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Jackford Kolk
First Officer
USS Endeavor-A

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Deep Space 17 (while assigned to USS Ronin)

"Shattered Mirror"

  • Stardates 238403.13 to 238404.11
    • Beginning with several unexplained disappearances aboard the station, it becomes aparent that the crew of an alternate Deep Space 17 has opened an interphasic rift into our universe in order to "borrow" engineers to help fight off the Gorn. As the intrepid crew of the USS Ronin works to retrieve the engineers and avert a multi-universal war, it is learned that in the universe responsible for the interphasic rift, Idril Mar died in a shuttle accident and thus was not alive to stop the Gorn at what, in our universe, was the final battle of the Gorn War. In the choas that followed, Danny Wilde became Station Commander of DS17, and Ethan Brice was killed under suspicious circumstance leaving Jack Kolk as the alternate DS17's Chief Engineer. While this universe's version of all involved struggle to counteract the interphasic device created by "Evil" Jack Kolk, the alternate version of Ben Walker, a broken and self-loathing man, finds his way to our universe and gives his life to save another in the final moments of the encounter. The rift is sealed with most parties in their own universes. One however, "Evil" Jack Kolk, who was stripped of his rank and commission by Station Commander Danny Wilde, is known to have ended up on in our universe. Whether or not any more inadvertant cross-overs occurred is debatable.

USS Ronin

"New Fighters & New Friends"

  • Stardates 238405.11 to 238408.08
    • With the arrival of six new prototype fighter and a squad of marines, the crew of the Ronin sets off to an remote star system with an indigenous, reportedly pre-warp, civilization to work out some of the fighters' kinks while hidden by the system's asteroid field. Just as the tests get underway, the "pre-warp" civilization successfully completes it's first warp flight, accidentally resulting in a massive subspace shockwave that cripples all three active fighters plus their escorts and concurrently knocks out many of the Ronin's major systems. Senedipitously, the shockwave knocked out the AI-driven prototype "Gremlin" fighter just as it is about to destroy Lt. J.G. Kolk's prototype "Hammerhead." As the ship struggles to recover the downed fighters, their escorts, its malfunctioning systems, and perhaps a bit of its dignity, the crew also carefully conducts first contact with the locals, the Sya-Negan. As if the situation weren't complicated enough, a renegade from the alternate universe discovered in the crew's last mission, "Evil" Jackford B. Kolk (no-longer a Starfleet officer in any universe), escapes from the bridge and terrorizes the crew in a deranged quest for revenge on Lt. Cmdr. Danny Wilde. The crew eventually re-captures "Evil Kolk," placing him in stasis and his stasis chamber behind a force-field in the brig, but not before he seriously wounds Wilde, leaving him in a coma, and makes contact with a mysterious emotion-affecting lifeform that eludes capture or reasoned contact by the crew.

"Runabout Down"

  • Stardates 238408.29 to 238410.31
    • When a small team of Cardassians infiltrate the Ronin while most of the crew are at a celebration on Deep Space 17, the ship scrambles to chase them down while undoing the damage and possible espionage the assault team inflicted. Just moments after the ship jumps to warp, the engines fail and Commander Mar is forced to send a runabout and two fighter squadrons out ahead. This leaves Lt. J.G. Kolk in charge of Engineering, which pleases him to no end. Once the engines are repaired and elusive Spathis dealt with (if only to a small extent), the Ronin gets on its way again. After running into a Keldon class Cardassian warship and leaving them licking their wounds, the ship again hurries off to catch up with the fighter group who've all but been wiped out except for the runabout USS Cedar which crash landed on a moon being orbited by a Galor class warship. before the Galor can hunt the crashed runabout down, an ion storm moves into the system. The Ronin swoops in, uses some sensor buoys to find the downed Cedar and crew while also sending false sensor readings to the Cardassians and their mercenary friends. The sensor ghosts allow the Ronin to fly one of the mercenary ships into the rear of the Galor, weakening it. Then, just before the Keldon limps into the system, the Ronin fires on the Galor to preempt an attack, but it unexpectedly leads to a cascade that destroys the ship. When the Keldon arrives, they accuse the Ronin of intensionally destroying a Cardassian ship and promise to tell their government what happened here. Commander Mar informs the Cardassian Gul that it was an accident which happened in self-defense and promises to tell Starfleet the same. The Keldon flies off, and the Ronin hires the rest of the mercenaries to help them retrieve their crew and clean up the mess.

