Isabel Pond

Lieutenant Isabel Pond (M.D.) is serving as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Atlantis.

USS Atlantis
Isabel Pond
Position Chief Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Trill (unjoined)
Gender Female
DOB 236608.26
Age 34
Birthplace Trill
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
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Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
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Legacy Ribbon.png
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Captain's Commendation
First Contact Ribbon
Innovation Ribbon
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon
Trauma Support Advocate
Explorer's Ribbon
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal
Legacy Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

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Genesis Award
B-Plot Award
1-year Member


  • Height: 5'2" (almost 5’3’’ in the morning!)
  • Weight: Average
  • Hair: Naturally dark brown, sometimes with a shade of red dyed in, bit longer than shoulder length
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Most certainly not model sized


Just a few months after she had got her very first own quarters, Isabel moved again, to share her personal space with her boyfriend, Lt Randal Shayne. They share now the accommodation, although they keep separate bed chambers, for practical reasons. Isabel tries to show her orderly side in her new home as well, hiding that this is just a mere facade, as there is total chaos in all of her drawers and wardrobes.
She makes a point in having a fresh uniform set always laying next to the bed, in case of a medical emergency. Also, she keeps a fully staffed medkit under her bed.
Hobbies and Pastimes
One of the very first hobbies Isabel picked up was dancing, a passion she invested a lot of time in. She was almost able to stick to her training schedule during the Academy, however, she had to step down some time after starting at the Starfleet Medical School. She also took part in both faculties' extra-curricular theatre courses. The only hobby that prevailed through the preparation for the demanding final exam session of the medical school was her fondness for good books, both fiction and non-fiction.
Isabel enjoys the classic literature of the late 22nd century, especially drama. She likes to picture herself in the leading roles of these plays, which generally are greatly influenced by the new founded Federation.
From time to time, especially in company of others, Isabel drinks coffee with ridiculous amounts of sugar, to make the beverage enjoyable.
There is nothing more obnoxious to Isabel than the de-facto mandatory shooting practice with phasers. She sincerely hopes to never being forced to use this weapon.
Isabel hates the study of languages: In a time of universal translators, she was capable of seeing sense in every Academy subject except the languages.
She finds these small holo-images of people creepy and prefers traditional photography and videos.
Ambitions and Goals
Isabel is very keen on the medical oath and expects from herself to always live up to it’s highest standards. Besides that, she plans to do good work, gaining „naturally“ more responsibilities. Privately, she dreams of a family of her own, but only with the right guy and at the right place.


  • Parents: Raffa Pond (Civil Engineer), Kylani Pond (Lawyer)
  • Siblings: Younger brother, currently studying in a program of the Symbiosis Commission
  • Spouse: No time for that so far


On the Darwin

It was a curious incident that brought Randal and Isabel together: After a shuttle accident he was under the care of Doctor Pond when a high dose of pain killers boosted his courage to make a compliment. Flattered, Isabel asked him to repeat that once the drugs had worn off, which he did. They turned the opening ceremony of the outpost Unity into their amazing first date. Isabel's very excited to see where their young love will bring them to.
With the Captain of the Darwin, Isabel shares a rather unique relationship, considering her low rank. During the stay on Turisan, she stayed in the same apartment, which lead inevitably to long conversation at the dinner table. The transition back to the Darwin, where the regular protocol was quickly established again was difficult for her, since she only knew Renos as her flatmate. A clarifying talk in sickbay during a treatment eased some of the uncomfortableness and made her hope that one day, maybe once she will have progressed in ranks, they could become something like friends.
The person she's mainly working with is fellow doctor Lt Cook. As CMO, he is the direct superior of Isabel. However, he likes to ease the regulations a bit when there's no-one who minds around, and she really appreciates that. She nevertheless has a deep respect for the though younger, but much more experienced doctor and feels like, even after graduating from medical school, she can learn a lot from him. Isabel likes his manner to treat even serious situations lightly and is always relieved when a tense moment is resolved by a joke from his side, even if they sometimes are not always completely beyond doubt.
Emery and Isabel's story is the following: Basically, Emery walks into sickbay, saying "Hi! I am your great-grandmother". That is of course culpably simplified, but there's nothing more to say, yet! Isabel is rather curious about the young lady who demanded to meet Isabel's boyfriend mere minutes after they had met.
During the stay on Turisan, Iy was the only non-commanding member of Isabel's household next to herself. Naturally, she felt closest to nem. During her first mission, ne was the one who was closest to being a friend to her. However, her respective assignments back on the Darwin didn't let them cross paths very often, which stalled the development of their relationship. Isabel was shocked when she many months later learned that Iy was a double-agent for an hostile force, probably from the beginning.

