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A large portion of Delica's surface is beset with underground volcanic activity. The result of this is a rather dangerous side effect – the creation and expulsion of Itar gas. Under tremendous pressure, the gas is initially expelled as a volatile steam. Combined with water, it is a corrosive acid that can liquefy even the hardest metals. Such occurrences of Itar steam are rare in the open deserts, but happen frequently in the polar-regions. Ships are cautioned to avoid these and other particularly volatile areas.

Once the water has evaporated and the steam cools, the Itar compound evolves into a heavy gaseous form. Odorless and invisible, the gas will kill an unsuspecting victim within minutes. There is no known antidote except to stay well clear of these areas. Fields of Itar emissions are closely monitored and well-marked if they are near settlements.

Despite its dangers, Itar gas has been harnessed and used as a tool of certain exclusive assassins throughout the galaxy.