"Pirates & Hotheads"

  • Stardates 238411.28 to 238501.17
    • A routine mission to the Gorn border ceases to be routine when Lt. J.G. Valis picks up unusual subspace oscillations on the Gorn side of the border and shortly thereafter sensors pick up Gorn ships set to intercept an FTU convoy in Federations space. Captain Mar decides to take a pair of runabouts to investigate the subspace disturbance while Lt. Cmdr. Walker takes the Ronin to prevent an interstellar incident. The subspace oscillations turn out to be a crude lighthouse transmitted from a remote system populated by cutthroats and thieves. The arrival of the Ronin's officers and Marines provide an opportunity to kill an old rival and destroy the small space station that the pirate, Captain Antilles, can't pass up. While the encounter is short and leaves the Ronin crew relatively unscathed, it also gives a reluctant pirate, Alandra Devereaux a chance to seek assylum with the Starfleet crew and start a new life. Meanwhile, the Ronin arrives just as hostilities are beginning and places itself between the two fleets. As the crew begin to investigate the cause of the hostilities, sensors detect a transient presence flitting unpredictably around the battleground. Thanks to empathic and telepathic members of the crew, it becomes clear that the unknown presence is an alien ship from a hostility-centric species known as the K'nl'got'he. Shortly before a diplomatic conference with the Gorn, Lt. Cmdr. Walker orders the Ronin to fire on the small alien craft, while a small security force boards one of the FTU freighters to gather samples of the Gorn eggs they're carrying. At the conference aboard the Ronin, the crew presents their evidence and proves to them that both sides were manipulated by the K'nl'got'he into fighting each other, and the Gorn agree to leave the convoy be and return to Gorn territory.

"Galactic Gloria"

  • Stardates 238502.05 to 238503.08
    • When the USS Ronin rendezvouses with the USS Independence and USS Ursa Major at Wheeler Colony, a diplomatic mission to the surface is cut short by a wormhole that momentarily disrupts all power on the three ships and draws them to the far edge of the galaxy, directly adjacent to the Galactic Barrier, leaving the First Officers in charge. Tragically, when the power fails on the Ronin, the Flight Deck door happens to be open and nearly everyone on the Deck is blown out into open space. When the casualties are all counted, 27 are found dead from explosive decompression. Before the crew can mourn, however, the Independence reports an intruder and two alien fleets appear on sensors. One fleet warns the Starfleet ships that they may have a hostile alien on board. The other informs them that they believe the Federation ships have "the One" on board. Each of the Starfleet ships have severe damages due to their trip through the wormhole, so the Ronin deploys all of it's fighters to screen the wounded starships from the incoming flotillas. Before the flotilla's arrive, however, the blue non-corporeal being, who injures itself repairing some of the Independence's problems, gets a power transfusion from the Indy's warp core and undergoes a transfiguration. At the same time, those left behind on Wheeler reconstruct the activation of the wormhole and re-open it, sending a communications probe through to contact the lost ships. As soon as they realize the gate has re-opened, all three First Officers order their ships through, the Ronin's fighters and shuttlecraft leading the way. En-route, one of the ships, a prototype left over from the Sya-Negan mission explodes due to faulty construction, killing the pilot. His is the first death of an officer directly under Lt. Kolk's command.

"Lost at Sand"

  • Stardates 238503.30 to 238504.26
    • En route back to Deep Space 17 for repairs, the USS Ronin passes through the Aurona Nebula and suffers a sudden cascade failure, necessitating a complete evacuation to a nearby Class-L planet which the crew would come to call Rakis. Some of the crew never manage to make it off the ship, staving off death by being beamed to the runabout USS Wye, where the craft's sensors alert them to the presence of small Ferengi vessel come to "salvage" the Ronin. From there Lt. Cmdr. Wilde and Petty Officer Doubleaux beam to the bridge, using it's own power to restore life support and main sensors, while Cmdr. Walker and Ens. Garlone ramain on the Flight Deck. On the planet, the majority of the crew's escape pods land in the equatorial regions while one pod and the Captain find themselves in the polar region. An indigenous life form resembling the Worms of Frank Herbert's Dune whom the crew comes to call Land Sharks begin attacking and eating the newly arrived link on their somewhat limited food chain. On the pole, Captain Mar find safety in a cave while the main camp is forced to be a bit more ingenious. After a the first bloody attack, the investigation of two dead Sharks lead Security to construct a device that disables the Sharks' mode of travel through the desert dands while Engineering develops an Impulse powered water cannon that kills them. In orbit, Walker and Garlone disable one Ferengi while Wilde and Doubleaux strike a deal with their DaiMon, Nekil. The two small groups then restore minimal power and make contact with the USS Wellington, which Starfleet has sent to investigate the Ronin's disapperance. The next morning, the crew's ingenuity pays off just moments before the Wellington contacts Lt. Cmdr. Maria and begins the evacuation from Rakis.

