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03-Lt-Black.png Lieutenant Jack Michael Shepard

  • Jack was once a primary character who in now an PNPC


Missing In Action

  • Full Name: Jack Michael Shepard
  • Birthdate: 235601.03
  • Birth Place: Earth
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant(NPC)
  • Current Ship: Special Task Force A6
  • Current Position: Team Lead
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Terran
  • Spouse: Remembering Mrs A. Shepard


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Scars: A scare on left leg
  • Build: Top physical condition.
  • Presence: Used to be more structured, threw experiences he lost some of his old military bearing.

Previous Starfleet Ships

USS Constitution B ConnyB.jpg

  • Captain: Fleet Captain Xan Hebron
  • Ship Class: Uprated Galaxy Class
  • Positions Held: Marine Officer, Security Officer, Chief of Security
  • Ranks Held: Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Department Head: Lieutenant Dodge (K.I.A.), LTJG D'Warta(Acting), LTJG Jack M. Shepard
  • First Assignment: Kepos Prime Colony

USS Independence Indy.jpg

  • Captain: Rear Admiral Jessa Anassasi
  • Ship Class: New Orleans
  • Positions Held: Security Officer
  • Ranks Held: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Department Head: Lieutenant Commander Ben Walker
  • First Assignement: Furies Furnace

USS Ronin SmallRonin.jpg

  • Captain: Captain Idril Mar, Captain Ben Walker
  • Ship Class: Akira
  • Positions Held: Security Officer, Asst.Chief of Security
  • Ranks Held: Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Department Head: Lieutenant William Rogers, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kassa Quay, LT Daniel Wood
  • First Assignment: Unspecified

(NPC Status) Starfleet Intelligence

  • Operational Command: General Timothy Hanley
  • Team: Special Task Force Alpha 6
  • Positions Held: Team Leader
  • Ranks Held: Lieutenant Junior Grade, (NPC)Lieutenant
  • First Assignment: Operation Blackfoot


  • Father: Major Collin Michael Shepard (K.I.A.)
  • Mother: Juana Sofia Shepard (Rodriguez)
  • Siblings: Corporal John Rafael Shepard (K.I.A.)
  • Spouse: Once Divorced, 2nd Wife Anastasia Shepard (Found Alive in Operation Blackfoot)

Remembering Mrs A. Shepard

  • Nephew: Ensign Scott Alexander Shepard (USS Victory)Shepard, Scott
  • Children: None

Family History

  • Maj.Collin M. Shepard was the model Marine, well on his way to become a General. He was the standard stereotypical Marine. He was an Infantry Commander and was a damn fine one until he was killed. While in an observation craft, it was hit by Dominion forces and Maj.Shepard died in the crash. Maj.Shepard was the best dad he could be. Being a top Marine Infantry Officer took him away from his family constantly. Maj.Shepard told his sons stories of Heroic Marines and family members who also served in the Corps. He was a loving husband and always treated his wife with respect. When John R. Shepard joined the SFMC, Maj.Shepard was proud, but did not like him going into Special Operations. He was crushed when John came up M.I.A. and tried everything and used up all his connections in the SFMC and Starfleet in order to find John, but it was no use. Maj. Shepard did live long enough to see his youngest and last son join the Marine Corps, but he died before Jack M. Shepard graduated from Basic Training.
  • Juana Sofia Shepard, before marriage, Rodriguez. Juana met Maj.Collin M. Shepard in her home town. Juana and Collin where together since their school years and stayed with each other until her beloved husband's death. It was hard for her to become a Marine wife and later a Marine mother. When Collin was off doing his duty, Juana had to take care of the entire family. Juana is a loving mother and very supportive. When John came up M.I.A., Juana had to be the strong one for both Jack and Collin. Of course she cried and grieved for her lost son, but she had to be the glue for what is left of her family and care for Michael. Even though she lost her oldest, she let Jack join the military. She did not want to, but she knew it was also in Jack's spirit. When Collin died, she fell apart and she hated herself for a while for letting Jack go. Poor Juana died of a heart attack at the death notice of her last Jack.
  • Corporal John R. Shepard was the oldest Shepard boy. He was Jack's big brother and guardian. He was an out going person and every athletic. He listened to his father's stories and especially liked the ones that talked about the Special Ops Marines. John always wanted to be a Spec Ops Marine since the day he learned of their existence. When it came time for him to leave and join the Corps, John got into a huge argument with his father. His father very strongly disliked John's plans about going into Special Operations. Knowing that he could not win, Maj.Shepard gave in and supported John all the way. John became an awesome Marine and obtained the rank of Corporal. Cpl.Shepard went on a few missions and his final one, he went missing. Cpl.Shepard along with two other Marines got separated during a mission and was never found. Before leaving for basic, he married his high school sweetheart Jennifer. Shortly after the marraige Jennifer was pregant. John was able to see his son Scott born, but sadly Jennifer died in labor. About a year and a half later John disappeared. Scott was left to be cared for by young Jack Shepard and his grandmother, Juana. After declassification, records posted that Cpl.Shepard was killed by Romulans.
  • Scott Alexander Shepard is Jack's nephew. Jack was the stand father figure despite his young age. He didn't have much choice in the matter since the responsibilty was thrusted upon him by the disappearance of his brother John. Jack cared for him and was there throught his early years. At age nine, Jack left Scott in the care of his grandmother as he left for the marines. Jack kept in contact with Scott after his time with Spec Ops was over. When Jack decided to leave Starfleet to save his friend, Scott was furious. It took time for him to warm up to his uncle once he re-surfaced. After Jack disappeared on Layte, Scott was more than happy to see that his uncle was alive and well. Jack promised he wouldn't go on anymore fool-hardy missions. Obviously that was a promise Jack broke as he accepted a special assignment. Scott was once again furious at the news his uncle gave him. Scott did regret the nature of his last conversation with his uncle. As he later realized that his uncle did just lose his wife and was leaving a crew that he started to see as family.

