger" After enjoying shore leave at Starbase 11 the Constitution Crew leaves for a routine supply run. Before they are under way, however, a vessel hails them requesting sanctuary. The passenger is afraid for her life, after she witnesses a conversation that reveals that the recent death of a government official was not an accident or of natural causes. As she wants to leave the planet to find help, she misses her flight and the ship she was supposed to board explodes. Taking an alternative route, she finds the Constitution and does not only reveal the situation, but also that her people are Suliban. Will the crew help? And if so, what will they find out? Who is behind the murder of Junor and the alleged attempt to kill Akana?
"What lies below" A Dokkaran group of the planet Kelan have to leave their home due to the poisoning of the soil putting them all in danger. They ask Starfleet for help to find a new home. Dagorin VI sounds like the perfect planet, but why would signals from a supposedly crushed terrorist group come from the uninhabited system? And what do the Dokkaran know about the reasons of the poisoning of Kelan? And why would anyone track their ships? What lies behind their re-settlement and are they alone on their new home?
"Peacemakers" The Constitution crew is informed that they are moving to a new region of duty for at least a year. Starfleet wants them to leave right away to host peace talks between Hinji and Linara. Both species share the same star-system. For a while that went all well, but the small planets each species are on get crowded, so both species want to expand and colonise the last inhabitable planet in the system. Both believe they have 'claim' and are now on the brink of war. The leaders request Starfleet's help. Can they stop events unfolding to a war of worlds or are they too late?
"Blind Spot" Starfleet sends the Constitution to Leron III for relief efforts towards the Hinji population, while the Linarans are getting the same help from the USS Bethune. The Constitution delivers replicators, water purifiers and medical aid, but not all Hinji are happy to see the new tech. On scanners Traenor made out a blind spot that is not penetrable by scanners or comm signals. Due to possible implications of hiding military equipment he sends a second team to survey the area. But upon entering the area the shuttle's controls fail and they crash. Will they be able to find their way back out unharmed?
"Dungeons & Denobulans" After Saveron is instated as First Officer, he wants to celebrate with the crew. A new technology - the Faust Unit - is supposed to give the Holodeck Setting a whole new layer. Upon entering every Senior Staff Member is assigned a Class and sometimes even a new species as part of a Roleplaying game in a medieval fantasy world. The party goes under way, but why can't they leave the holodeck and why did a poetry slamming dragon disturb the party to take Queen Saveron hostage? Can the rest of the merry band save her and leave this strange world?
"The Geneva Convention" Starfleet has designed a new advanced prototype starship equipped with the latest shield and propulsion technologies: the Geneva Class. On its final long range test with a skeleton crew before its commissioning it strayed into Klingon space. A rogue Klingon Captain saw this as an opportunity and stole the ship. A lone engineer managed to escape and return to Starfleet with her report. The Constitution is ordered to investigate, and if possible retrieve the vessel intact.
"When cracking an egg" When the Linaran Minister of Science calls for help to get back a ship lost in the Lambetta Cluster, the Constitution makes way to accommodate the request. Despite a few difficulties caused by the Nebula itself the Constitution finds the ship, but also a Linaran Escape pod with a deceased pilot. Shortly after, as the ship approached the Linaran Vessel (floating dead in space) they notice they are not alone. An energy creature begins to drain their shields and energy and a race against time begins. Can the Constitution leave the Nebula before the same fate as the Linaran ship meets them? And why is the cargo more important to the Minister than the surviving Linarans?
"Salem" When the Constitution is sent to survey a recently scanned, tidelocked planet, the two Away Teams don't expect to suddenly find themselves in 20th Century Earth, during Halloween. Undercover of being visitors in costumes, they must navigate this entirely unfamiliar environment, whilst the crew left behind try to resolve the strange sensor readings and interferences. The discovery of ancient alien technology and a shuttle crew from 2345 also stranded back in time complicates things. Why were they sent back? What is the alien technology, and will they ever return to the present and see their loved ones again?
"Banned from Argoes" When seismic activities on a desert moon orbiting Gamma Orionis destroy part of a civilian research station, the scientists working there are in big trouble. Regular deliveries of supplies are made impossible by the position of the station in the mountains and the loss of their landing pad. Threatened to starve, their only hope is the crew of the USS Constitution. Equipped with new and updated Argo buggies the crew makes their way through the desert of Gamma Orionis VIb, faces off with Large Aggressive Life Forms and takes on the challenge to reach the scientists before the worst occures.

