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Crew of Deep Space 26

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Vice Admiral Jacob Russell Krieger

Jacob Russell Krieger, or "the Admiral" as he is more commonly known, was born in 2319 as the only son of a Starfleet science officer and a Starfleet engineer. Entering Starfleet Academy was the only goal the Admiral ever had as a child. He graduated the Academy at the top of his class, and he proceeded directly to the Advanced Tactical School, where he continued to dazzle his professors with his ability. By the time he was 34 he had command of his own starship. While commanding the Excelsior class USS Princeton patrolling the Breen-Federation border, Krieger managed to foil a Breen raiding force of 3 ships single-handedly. By the age of 40, he was promoted to Admiral and assigned to Starbase 23 on the Romulan Neutral Zone. He disliked being a "Desk-jockey" so much he used his power and influence as an Admiral to reassign himself to starship command again, getting the USS Vandenburg, a Nebula class vessel. While he was only at Starbase 23 for just under a year, he had more than a few run-ins with his Romulan counterpart across the Neutral Zone, a Commander Tomaron.

After getting the Vandenburg, the Admiral's next 15 years were spent almost entirely in the Bajor sector. He was instrumental in the treaty negotiations with the Cardassians and has spent much time on and around Bajor. He plans to retire there. It is believed that Admiral Krieger is the first Admiral to have regular command of a starship since Admiral Kirk commanded the USS Enterprise, before Kirk's demotion.

After more than twenty years, the USS Vandenburg was decommissioned, and Krieger was forced, once again, to a desk job. He accepted a position at Starbase 118 under the command of Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf, to while away the time until he can retire to Bajor. After the discovery of the Par'tha Expanse, Wolf reassigned him to Deep Space 26, a Starfleet refit of an ancient and abandoned space station in that region. He served there until 2393, when he officially retired and handed the reigns over to Rear Admiral Renos.

Personality & Appearance

Admiral Krieger is 183 cm and weighs about 97.5 kg. He has a full head of silvery black hair, a neatly trimmed full beard and piercing blue eyes. He has a very commanding personality, yet if you are lucky enough to get to know him away from his post, he is a very soft spoken and quiet individual. It is understood that he demands 110% from his officers, and always gets it because of the respect his officers have for him.

He enjoyed a very good working relationship with Commander Varaan during their time in the Expanse.


The Admiral is a tactical genius, having written many of the starship tactics studied at Starfleet Academy. He likes poetry and racquetball, and is a student of the Bajoran language and culture. Due to his experiences while on the Princeton, he is highly intolerant of the Breen. And he has a personal rivalry with Romulan Commander Tomaron.

Duty History

  • Posting/Duration/Service:
    • Multiple starships/16 years total/Various tours types
    • USS Vandenburg/21 years/Various tours types
    • Starbase 118/6 months/Resource Allocation Administration
    • Deep Space 26/12 years/diplomatic outpost
    • Current Assignment: retired