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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code IXVA
Federation Status Restricted
Planet of Origin Ixvapya
Encountered Members of this war-bred species were encountered by the crew of the USS Independence-A after they had nearly blown up DS17 and stolen a Federation starship.
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level (unknown, assumed) N
List of Named Ixvapyans

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  • Proper Name: Ixvapyan
  • Pronounciation: (Ex-va-pi-an)
  • Catelog / Common Name: Ixvapyans

The Ixvapyans are a warrior type race that base their classifications on the desire and development of their people to a given area of expertise, much like Starfleet in some aspects as there are Warlords, Healers, Architects, Engineers and such. The Confederacy of Core Worlds at times has hired the Ixvapyans for matters of war, but condemn the race and the potential warlords in youth are hunted down during the Journey phase of their youth.

Due to the ink dye the race uses in their tribal markings through several generations, their physiology has been altered to allowing the race to elude most of the conventional sensor technologies. Reports have suggested they can move through walls, or perhaps appear unexpectedly. Little is known about the race, aside from the fact that their skin is richly embellished on coverable areas with tattoos. They are tall, bald and black skinned.


  • Height: Average between 7 1/s to 9 1/2 feet
  • Weight: Averages out to 180 - 230lbs
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Black
  • Scars: Depends on how many battles
  • Tattoos: All over their bodies
  • Build: Large chests and rippling, loopy muscle
  • Face: Ranges from Long to Squat
  • Eyes: Black
  • Carriage: Loping, Swinging
  • Clothing: Robes, loincloth
  • Shoes: Barefoot
  • Voice: Oily, gutteral, animalistic
  • Handedness: Ambidexerous


They were once a part of the Core World races before their species, systems and homeworld was destroyed by other member species representing the Core Worlds. The last known Ixvapyans were killed during the battle aboard Odyssey Station while fighting the crew of the USS Independence-A. They are an extinct species.

Physical Characteristics

Physical sighting describes the Ixvapyan as a humanoid, black skin tone, bald, no distinguishing marks although displaying tribal-like characteristics. They are, however, technologically savvy and do not appear on sensors, which makes them extremely difficult to track. They have six-fingered hands and toes.



The security sensors on DS-17 recorded an image of an Ixvapian, however only a tattoo on his forehead was visible. The image has been attached to this record as it is believed that it may help in explaining certain archaeological mysteries in the future.

  • Unconfirmed at this time. Specialists are reviewing the footage arguing whether or not it was a trick of light or an actual Ixvapyan.



The Ixvapyan's are known to be able to hide themselves from sensors. They reflexively release a chemical from their pores that blocks the sensors from reading what is behind it. This reflex happens when their body dectects the presence of a scan. However they are able to consciously stop releasing the chemical thus allowing them selves to be beamed up.


Ixvapyans were a war-based race, often hired to start wars and/or destroy vying factions within the Ithassa Region by various races. In war, they were unmatched and respected for their military skills.

Physiology & Physiological Requirements

Ixvapyans are a long-lived race, children do not come of age until after 50 Suns and Moons into their juvenile years, which adds another 50 Suns and Moons. An Ixvapyan reaches adulthood at 100 Suns and Moons. It is unknown exactly how long an Ixvapyan lives, although the guess is somewhere between 300 to 400 years.


Ixvapyans have three genders. The first two genders have the responsibility of facilitating a kind of heterosexual reproduction, with males containing replenishable gametes inside of an internal storage organ from which the female extracts by means of retractible proboscises located at the knees, in order to enter pregnancy.

The third gender, the caed Ixvapyan, is responsible for population control. This gender possesses organs capable of killing off excessive gestating fetuses inside the female. Caed Ixvapyans can also mate with male Ixvapyans, serving to control the supply of male gametes available to potential mates in the population.

It is thought that this gender was the result of a favourable mutation in a climate in which Ixvapyans had evolved to dominate the food chain of their world, threatening to eat themselves into extinction. Thus, an intra-species predatory gender emerged.

An intricate system of phermones and pigments is responsible for attracting or repelling caed mates.

Ixvapyan gestation typically lasts six months with groups of anywhere from two to six offspring being produced per pregnancy as a function of environmental conditions as they are assessed by caed Ixvapyans mating with female Ixvapyans.

Caed Gender Pronouns

subject sing. tze pl. tzey

object sing. tzon pl. tzoy


  • Social

The Ixvapyans are tribal, each of the tribes represented by a symbol that is painted with the metallic dye on every birth. Heritages are captured by the Artists in the form of pictograms and elaborate paintings that chronicled the development of their race and could be found on their warships. Their Written Language is symbol-pictures while their verbal language is a slick, oily and gutteral harmonic, known as Ixgia.

  • Government

Unknown at this point.

  • Ethics

Unknown at this point.

  • Religous/Spiritual Beliefs

Ixvapyans ascribed the universe as a Great Hunt and were very in touch with nature, believing in the practice of meditation to be one with the environment, nature and universe and yet be individual, which they called the Yan.

  • Development

At somewhere near 50 Suns and Moons, Ixvapyans undergo their Trial, depending on their interest and where their inherit talent lies. Potential Warlords are trained on the jungle planet of Skrizvypai. Healers and Architects have their own Trial which determines the path of the particular Ixvapyan. It is at the onset of the Trial when Ixvapyan are given their scythemii; swirling and grooved dagger blades which are 98% practical and 2% ceremonial. No Ixvapyan would be without their scythemii, incorporating one part of their arsenal they carry on their bodies.

