Iolo Madoc Llewelyn

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Crew of USS Resolution


Marine Captain


  • Position: Chief Marine Officer
  • Ship: USS Resolution
  • Rank: Marine Captain
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse: None

  • DOB: 234012.27
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Shaved
  • Facial hair:Reddish blond goatee.
  • Eye color: Green
  • Height: 6'1/2"
  • Weight: 113 kg
  • Birthplace: New Cardiff,Galatia Prime

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Iolo Madoc Llewelyn



  • Mihangel Lloyd Llewelyn (father)
  • Anghared Siwan Llewelyn (Mother)


  • Rhiannon, Breila (Sisters)
  • Taliesan (Brother)


  • Morgana Beverly Llewelyn

Children: (all males)

  • Mihangel Lloyd Llewelyn II (13 y.o.)
  • Sion Madoc Llewelyn (10 y.o.)
  • Thomas Howard Llewelyn (1 y.o.)

Chronological History

  • 234012.27 Born in New Cardiff, Cymric district,

Galatia Prime

  • 235901.03 Entered compulsory military service with the

Galatian Defense Forces.

  • 236002.01 Selected for advanced combat training as

part of the elite Special Services Division. Public records indicate qualifications in Sub orbital Freefall/ Low Opening insertion techniques, demolitions, advanced unarmed and improvised weopon combat arts, and Expert qualification in ballistic, phased energy, fusion pulse and edged weopons. Remaining SSD training remains classified, however Starfleet personnel familiar with Llewelyn’s service during the Cardassian War indicate possible psychological operations training up to and including possible involvement with the GDF’s Project Stargate. Unconfirmed reports indicate the focus of this group is non-linear imaging of potential targets independent of locality and spacetime; sometimes referred to as “remote viewing”. Llewelyn’s alleged potential involvement in this group should not be viewed as evidence of any natural psychic abilities, as studies have shown that virtually all humanoids, if instructed in the rigorous protocols utilized, can achieve at least some success utilizing the techniques. If in fact he was an active member of Project Stargate, however, it can be presumed that he has an above average ability in the areas of mental discipline and information discrimination.

  • 236201.15 Llewelyn deploys for the first of his 3

combat tours. As the Cardassian/ Federation war dragged on, fewer and fewer major battles were being fought as both sides concentrated on consolidating their major territories. Both sides instead concentrated on contesting systems caught between the two. This change in emphasis resulted in a prolonged “low intensity” conflict using guerrilla tactics and special warfare units vying for control of the border worlds. Llewelyn is wounded twice and promoted to the rank of platoon sergeant.

  • 236301.15 Llewelyn deploys for his second combat tour.

He receives several commendations for assuming command of his company when the command staff were killed in an ambush.

  • 236308.01 Llewelyn receives field grade promotion to
  • 2nd Lieutenant, and is given his own platoon.
  • 236311.01 Llewelyn’s field grade promotion is upgraded

to full commissioned officer status. He ordered back to Galatia Prime for mandatory officers training.

  • 236403.01 Llewelyn completes his officers training

and is promoted to 1st Lieutenant. As a distinguished officer of the GDF SDD he is offered the opportunity to participate in an officer exchange program with the Klingons. He accepts and spends the next year training with the Klingon Defense Forces.

  • 236503.01 Llewelyn successfully completes his year of

training with the Klingons and is offered the honor of being allowed to attempt to pass the Klingon Rite of Ascension.

  • 236503.15 Llewelyn successfully completes the Klingon

Rite of Ascension and is bestowed with official Klingon warrior status under the Klingon name Hreth’gir.

  • 236506.01 Llewelyn completes a two month leave on Risa

and upon his return to the GDF is promoted to Captain and given his own company of SDD troops.

  • 236509.01-236512.31 Llewelyn’s military record for

this time period is classified and unavailable for review at this time.

  • 236602.01- 236703.31 Llewelyn deploys for his final

combat tour of the Cardassian/ Federation War. It ends with the cease fire of 2367. His term of service obligation ended, he separates from compulsory service at the rank of Major.

  • 236709.01 Llewelyn is accepted into Starfleet Academy

under the provisions of a program designed to reward the Cardassian War Veteran officers of non-Federation allies for their service during the war. He meets Cadet Morgana Howard in new cadet orientation. They form a romantic relationship shortly thereafter.

  • 237104.18 Llewelyn graduates from Starfleet Academy

with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Morgana Howard graduates from the Academy with a degree in Family Services Administration.