Professional History

  • Shepard was an excellent marine. He has excelled in all aspects off

his enlisted career.

Starfleet Records: Starfleet Marine Corps Military Records

  • Enlistment: 237301.03
  • Name: Shepard, Jack M.
  • Rank: Sergeant
  • Training: Marksmanship, Advance Hand-to-Hand, Close Quarters Battle,
  • POW Training, Escape and Evasion, Infantry, Special Operations,
  • Drill Instructor.
  • Time in Field: Classified
  • Missions: Classified
  • Applied to Academy:237604. 25
  • Application Accepted:237711. 06
  • Honorably Discharged:237808. 02
  • After surviving his enlistment in the Dominion War. Jack was allowed to apply for the academy.

Shepard did a pretty good job in the academy, he did not end up at the top of his class. But of course, because of his past training, he out did everyone in combat trainings. Shepard was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Constitution- B.

  • Shepard's fist assignment led him to a planet called Kepos Prime

which was being setup to colonize people for the Federation. He went on an away team that which he lost two officers and a ton of rocks fell on top of him. He made it out and healed fine. Later Jack was switched out of the SFMC and promoted to LTJG. He was made the Chief of Security for the remainder of his time on Kepos Prime. The remaining Borg attacked the facility. The crew of the Constitution held up until reinforcements arrived. Jack's final act on the USS Constitution- B was protecting the ship from a Borg boarding.

  • He was later sent back to Earth for a Court Martial for actions he committed during his time in the Marines. His Court Martial was ruled inconclusive. While away, Jack learned of the Constitution' s disappearance. He was then re-assigned to the USS Independence. He participated in a sortie to the Furies Furnace and an undercover retrieval of a satellite by a low tech civilization. Right before the Independence got entangled in a war with the Gorn. Jack received a message from an old buddy who used to be in the Marines. It was about an old friend of his who was abandoned. He made the difficult decision of leaving Starfleet to join a group of former Marines to rescue a friend "forgotten" by Starfleet Intelligence. After the team's sucessful extraction of thier fellow Marine, the teams where paid by undercover Intelligence agents to do thier dirty work, which led to mercenary work . Starfleet reinstated Shepard as an Ensign, due to leaving at the eve of the Gorn War.
  • Jack spent the remainder of his known career on board the USS Ronin. His last assignment sent him off ship for an unspecified task force. Communication with the task has since went dark. Notices of MIA has been sent to all team members' families.

Operation Blackfoot

  • Much of the details of what happened during Operation Blackfoot are still classified. What is known about the whole ordeal is a bloody history of personal gain and betrayal. Operation Blackfoot was in response of discovering that captured smugglers bought authenticated Starfleet security codes through a third party source. Starfleet sent an fifteen man team led by a Marine Capt. Joy accompanied by a Startfleet Intelligence Officer. Starfleet lost contact the team shortly after the investigation began. Realizing the complexity of the mission intelligence saw fit to call upon LTJG Jack Shepard. Shepard had the skills of a security officer mixed with battle hardened experiences of being a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps' Special Operations "Project Delta" during the Dominion War. We was given command of a larger team with specialists and a squad of marines designated as Special Task Force Alpha 6. All seemed to be well with the mission until six months later when communication with "Alpha 6" ceased. Information would not come until three months later when Jack Shepard physically reported back to SB118 battered and bruised from being in captivity. Upon reporting, *Unclassified Account* Jack reported on being ambushed, and the leader of the criminals was a senior officer with operational knowledge with veterans from "Project Delta" that have been accused of killing Mrs. A.Shepard , Jack's wife. Shepard knew that his former "Project Delta" teammates were a threat to the Federation nd requested assignment. Shepard was given a field promotion to the rank of LT and given command of new personnel. This new group was a rainbow of Starfleet and Marine Personnel and again given the fateful designation "Alpha 6." The team was still out numbered but knew what they had to do. Sending in a major starship would not go unnoticed by anyone and Starfleet wanted to keep this under wraps due to unforeseen consequences. It was an all or nothing all out assault on a base full of thugs and a team of highly skilled veteran marines. ENS Scott Shepard, LT Jack Shepard's nephew, joined the fray even though Jack tried to talk him out of it. Many of the details following are still classified, but it was a hard fought battle with two installations. It took time and the lives of brave men and women to find the second. Due to classified information it is hard to get an accurate account of the casualties involved in operation Blackfoot. What has been declassified was that Capt. Joy's response team was never recovered, all presumed KIA. All members assigned to Alpha 6 are reported KIA. Official records report 74 lost souls due to actions during Operation Blackfoot.

Writer Character History

V239401AO1 Characters and Duty Station
Insignia Rank Character Name Posting Assignment Species
DS9style-ens teal.png Doctor (Ensign) Alexander O'Conner USS Veritas Medical Officer Human/Bajoran
DS9style-ens red.png Ensign James Connelly USS Mercury Helm Officer Human
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant Scott Shepard StarBase 118 Ops Marine Fighter Pilot Human
DS9style-ens gold.png Ensign Scott Shepard USS Victory Security Officer Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Ronin Asst.Chief of Security Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Independence Asst.Chief of Security Human
DS9style-ltjg gold.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack Shepard USS Constitution-B Chief of Security Human