  • Journey

This is the integral part of the Warlord, whereas they are removed from their systems and taken far out across space, compromising the entire whole of the Ithassa and beyond it. The Journey compromises the physical act of Learn as aspiring Warlords must learn to survive out in the galaxy and be exposed to other races, cultures, beliefs and technology which aid in their individual journeys home. Most Journeys will take upwards of 20 - 30 Suns and Moons (or 20-30 Terran Years), about half, a little over half, of the teenaged Ixvapyan. However, Journeys can be up to 50, sometimes 60 or 70 Suns and Moons, depending how far out the aspiring Warlord was taken. Warlords have usually reached adult age by the time they return (100 - 130 Suns and Moons) and ready to build their warship. They always have with them their ceremonial mats. A Healer is also assigned with the Journeying Warlord.

    • As the Journey phase became known, the races of the Ithassa made it their business to hunt down and kill aspiring Warlords with their Healers on the Journeys, which decreased the number of Warlords who did make it home and resulted in festering anger, hostility, and resentment to other races that interfered with their race and beliefs.
  • Learn

Is the process of the Journey all aspiring Warlords must undergo after successful completion of their individual Trial. The Learn encompasses the rest of their lives, starting when they are abandoned far away from the Seven Systems and must begin the journey back. The Learn is simply that, to learn of the galaxy, of the various races, to be exposed to different cultures, ideas and technology to aid in the growth and development of the Warlord when he returns to the Seven Systems. Even then, the Learn continues, as they engage in the practice and further development of war. The Learn does not end until death occurs.


The path of a Warlord is distinguished by the Journey each individual candiate undertakes, deposited far from the Ixvapyan systems and left to find their way back to their race. Warlords undergo a fierce Trial to determine their worthiness before being dumped in some area of space well beyond the borders and left to fend for themselves. Often times potential Ixvapyan warlords are hunted down and killed by other members of the Core Worlds, greatly feared and hated. A Warlord commands an Ixvapyan warship for the race, either protecting the systems or hired to initiate war by another race. Older Warlords proceed to become Architects at a later age (around 250 - 300 years old). A Warlord was usually identified by its Cabollai robe.

Blade Masters

They are Caed Ixvapyans that studied and practiced the art and science of war, demonstrating mastery over every single aspect, from blades to energy weapons, tactics and the design of war. The last known Blade Master died over five hundred Suns and Moons ago.


They are Male, Female and Caed Ixvaypans who design and implement planetary settlements, population, city-states, decide policy and governance, whom determine where, when, why, what, who and how. They are charged with the development, preservation, and expansion of the Ixvapyan race. The Architects oversee the popluations of what's known as the Seven Systems. There are no known Architects left alive.


Generally they are Caed (although there are some Male and Female), who are the equivelent of Doctors.

  • Known Healers:
    • Adonnia


Primarily in the areas of starship design and planetary development.


Or Scientists, those who develop, study and implement the science and work exclusively with Architects, Healers, and Engineers. Discovers are rare. They are also the ones that discovered and developed the metallic compoent in the dye they use to paint themselves which altered the Ixvapyan physiology (as to their genetic development of masking)


The pilots of warships and fighters.

  • Known Navigators:
    • Audrielta: A Female Ixvapyan


Or those who preserved the heritage of the Ixvapyan race and tribes, usually in flowing, elaborate pictographs and great domed Knowledge Centers.


Ixvapyans who dedicated their Trials and Journeys to teaching The Great Language of Knowledge, of which every Ixvapyan begins at the onset of birth up through their Trial and before beginning their Learn phase.


Ixvapyans refer to their starships as warships, as they are designed for the practice of war operations. Members of the Confederacy of Core Worlds routinely hired Ixvapyans to engage in war, as the ships were equipped to travel long distances and could easily traverse the expanse of the Ithassa. A common practice was to take Warlords far out on a warship and dump them to begin their respective Journeys. Some warships have gone out of the Ithassa, but to how far and what kind of propulsion technology was used remains unknown. They were a fusion of organics and metal. There are only remains of warships, scrap metal parts in orbit around the Seven Systems.

Planetary Engineering is another known technology that was well developed.


Unknown at this point.


Warships were the primary backbone of the Ixvapyan military, each under the command of a Caed Warlord. Their executive officers are called Battle Leaders, identified by a man-like ring that had the image of a scythe-like symbol engraved on the top flat surface. Warships were described as a fusion of biology and metal, or biomechanoid. Warships had at least Engineers, Healers, and complimented by Initiates as the main body of the crew. Initiates were assigned as to their respective interests in skills.

  • Known Warships (destroyed
    • Jixwageau
    • Fanga (Hadrian's warship)
  • Known Battle Leaders:
    • Ursuli: A Female Ixvapyan

All Warlords were sent to the training planet, Skrizvypai, to undergo their Trial.

  • Grindalcats were a native species to Skrizvypai/


Not much is known except the Ixvapyans did not have the equivelent of Diplomats or Explorers.


The Ixvapyans and the Seven Systems were the victims of genocide, completely wiped out forty-three Suns and Moons ago in 2346 by a massive force led by the Incest races of Ithassa. All is known at this point is the worlds of the Seven Systems are nothing more than barren landscapes with the wreckage of what was Ixvapyan ships and military warships in orbit around their planets.

Interstellar Location

The Ixvapyan Cluster is composed of seven systems within an undisclosed area of the Ithassa Region. One System is dedicated solely to training facilities while the homeworld, Ixvapya, resides within another system.

First Contact

The first (and last) incident meeting the remnants of the Ixvapyan race was costly, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives and nearly destroyed DS17 as well as two Federation Starships before they were killed and resulted in their extinction.

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