  • 237106.16 Llewelyn weds Morgana Howard.
  • 237109.03 Llewelyn begins postgraduate Academy work

under the accelerated PhD. Track. Morgana Llewelyn begins postgraduate 5th year training for her teaching credential.

  • 237204.23 Morgana Llewelyn receives her teaching

credential and is promoted to Lt.(jg). She begins an internship with the Starfleet Command Family Services Division.

  • 237208.04 Mihangel Lloyd Llewelyn is born at Starfleet

Medical, San Francisco.

  • 237304.20 Llewelyn completes his postgraduate studies

and is awarded his doctorate in comparative psychology and is promoted to Lt. (jg). He begins serving an internship with Starfleet Medical’s Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy.

  • 237504.01 Llewelyn is promoted to full Lieutenant.
  • 237507.29 Sion Madoc Llewelyn is born at Starfleet

Medical. Both Llewelyn and his wife are granted a two year posting to San Francisco prior to their mandatory fleet deployment.

  • 237708.15 Llewelyn successfully completes the

Lieutenant Commander’s training course and examination and is promoted to Lt. Commander.

  • 237709.01 The Llewelyns receive orders to report to

SB118 for deployment to the USS Arizona. Llewelyn is assigned Ship’s Counselor Duties. Morgana Llewelyn is assigned Chief Family Services Administrator duties and is promoted to full Lieutenant. The family settles into the family quarters area of the Arizona’s saucer section.

  • 237806.03 The USS Arizona meets with catastrophe.

Llewelyn and his family survive the ship’s destruction. Morgana Llewelyn is reassigned to duty on SB118 while Llewelyn is assigned to the USS Indria.

  • 237809.14 The USS Indria, taking part in a joint task

force with another fleet against a Borg incursion, takes heavy damage in the battle.

  • 237811.27 Morgana Llewelyn accepts a position at a

Starfleet Colonial Support Station on Caldos 4, so that the couples children can be seen to by her family while Llewelyn recouperates.

  • 237912.01 The Dominion War raging, Llewelyn receives

an urgent request that he resign from Starfleet and rejoin the Galatian Defense Forces in the war effort. Against his wife’s urgings, he does receive a temporary “leave of absence” from his Starfleet position to allow him to fight in a combat leadership role as part of the ORC military.

  • 238110.17 Caldos 4 Colony attacked and devastated by

Dominion forces. Llewelyn’s family survives but Llewelyn spends six agonizing weeks stuck in combat with no news of their fate.

  • 238206.11 Llewelyn takes part in the final invasion of

Cardassia Prime. In recognition of his efforts he is assigned command of the Rhondda Orbital Platform, orbiting Galatia Prime. Llewelyn wants his family to join him but Morgana Llewelyn insists that her duty is to her homeworld of Caldos 4 and its reconstruction. Llewelyn, feeling his own obligation to his homeworld, formally resigns from Starfleet.

  • 238207.19 Morgana Llewelyn files for legal separation

from Llewelyn.

  • 238303.28 The Rhondda Orbital Platform is attacked by

renegade Jem’haddar, stranded in the quadrent following the Dominion war. Llewelyn retreats planetside to plan his counterattack.

  • 238304.02 GDF forces under Llewelyn’s command retake

the ROP but the political damage has been done. Fearful of future attacks, the Galatian government begins talks with the Federation about annexation of their territory.

  • 238311.01 Galatia Prime formally secedes from the ORC

and becomes a Federation system. The Rhondda Orbital Platform is re-designated Starbase 619. Llewelyn is out of a job.

  • 238312.01-Present Llewelyn signs with the Federation

Merchant Marines as a sergeant at arms. Begins a one year tour of duty. Complications due to PTSD cause him to be let go. He returns to Caldos 4 and begins working with the Relief effort. Llewelyn and Morgana reconcile and in late 2384 Thomas Howard Llewelyn is born. Llewelyn is selected to serve as a community leader due in part to his administrative experience. Morgana continues to serve in Starfleet Reserves but has taken on a teaching job as well. It was Llewelyn’s intention to never again wear a Starfleet or any other uniform. That all changed following a mysterious visit in early 2385 after which he sadly, but resolutely bade goodbye to his family yet again, and returned to Starfleet Academy for a mandatory refresher course required for reinstatement to Starfleet.