Earth (while assigned to USS Ronin)

"Revenge of the Alternates"

  • Stardates 238506.08-238507.25
    • While on shoreleave with the rest of the crew, Jack spends his time flirting with Lt.J.G. Reed and attending the wedding of Captain Mar & Lt.Cmdr. Wilde... until the Captain turns up missing from her own honeymoon and the senior staff is called in to a small Inn in Whitby, England to investigate. After a long day with few clues, the Roninites reconviene in the inn's conference room and soon discover that Lt.Cmdr. Wilde had been replaced by Station Commander Wilde who, in cohorts with Evil Jack kidnapped both newly-weds. After the Alternate Danny escapes via a home-made transporter jurry-rigged by Evil Kolk, part of the crew chase him to his secret lair in Calais, France. Jack's team follows Jack's own alternate to the basement-maze of the Inn where a Boridium bomb is purported to be. The "bomb" turns out to be a mishmash of parts and devices, including a transporter, defensive cutting beams, and some sort of chemical replication device. After Evil Jack uses it to transport himself (via the shuttlecraft Kursk) to Alt. Danny's hideout in Calais, the device uses it's cutting beams to force Lt. Kolk's team away from it and then self-destructs. Once the team extricates itself from the underbelly of the inn, they join the rest of the senior staff at the Wilde Manor and learn that Lt. Thelev's team has managed to rescue LtCmdr. Wilde, but arrived too late to stop Evil Kolk from stunning the kidnapped Captain Mar and injecting her with some kind of poison. An alternate of Lt. Thelev appeared as well, and allowed Evil Kolk to escape with Alt. Danny's personal shuttle craft, the SS Idril Mar, then talked Alt. Danny into letting go of his claim on Idril as well. In the end, Alt. Danny injected Captain Mar with his own Borg nanoprobes in order to counteract the poinson that was killing her. In the process, his supply was depleted and the Acute Cellular Decay that plagues both versions of the man quickly overcame him. With no one left to serve in this universe, Alt. Thelev detonated an explosive of some kind, killing himself and engulfing the remnants of Alt. Wilde in the blast. No one else was directly harmed, however. Once everyone is back at the Wilde Manor, the doctors learn that Captain Mar has contracted a highly contagious Trill-specific renal disease. Lt. Brice is also injured, temporarily losing his eye-sight and severly limitting the use of one leg and one arm.
    • Oddly enough, on the very same day, an unknown group of mercenaries attempts Grand Theft Starship aboard the USS Ronin, but are thwarted by the efforts of a few of the ship's repair crews, the USS Arthur Royale, and, bizzarely, Evil Jack. On his way out of the system, and presumably back to the Ithassa Region, Evil Kolk apparently scans the Ronin, picks up the lifesigns of a Gorn who is part of the hijacking group, and beams him off the ship... mostly. He leeaves the Gorn's head in Lt. Kolk's quarters in order to torment his alter ego.

USS Ronin

"Thank Yer Romulan Stars"