On Outpost Unity

Both Isabel and Brenna O'Dell served together on the USS Darwin-A, before O'Dell was transferred to become CMO of the newly built Outpost Unity. As the two women in sickbay, they inevitably became friends, even without sharing some special memories together.

Background - Road to Ensign

Early Life

Isabel Pond’s parents met and lived on earth, even though both of them were Trill and neither of them was a member of Starfleet. They decided to move back to Trillius when the birth of their first daughter was imminent. Isabel was raised solely on the Trill homeworld, the only remnant of her parent’s connection with Earth is her given name.


Isabel’s parents had high hopes for their daughter. They tried to persuade her to apply for being joined with a symbiont, but Isabel had other plans. From very early on she dreamed of becoming a member of Starfleet to explore the galaxy. The parents quickly accepted the decision, especially after her younger brother proved to be a promising candidate for the joining procedure. She first thought about a career in the command section, but she quickly agreed with most of her friends, who all had no connection to Starfleet, to go for a „real“ job. In a last minute decision, she enrolled at the Division of Arts and Science.

Undergraduate Course

Detailed course list and results: Academy Transcript - Undergraduate Studies

It was not easy to decide for a specialisation. It was a professor in the mandatory „General Xenology“ course who convinced her, that xenobiology could be something for her. After some reading, Isabel planed her further studies according to this focus, already considering continuing with the medical school.

Taking every opportunity to learn something, Isabel filled every possible slot with courses. This panned out more stressful than she would have liked. She couldn’t just let not that important courses slide, which probably resulted in a lower overall grade in the core subjects.

Isabel took a few more uncommon elective courses to broaden her experience. Being interested in arts, she took pop culture at the history faculty and „Application of Creative Design in Holodecks“ from the engineering course catalogue. However, specially the later one was a disappointment, since it focused more on the technical than the creative aspects.

Medical School

Detailed course list and results: Academy Transcript - Medical School

Directly after graduating from the undergraduate program, Isabel continued her studies at the Starfleet Medical Academy. Having already completed many of the required xenobiology courses, and her having 60 credit points, she was allowed to complete the required courses during the first three semesters and continue with the clinical rotation the following two years. Therefore, she could complete the required internship in her forth year at the Academy facilities in SB118, resulting in a complete MD at graduation day, followed directly with her first assignment.

Her academy days were as instructive as uneventful. She was a welcome guest at the various events on the campus, but her visits became rarer during the later years. Isabel had to study extensively, but since she grew more and more interested in the subject, this was no downfall for her. She is particularly interested in alien physiology and non-humanoid intelligent life forms. Eventually, she graduated from the theoretical exams with a solid grade, but without any special accolades.

Starfleet Career

Silent Night on Turisan II

Isabel Pond disguised as a Turisan

Isabel Pond’s first assignment was interrupted on her very first day, when a ship wide system failure forced the whole crew of the USS Darwin-A to gradually beam down to the surface of Turisan II, where they had to blend in with the local pre-warp civilisation while waiting for a response to their hail for help.

The crew was divided into households which would look after each other during the stay on the alien world that could be compared to a victorian era earth. Sharing a flat with both the captain and the first officer was a different kind of challenge for the ensign. She was very glad about the company of Iy, who shared with her a place on the lower end of the rank table.

In the city of Lomorton, everyone tried to get accustomed to the old-fashioned way of life. On the search for a regular income, Isabel turned towards the Lomorton Maternity Hospital, an institution dedicated to the health and safety of mothers-to-be. Unfortunately, these efforts didn’t nearly have the impact one would imagine, giving birth remained a dangerous process for both mother and child. After proofing her competence, Isabel was hired as midwife, where she tried her best to let her medical knowledge benefit the hospital without violating the prime directive.