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Silver Palm 2389
USS Apollo
Next I would like to recognize Lieutenant Jalana Laxyn. She is awarded the Silver Palm. This woman not only serves as our Chief Medical Officer, but she is our Chief Morale Officer as well. She is often interjecting humor and unique insights into the mix. It is an enjoyment to be part of her escapades. Congratulations.
Prantares Ribbon 2389
USS Apollo
Named CMO of the year - Awarded to those medical officers who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. The officers given this award should display the ability to keep a steady hand in the often hazardous conditions in which they must practice, as well as the willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others.
Neelix Award 2391
USS Apollo-A
The Neelix Award is awarded for extra, out of character, simming devotion. In this case it has been rewarded for the work and devotion in the work as Facilitator of the Image Department. She had done a superb job on the Image Collective and in the Forums providing photoshop pictures and banner for several players. She is truly devoted, quick and her job meet no equal.
Strange Medallion 2391
USS Apollo-A
Many people around the fleet are familiar with the name Jalana Laxyn. As facilitator of the Image Team she can be found diligently working on graphics and coordinating team efforts. She is a wonderful training officer that has guided many cadets through the academy. As if that was not enough, she has really done an excellent job as First Officer of the Apollo with her new character Akeelah D'Sena. As XO, she has stepped up to every challenge presented, even running things during a leave of absence of the commanding officer. She has been, and continues to be, a stellar friend, colleague, and First Officer to many of us!
Kalendra Award 2392
USS Constitution-B
If you want devious, clever, and insidious when it comes to plot twists, than look no further than our own Jessica. This year she has spun a crafty tale of suspense around her ship and her crew utilizing surprise twists like interfering with an important assassination, to allowing a guest simmer to appear unannounced to question their crew creating an unforgettable nemesis. Jessica has shown great detail and dedication in creating an unforgettable story and plot where no one is able to predict its end. For that, I am proud to present the Kalendra Award to her!
James T. Kirk Cross 2392
USS Constitution-B
Jess (Jalana) is an excellent example of what we should look for in new COs. She is even-tempered, creative, and nurturing, and her crew has rightly sung her praises. She is easy and pleasant to work with and her dedication to the group, including the projects with which she's most closely associated (the Image Collective, the Graphics Contest) shine because of her involvement there. Despite her newness to captaincy for SB118, she is already integral to our history and is inseparable from whatever current success the group currently enjoys. It is even more gratifying to have support from across the fleet, and Jess was nominated for this award from three simmers on three different ships across the fleet. She is clearly well respected, and so I would like to share some particularly representative comments from those nominations: “She has done a fantastic job of being communicative to the crew, involving everyone and making the staff feel reachable and personable. When problems arise they are quickly addressed and Jalana takes time and effort to make sure that the entire crew is being included in the plot. … I firmly believe she is the best new Captain SB118 had this year, and look forward to seeing how the Conny develops into 2016!” ...and... “I know from experience that this is very, very difficult and many ships disintegrate if the CO disappears. The roles of FO and CO are quite different and Jess had to make this transition at short notice but the day to day running of the ship was not disrupted at all. I think she displayed extraordinary professionalism in handling the situation. What’s more, she went on to oversee the switch of the crew from the Apollo to the Constitution with equal ease, again a situation that can see crew slip away. I have no doubt that Commander Jalana Rajel is an exceptional commanding officer and is fully deserving of this award.” The SB 118 fleet, the Executive Council, and the panel of first officers who chose this award have spoken, and I am delighted to recognize Jess as SB 118’s finest new commanding officer of the year!
B-Plot Award 2393
USS Constitution-B
As you all are aware, there are many storylines that occur during a mission but are not at all involved with the mission itself. The B-Plot Award is for those simmers who manage to show a good portion of the character's life despite the demands of the main plot. Jess has created a plethora of characters on-board the Conny and uses them to make sure everyone stays busy and can grow their characters. From D'Sena and the budding relationship with a rather stiff engineer, to Jalana's travels during my practical, Jess has a talent for developing not just her own characters but others' as well. It is with great honor that I present the B-Plot award to Jess. Congratulations!!