  • Stardates 238507.29 to 238509.11
    • Temporarily under the command of Captain Morgan, the Ronin is assigned to a shakedown cruise to a protostar 45 lightyears from Earth that is projected to begin stellar fusion within the next three weeks. Some of the crew, most notably the First Officer, Cmdr. Walker, struggle to accept the new Captain's assignment but manage to keep it from adversely affecting the mission. During the approach to the system, the Ronin’s crew discover that the USS Calippus, observing the stellar ignition on the far side of the protoplanetary disk, is in danger of being destroyed by a projected solar flare from the unstable proto-star; with most forms of communication down due to the massive amounts of interference in the system, Lt. Kolk sends a flight of fighters to relay the warning to the other ship. At the same time, a civilian vessel arrives, carrying a religious sect bent on worshiping the newly-formed star despite the danger. The vessel promptly issues a distress call as her engines mysteriously go offline and her warp core threatens to breach. LtCmdr. Thelev captains a runabout to investigate and soon realizes that the religious ship has been attacked by an invisible assailant. Meanwhile, a fighter on approach to the ship’s shuttlebay impacts with an invisible object. A short while afterward, a Romulan shuttle de-cloaks inside the bay, and the crew enters negotiations with the shuttle's occupants, who turn out to be the Commander of the Romulan warbird that attacked the religious transport and a Tal-Shiar agent who claims to be Cmdr. Walker's fiancee. As talks progress, the new Hammerhead fighters perform extremely well and successfully warn the USS Calippus in time to avert disaster. Back on the ship, the Romulan Commander takes a tour and discusses the situation with Capt. Morgan and then returns to his ship. Shortly afterwards their Chief Engineer (one of the defectors) causes a serious drive malfunction which brings them out of cloak and their crew abandons ship. Rather than allow the crippled ship to be captured and analyzed by Starfleet, the senior officers send it into the sun to scuttle it, but secretly turn it around under cloak at the last minute. The hull is scorched, but the cloaking device is recovered by the Ronin crew, allowing the balance of power between the Empire and the Federation to remain intact and ensuring that no more cloaked shuttles drop into Federation shuttle-bays unannounced.

"The Hunt for Old Achilles"

  • Stardates 238509.15 to 238510.24
    • In response to Captain Mar's dire need for a cure to the disease caused by Evil Kolk, the crew enters the Ithassa Region in search of the USS Achilles, a rogue Starfleet ship manned and controlled solely by an AI named THETIS, or Tess. She had been presumed destroyed years ago, but numerous sightings by Gorn, FTU, and other species suggested otherwise. The crew plans, once they have found the Achilles, to use her inside knowledge of the region to help them track down Evil Kolk and pump him for any information that might lead to a cure for Captain Mar. After the mission briefing, Lt. Kolk talks with LtCmdr. Maria in her quaters about his overwhelmingly dark thoughts about his alternate. The Betazoid/Human hybrid helps him to see past the evil that his other self has done and glimpse the possiblity of redemption. The two officers also deepen their bond as surrogate sibblings. Next LtCmdrs. Brice, Thelev, Wilde, and Lt. Kolk meet privately to discuss, off the record, what's to be done with Evil Jack. LtCmdr. Thelev almost immediately suggests hiring someone to kill the villain, and for a time it seems the group is entertaining the idea. Once he works through his shock at what his best friend is suggesting, Lt. Kolk speaks up and refuses to participate in any such plan, citing their duty as Starfleet Officers to uphold the law and as enlightened individuals to maintain a higher standard than that of someone like Evil Jack. With the issue settled and the group agreeing to hunt, capture, and prosecute the man but not to use lethal force, they disband and meet with their respective teams. Soon enough a course to the Igloo Cluster is settled on and the ship is underway. On the edge of the cluster, they encounter a group of Grendellai who ambush them. instead of using their full force and defeating the scavengers easily, Cmdr. Walker decides to play wounded to lure Tess out of hiding. The Ronin dives between two Grendellai ships, scraping the Flight Operations pod and picking up a pair of boarding parties. This causes Tess to soar to the "rescue" and reveal herself. She disables half the attacking ships in a matter of seconds, and offers to "help" with the boarding parties. When Walker lowers the shields, she beams the Grendellai into space, shocking the Ronin's crew and convincing the remaining Grendellai ships to withdraw. An away team beams over to negotiate with Tess regarding the larger mission, but before much progress is made, LtCmdr. Brice uses a failsafe only he knew about and disconnects Tess from the rest of the ship. Cmdr. Walker convinces him to undo what he'd done, and Tess instantly beams him to the aft end of the Ronin's port nacelle. Tess agrees to follow the Ronin back to DS17 at least, and the away team beams back, disgruntled but none the worse for wear.