She believed herself to be one of the first who got word from the incoming USS Endeavour, dispatched for their rescue, when Captain Renos revealed it during a discussion in the apartment. A few days later, everyone was able to return to the Darwin. Sickbay was full around the clock with crew members who wanted to get altered back to their natural appearance. During a ceremony led by Captain Renos and Fleet Captain Boyd, she was awarded together with the whole crew with the Explorer's Ribbon, for not forgetting their primary mission while trapped on the planet. After her very first mission, she also received the Captain's Recommendation for her efforts in hiding their presence on the pre-warp world, again in a group with other crew members.

Outpost Unity

After the repair work was done, the USS Darwin resumed course to the Dyson sphere they had discovered before Ensign Isabel Pond had been transferred to the ship. Arriving there, the crew started a joint effort with the Talaxians to found a new outpost called Unity. While the engineers were at work, other teams were assigned to different projects to improve the understanding between the two parties on the outpost. Isabel was joining Lieutenant Graeme Cook in a medical exchange project with the goal of preparing the outpost's future medical facility for the treatment of all Federation member species. The Talaxian delegate for the project was Dalixo, a young female Doctor only recently graduated, but with an obvious vigour for their task.

Later, Isabel got assigned to a team that was planing the medical facilities of the outpost, which slowly but surely took form. She was again joined by Lieutenant Cook, who was in charge of the team. Next to them, Lieutenant Brell offered the engineering point of view, whilst Ensign Sienelis represented the science department. Their meeting concluded in a short trip to the building shell of the outpost, where they witnessed remotely an incident which caused the temperature to drop massively. Luckily it hadn't that much of an impact on this team, but in other parts of the outpost, injuries were reported, while at the same time a shuttle accident occurred. Both doctors were called to sickbay immediately to deal with the arriving patients.

Isabel took care of Lieutenant JG Shayne, who piloted the shuttle during the incident. Two crushed ribs and a broken nose demanded attention. During the treatment, she might have been a bit too generous on the analgesics, which led to some confessions of affection from Shayne towards Isabel. As professionally as she could, the Doctor invited the Lieutenant to rethink it when he would have come down from the trip.

Later, during the festivities of the opening of the outpost, Isabel was promoted to Lieutenant JG and appointed to be assistant chief medical officer. Later that evening, Lieutenant Shayne followed her invitation and asked her for a dance at the party. Two songs later, they were a couple.


The first regular mission of Isabel Pond was not as regular after all. The Darwin set sails to investigate intelligence about activities of arguably the most dangerous foe of the Federation, the Borg. Herself, she had been never even be remotely affected by the terror the collective brought over so many worlds. She therefore found herself unable to feel the same amount of respect or even fear as other crew members did.

After the arrival, they were greeted by weapons fire, but it was not directed at the Darwin, but at a mysterious cloud. It appeared to search for protection behind the Darwin. Isabel was assigned together with Ensign Yamaki to a team led by still civilian counselor Didrik Stennes. They should investigate signs of intelligence. They were quickly able to determine that the cloud, consisting of billions of Nanoprobes, was indeed sentient. The team was also able the intent of the cloud, the peaceful exploration of the galaxy, a goal it had probably learned while analysing the cultural database of the Federation. After the mission was completed, the Darwin gave the cloud a ride to a nearby uninhabited planet, on which they can start their endeavour.

For her efforts in communicating with the cloud, Isabel received together with the team the First Contact Ribbon. She also earned her first star on the Explorer's Ribbon, as well as the Galactic War against the Borg Campaign Medal.

The Ties That Bind

After a quite relaxing shore leave, the Darwin found itself in Numiri attack on Outpost Unity. Faced with a large attack with numerous ships of different sizes and an inside job on the outpost itself. Isabel took over the lead at sickbay, after CMO Cook was stuck on the ground. Dealing with various difficult patients, she kept check on her team of nurses and together they managed to hold their heads over the workload and nobody died that day.

Next to various smaller injuries, two larger cases demanded extra attention from the doctor herself: After only the first blows were exchanged, Commander Icavoc presented unique challenges, as his species was largely unknown to Isabel. With assistance of counselor Ensign Scudder they managed to cleanly amputate the Commander's hand and thanks to his plant-like physiology, the hopes are high that they can still restore full functionality. The second patient was Ensign Yamaki, who had suffered large scale plasma burns during engineering works in the damaged warp nacelles.