Russ Bar 2393
USS Constitution-B
The Russ bar is awarded to a writer whose knowledge of Trek lore is extraordinary. Named for Tim Russ, the actor who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, who was already a dedicated Star Trek fan before securing the role on the show. Although not a requirement of this game, being knowledgeable about Star Trek technology and medical terminology and the like is extremely helpful to paint a realistic picture of the scenario. Jess -the writer behind our very own Capt. Jalana Rajel- has a knowledge and passion for Star Trek. She then uses this knowledge to create missions and plot lines for our crew that feel more realistic for the setting. For this reason, she is being awarded the Russ Bar. Congratulations, Jess!
Nebula Bar 2394
USS Constitution-B
The Constitution has recently moved to a whole new theater of operations, which entails not only the Marchlands and its backstory and makeup, but our new base of operations in Starbase 104. This is no small undertaking, as not only did we need the names and details of the species and star systems we’d be dealing with, but we needed the layout of the station, a myriad of NPCs, and an established mood and feel of everyone and everything within the area. This has been a group effort, there is no doubt about that, but there is one person who was the vanguard, who made sure everything came together in a cohesive and convincing style. Without her efforts, we would not have had as much fun building upon Starbase 104 and our two new antagonist species, the Hinji and the Linarans. That person is none other than Jess, our intrepid Captain Jalana Rajel, and I am pleased and honored to present this award to her.
Sarpeidon Award 2394
USS Constitution-B
When we think of contributions to the 118Wiki, we often think of expansive pages and creative templates and coding. However, these pages would be nothing but walls of text if not for the beautiful and expressive images that adorn them. Thanks to the contributions of The Image Collective, especially those of its taskforce leader Jalana Rajel, our wiki is one of the most inviting and engaging roleplay resources in the Star Trek genre! For years now, Jalana Rajel has answered any and all requests for professionally created character images, Badge and Award graphics, and numerous other Photoshop magic acts in order to ensure that SB118 puts its best face forward with the 118Wiki. For that reason, it is our pleasure to award Jalana Rajel with the Sarpeidon Award! Congratulations!
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award 2394
USS Constitution-B
When one looks at Jalana Rajel's contributions to SB118, whether it be with her role as leader of The Image Collective, as CO of the Constitution, or her work with the Captains Council and active presence on the forums and chatrooms, one cannot help but notice her sunny disposition and can-do attitude. Leading by example, she exudes a confidence and proficiency that motivates those that interact with her. The fact that Jalana Rajel is so active despite contending with health and depression challenges is a testament to her professionalism and dedication and is a shining example to her crew and to the fleet at large. Where many would use such challenges in real life to shy away from responsibility, Rajel meets them head on and refuses to let her issues affect the level of engagement she shares with all of us. An inspiration to any who face similar issues, Jalana Rajel is a worthy recipient of the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award.
Pathfinder Award 2395
USS Constitution-B
From the first moment entering the game, we meet a lot of people who have influence on us. Be it the ship's leadership, our mentors or other players. We learn with each interaction and are guided through their example. The Pathfinder award is given to those players dedicating their time to guiding and mentoring fellow members. This year’s winner of this award personifies that description perfectly. They are emotionally invested in the happiness and success of those under their care, and are always more interested in the writer behind the character than they are in the writer’s abilities and contributions. By taking feedback very seriously and doing a good job reaching out to crew members who need to work on their simming skills, this winner also supports roleplayers who need to learn better collaboration skills. Congratulations to Jess aka Jalana Rajel for this very deserving win!
Sarek Star 2395
USS Constitution-B
It is sometimes very difficult to realize what a tremendous impact that quiet level-headedness and honest diplomacy have, but in the case of Jalana Rajel, her strength and leadership lets it shine through. Jalana has been a dependable commanding officer for three years, and she’s always been able to mediate disputes with a firm and gentle tone. She’s also been able to provide a welcoming atmosphere for new crew members while making experienced players feel at home. Her crew deeply appreciates her open minded attitude and willingness to listen to concerns and work to solve them. Because of this dedication to providing a great game for all players, her ship has seen great retention in promising players, and she has been a respected mentor for her staff. I am especially impressed by her ability to turn mistakes into teaching opportunities for everyone on her ship – from the highest rank to the newest member. This creates a positive, supportive atmosphere where players are encouraged to write better, and be inspired to tell better stories. I am especially happy to be able to award Jalana with this honor this year because she has done such good work with her senior staff on the Constitution to improve communication and make a great ship to play on. This is seen in the pride she has for her crew and the support she’s given her staff as they work towards command. It takes a good CO to lead a strong ship, but it takes an extraordinary CO to teach others how to move towards command one day. For all of this hard work, the Sarek Star is very well deserved. Congratulations, Jalana! 