"Too Little, Too Layte"

  • Stardates 238511.04 to 238601.16
    • Endowed with the turmoil of an almost completely reshuffled crew roster, the USS Ronin departs Deep Space 17 with half of her senior staff replaced with that of the USS Independence-A and sets off for the pre-warp world of Layte to attempt to undo the damage recently done there by Lt.J.G. Shepard whose shuttle had crashed there almost a year before. En route, the crew bickers during two painfully tumultuous staff meetings but somehow manages to come up with a plan to remove the Federation technology still on the planet without being caught by the locals. Before arriving in the system, they are notified of the shuttle's self-destruct mechanism activating, presumably due to Shepard's attempting to arm it prior to its crashing on the planet. Arriving in the system, they deceive the locals' primitive satellite defense grid, bolster a storm on the surface, and sneak in aboard another shuttle. Meanwhile on the Ronin, something unleashes Trellium into the life-support systems, causing most of the Vulcan population to lose emotional control. The crew isolates and sedates them rapidly, while continuing to monitor the situation on the surface. Due to the fact that Layte is apparently constantly within a temporal distortion that causes their world to experience time at a rate 7 times faster than the rest of the universe, the ship is faced with the problem of conflicting temporal fields in orbit. One of which passes through Lt. Kolk and knocks him unconscious. On the surface, Lt.J.G. Shepard infiltrates the government compound where his downed shuttle is being held only to be struck down by a local illness about which he neglected to inform the rest of the crew. Lt. Wood disables the shuttle's self destruct and wipes its memory banks while Shepard's Laytean wife is called in to tend to her husband. LtCmdr. Wilde removes both Shepards from the government medical facility, leaving evidence that they were killed in the explosion that he soon causes, and the away team retreats to their shuttle. Inside the compound, international tensions lead to a suicide bombing of Shepard's shuttle, which finally removes the last bit of Federation technology on the planet surface. Both the Ronin and the away team discover some vague evidence that Tholians might've crashed on the planet prior to Shepard's arrival, but when or where is unclear. Satisfied that all that can be done has been done, Cmdr. Walker returns the ship to DS17 for shoreleave.

"O What a Tangled Web..."

  • Stardates 238602.13 to 238606.15
    • As the Ronin flies toward Wheeler Colony in response to its Chief Administrator's request for an audience and promise to gift the crew an unnamed amount of Walkinium, an asteroid nearly destroys the ship in what later turns out to be a deliberate attack by mysterious forces. LtCmdr. Kolk beams down to the capital with Captain Walker, LtCmdr. Cruise, Lts. Adair-Walker & Wood, Daniel, and Ens. Javinx. The captain's wife suddenly falls ill immediately upon arrival and is instantly returned to the ship and placed in stasis. Shortly thereafter, Lt. Wood's Security detail is forced to remain outside the reception due to the swords that the zealous Security Chief decided to have them wear. Despite attempts by the Captain and Second Officer, the Colony's Administrator refuses to comment on the reason for the visit nor on the arrangements for transfer of the Walkinium. Before the end of dinner, however, an pandemic breaks out on the colony, knocking out key members of the Away Team.
    • At the same time in orbit, the USS Ronin discovers an uncloaked Romulan vessel learking in the nearby asteroid field. The Commander of the ship calls himself Riam N'Moulano and claims to be a childhood acquaintence of Captain Walker. Drawing the crew's attention to the plight of their crewmates on the surface, the Romulan ship retrieves its planetside operatives and leaves the system without cloaking. LtCmdr. Wilde beams Ens. Torsten into the reception hall in order to lend medical aid.
    • Back in the hall, LtCmdr. Cruise discovers an antidote to the virus and inocculates the Away Team. LtCmdr. Kolk recovers and speaks to the Administrator to offer her the antidote and attempt to discern whether she knew knew about the Romulan agents operating in the system. Before he can find out, however, Lt. Wood blunders over to their conversation and gives her the information, effectively nullifying the Second Officer's covert interrogation.
    • After helping local medical officials to restore the help of the colonists, the Away Team returns home and the ship departs. Just outside the system, a forged databurst from Deep Space 17 initiates the Autodestruct Sequence, and the crew begins several measures to halt the sequence and purge to foreign computer program from the computer core. Outside, the Romulan ship is joined by another, and lies in wait, either to watch the ship destroy itself or attack when she's at her weakest. In the final moments before the countdown is over, the Captain orders all torpedoes fired as a smoke screen between the Ronin and the Romulans. The fighters advance beyond the screen and pummel the Romulan ships while the Ronin shutdown all systems and rebooted the computer core from protected backups. Eighty-nine people, thirty-three fighters, six Type-11 Shuttlecraft, and one Runabout are lost in the battle, but the Romulan ships retreat and the Ronin is saved.