After the attack was fended off and with the crew reunited, two two people were clearly missing: Recruit Iy and Captain Renos nemself. While everyone got assigned to tasks aiming to find them as soon as possible, the medical team started to examine the body of former Darwin doctor Janel Tarna who was left behind as a strange message of the retrieving Numiri forces in a torpedo casing. However, only minutes in, they engaged an unknown vessel which was suspected to be involved in the disappearance of the Captain. The following fight quickly claimed the first casualties, Isabel was called to the astrometric lab to take care of a dislocated knee of Lieutenant Valdivia. As soon she returned to sickbay, she was again assigned to a new task, unfortunately leaving Dr Cook alone to take care of the autopsy.

She became part of the boarding party, together with Security Officer Logan and Engineer Varaan. Without any resistance, they quickly found and extracted the heavily tortured Renos by shuttle transfer.

In the aftermath, Isabel was heavily invested in the treatment of Icavoc. Still without any results, she was remaining hopeful that they would be able to regrow the lost hand on the long run. Captain Renos was hosting a ceremony to celebrate the successful mission, during which Isabel was awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon and promoted to Lieutenant.

Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow

While the mentioned celebration was ongoing, scientists from the outpost discovered that various access points to the Dyson sphere were opening. They also uncovered that the gates would close again after some limited time. Of course, the party came to an immediate halt. Everyone was assigned to one of the teams ready to enter the sphere.

Once again, Isabel was assigned to the team of newly appointed First Officer Varaan. Ensign Paulsen joined them as the third team member. After a frightening ride on an high-speed elevator, they reached a lonely street. The air was generally breathable, but heavily polluted with orange-brown dust. They decided to leave the breathing masks on, until they entered one of the numerous buildings. At first, it appeared to be an office complex, but on the second floor, they discovered a series of labs. Thanks to Varaan's technical affinity, they were able to gain access and even turn the lights on. One of the labs seemed to serve a medical purpose, but as the samples were stored in a heavily shielded storage cupboard, they were not able to find out what had been researched there. A failed attempt to access one of the computer consoles caused the sphere itself to tamper with the Darwin's systems and beam out Paulsen. At the same time, a friendly robot was activated. After some communication difficulties, the robot named Inx agreed to show them around and offer some explanations, but it malfunctioned before they could find out anything.

Service History

Service History
  2384 - 2388
Starfleet Academy, Department of Arts and Science
Major: Xenobiology
  2388 - 2392
Starfleet Medical Academy
MD, including 1 year internship
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239212.10 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical
Ensign 239212.10 - 239302.09 USS Darwin-A Medical
Lieutenant JG 239302.09 - 239307.25 USS Darwin-A Medical
Lieutenant 239307.25 - 239403.01 USS Darwin-A Medical
Lieutenant 239403.01 - 239405.01 USS Atlantis Medical
Lieutenant 239405.01 - Present DS26 Medical

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239212.10
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Explorer's Ribbon 239301.6
USS Darwin-A
Awarded to a person who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
Captain's Commendation 239301.6
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for her efforts in remaining undetected during the stay on the pre-warp world Turisan.
First Contact Ribbon 239304.13
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for her efforts in establishing communication with the artificially intelligent nanoprobe cloud.
Explorer's Ribbon 239304.13
USS Darwin-A
Awarded to her participation in the research about and the transportation of the nanite cloud.
Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal 239304.13
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for her participation in a mission to investigate of Borg activity.
Lifesaving Ribbon 239307.25
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for her efforts during the Battle against the Numiri and the following mission.
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 239311.02
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for an emergency field amputation.
Explorer's Ribbon 239311.02
USS Darwin-A
Awarded to her participation in the exploration of a nebula.
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon 239402.27
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for saving Captain Renos and nir child with Dr Jora
Innovation Ribbon 239402.27
USS Darwin-A
Awarded for participation in finding a makeshift medical agent.
Legacy Ribbon 239405.01
USS Atlantis
Awarded for being part of the Atlantis' relaunch.
Trauma Support Advocate 239405.01
USS Atlantis
Awarded for the longterm support of LtCmdr Icavoc.

SIM Archive

Isabel arrives for her first day of duty at sickbay, where she's meeting Lt Graeme Cook. The introduction is cut short when the serious troubles of the Darwin commence.
During a treatment of burn wounds, Captain Renos asks Isabel about her academy time and her motivations.
Isabel struggles to get ready for the ceremony later that evening and gets promoted to Lieutenant JG.

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