TOSMA 2396
USS Constitution-B
This year’s TOSMA award goes to a more than deserving writer. Not only is her writing excellent, always moving the plot forward, but over the past year we’ve seen her main character grow while struggling with the balance of being a Starfleet officer and a mother all while dealing with the return of her partner. On top of all of that, this writer has several PNPCs that she uses to help engage others within the ship and provide more writing opportunities for everyone. It is my distinct honor and privilege to present The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class award to none other than our leader, and newly promoted, Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel. Congratulations Jess! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor than you!
Christopher Pike Pendant 2396
Of all the awards presented, the Christopher Pike Pendant is one of the most coveted as it symbolizes the things that every commanding officer in aspires to do - command their ship with honor and dedication and help to provide a creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding simming. And Fleet Captain Rajel certainly has accomplished that goal as anyone can tell, from the sims her crew submit. They are comfortable in the environment she has created. It is evident that this talented lady takes pride in her work and strives for perfection in everything she does to enhance the entire community through the collective and her writing. So it is my honor to present her with the Christopher Pike Pendant and give her my sincere congratulations for her accomplishments.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2389
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 2389
USS Apollo
There are also a few service ribbons to give to those who went above and beyond during this last mission. While there were various aspects involved in what we were all sent out to do, it took teamwork between the ships whose crews are represented here today in order to get the job done and get back here safe. For this, I would like to present the following officers with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.
Klingon Invasion Ribbon 389
USS Apollo
This galactic incident has taken many lives. I am not just talking about the lives of our personnel, but the lives of many Romulans whose homes had been invaded. Many Klingons who lost their lives in combat for the sake of their glory. I am here to present the following officers with the Klingon Invasion Ribbon. This ribbon will be worn as a beacon of hope and accomplishment.
Prisoner of War Ribbon 2390
USS Apollo
Due to being taken hostage by a hostile force, you are awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon.
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 2390
USS Apollo
You are awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Commander Laxyn for your treatment of Commander Tel-ar...both times.
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal 2390
USS Apollo-A
Starfleet Command has inserted a commendation into each one of your files for our last mission. You are all hereby awarded the Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal. ::Jaxx smiled and gave a slight nod. It was not every crew that was able to face the Borg and walk away from it. Of course, they did not exactly walk away from it. They had to make it to escape pods and then needed a lift back to the station, but it was close enough.::
Department Chief Ribbon 2390
USS Apollo
Awarded to a person who has held the title of department chief for no less than 6 months.
Gateway Ribbon 2390
USS Apollo-A
You are awarded the Gateway Ribbon and Explorer Ribbon for our mission on Eridea.
Explorer's Ribbon 2390
USS Apollo-A
You are awarded the Gateway Ribbon and Explorer Ribbon for our mission on Eridea.
Purple Heart 2390
USS Apollo-A
Jalana Laxyn, you are also presented with the Purple Heart for your injuries during that mission.
Explorer's Ribbon 2392
USS Constitution-B
I have mentioned the Medina Ascending before. Our next ribbon also comes from that mission. Not everyone was aware, but we have actually encountered a new species on the Medina. After reports to Starfleet I have been informed that the Kameryan were unknown to the Federation, which is the species the Medina's Medic Dajunari Zinera belonged to. For that, and providing Starfleet with new information, you have received the Explorer's Ribbon.
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 2392
USS Constitution-B
Despite the interrogations and investigation of Commander Prendar, Starfleet has evaluated our last mission and has decided that we have done great work with not only protecting but also fixing the timeline. For that work you have received the Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon.
Prometheus Ribbon 2392
USS Constitution-B
Starfleet has determined that the rift we slipped through had been caused by an incident on Prometheus Station. Thanks to our reports the rift could be found and sealed and so we are rewarded the Prometheus Ribbon.
Starship Commander Ribbon 2393
USS Constitution-B
Now as you all know, Captain Rajel had to take some time away from the Conny recently. What you do not know, however, is that while I was acting Commanding Officer, I was contacted in regards to presenting a ribbon that Jalana had earned. For being in Command of her vessel for over one continuous year, I hereby award Captain Jalana Rajel, the Starship Commander Ribbon.
War of Shadows Ribbon 2393
USS Constitution-B
For our dealings and arrest of members of the Orion Syndicate, Starfleet has awarded every one of us the War of Shadows Ribbon.
Purple Heart 2394
USS Constitution-B
For suffering from Ohan Poisoning during the Mission Peacekeepers.
Diplomacy Ribbon 2394
USS Constitution-B
For hosting and leading peace talks between the Linaran and Hinji delegates on Starbase 104.
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 2394
USS Constitution-B
Every single one of has done their best to make this mission work. A mission of communication, a mission of compromises and most importantly a mission of peace between two peoples sharing a star system. That act was anything but easy, disturbances and interruptions waited at every corner and no matter what has been thrown our way, you have not given in, have not surrendered. Instead you worked tirelessly to solve the mysteries and make sure that all sides were seen, to avoid prejudice and wrongful accusations. In the end the opposing governments saw a solution and are now working hard on making it possible. Despite disruptions we maintained the peace between the delegates so this would be possible. I am proud to present to each and everyone of you the Peacekeeper Service Ribbon.
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 2395
USS Constitution-B
The Silver Lifesaving Ribbon is awarded to an individual who has saved the life of another member of Starfleet. Due to your triage efforts both during and immediately after the mission, you saved the lives of your fellow crewmembers. Please accept these in recognition of your skills and efforts.
Good Conduct Ribbon 2395
USS Constitution-B
The Good Conduct Ribbon is awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty. By risking your lives to face off against determined pirates in face-to-face confrontations, you have earned this award handily. Please accept these with our greatest respect.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 2395
USS Constitution-B
Finally, I won't ask the next recipients to step forward, because the entire senior crew present during the last mission receives this one. The Joint Meritorious Unit Award is awarded to an individual who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal. It took a lot of diplomacy and tact for you to work with our host ship and crew to save the lives of the SS Geneva, and you all did so exceedingly well. Please, everybody step forward to receive your well-justified accolade.
Diplomacy Ribbon 2395
USS Constitution-B
For working on Diplomatic ways with the Linaran Government in dealing with a new Energy creature in the Lembatta Cluster
Explorer's Ribbon 2395
USS Constitution-B
First everyone involved in the last mission, I am happy to announce that Grabby, as it has been named, has been confirmed as a new discovery to Starfleet. Starfleet is awarding you all with the Explorer's Ribbon for the discovery of a new life-form. Congratz everyone!
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 2396
USS Constitution-B
If there was one thing difficult during the last mission, it was to not accidentally change something in a time that we have not much experience with. But all of you who have tirelessly worked on finding ways to go back home, and those in Salem who tiptoes around all the traps, made it possible to not only not change the timeline, but make sure that the scout ship and the missing expedition team that had not belonged there was able to return home and with that restored the timeline. For that everyone who participated in this quite unique mission is awarded the Defense of Temporal Flow ribbon. You all deserve it after that hard work. Thank you and congratulations!
Lifesaving Ribbon 2396
USS Constitution-B
And all of you. You have worked tirelessly way beyond the duties of your departments. You've worked hand in hand as a team throughout the wholei outpost to bring home as many researchers as possible. For that all of you who were present on Gamma Orionis VIb are awarded with the Lifesaver ribbon. Thank you for each and everyone of you.


Medical Specialties

  • During Trill Medical school: General Medicine, Trill symbiosis and problems with symbionts
  • During Academy: Xenobiology and Surgery
  • During Residency: Emergency Medicine

Jalana Laxyn
Starfleet Officer
Commissioned on 238806.11
Sidney Riley Arden Cain
Academy Commandant
Starfleet Academy
Training Officer
Starbase 118 Campus

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