Detailed Dossier

::Bio of LLewelyn:: Born on Galatia Prime, formerly a member world of the independent Outer Rim Confederacy. Originally the ORC consisted of the worlds containing the cultures of the Celtic diaspora, which left Earth 200 years earlier to preserve their cultural heritage apart from the homogeonized environs of the Federation,( Some of the earlier settlers colonized the now federation controlled colony of Caldos 4), the Naussicans, the Benzites, the Bynar, the Krytal, ancient offshoots of the Cardassian race, differentiated by the greenish tint of their skin and culturally by their proclivity for long hair amongst the male of the species, the Bajiri, ancient offshoots of the Bajoran people, virtually identical to modern Bajorans except for the not often seen mid brow ridges that are present in all Bajiri, and the Na'al, who virtually keep to themselves, and are never seen in public without head to toe swathed in loose fitting robes and veils.

Being raised in the Cymric sector, called by the English tongue "welsh", though never to the face of a Cymro if the person knew better, Llewelyn was brought up in the Celtic Christian faith, though his ardor for it has laxed at times. Like all people raised on Galatia, he speaks the languages of every Celtic region, Cymraeg, Cornish, Manx, Galizian, Scots, Gaelic, and Breton. Virtually everyone on the planet also speaks a local dialect known as Keltich, which is a conglameration of all of the above, and is the official language used by the Galatian Defense Forces. The English language is not welcomed on the Celtic homeworld, and tolerated only by those peoples of Celtic descent that journey there to study their heritage. Llewelyn had decent marks in school, and played Rugby in the 7 nations series, being capped 5 times before his service during the Cardassian Federation war. Because the ORC existed in close proximity to the Federation colonies and engaged in much cultural and economic exchange with them, and concerns over Imperialistic Cardassian influence so close to their borders, the ORC entered into an alliance with the Federation to liberate the colonies. This mutual cooperation continued to the close of the Cardassian War.

Llewelyn enlisted in the Galatian Defense Forces, by law, on his 18th birthday and underwent cross training with the Klingon Defense Forces. The Klingons and the Galatians had skirmished many times, to no clear victory on either side. One side effect, however, grew out of the experience. The Klingons respected the Bardic Warrior Culture of the Celts and their passion for recounting the heroic deeds of their ancestors.(Llewelyn's own brother Taliesan is a Bard of the 1st order, having completed 20 years memorizing the Mabinogian, and 3 years of cultural apprenticeship under the tutelege of a professional Master Bard) This mutual respect of cultures led to personnel exchanges over the years for the best of the Galatian military. Llewelyn was amongst a handful of exchange personnel that so distinguished himself in combat that he was offered the privelege of undergoing the Klingon Rite of Ascendancy. Upon completing the ceremony by the grasping of a Klingon d'ktagh, blade first, he recieved a Klingon name and nominal rank of Warrior.

Physical Characteristics

Llewelyn is currently 45 standard Federation years old, stands 6' 1/2" high, and weighs 100 kilos. His head is clean shaven, however he sports a reddish blonde goatee. His eyes are green. For those fortunate, or unfortunate enough, to see him in a semi disrobed state they will observe a Klingon Imperial triad and his Klingon name tatooed on his right bicep, a Celtic knotwork lion on his left bicep, and an ornate Celtic Cross tatooed across the whole of his back.

In keeping with established Cultural expression doctrine, Llewelyn wears the distinctive Celtic choker, a torc, consisting of 1/2 cm of braided gold 18cm long terminating in two golden 1cm orbs with a 2cm space in between. On formal occasions he has also been known to wear a Romanized Celtic sash made of nine yards of Galatian wool plaid gathered at his left shoulder, with a large knotwork fastener.

Training and Experience

Llewelyn has a previous combat experience as a member of the Outer Rim Confederacy joint contingent allied with Starfleet ground forces in the Cardassian War. The ORC was an independant entity sharing the space adjacent to the cardassian Union and the former federation colonies. They were strong supporters of the Maquis movement, disgusted with the Federation's abandonment of worlds that their people had fought so hard to free during the conflict. In protest of this blatant disregard for the Confederacy's disproportionate number of soldiers who gave their lives in defense of the colonies, the ORC suspended diplomatic ties with the Federation from the time that the Cardassian Federation treaty.

This isolationist stance towards the UFOP lasted until the commencement of the Dominion War, where mutual defense concerns overshadowed old grievances. It was during the cessation of hostilities leading up to the UFP/ Cardassian Treaty that Llewelyn elected to take part in a program which allowed Cardassian War Veterans from non Federation worlds the opportunity to apply to Starfleet Academy. Llewelyn earned his commission as an Ensign and then went on to earn a PhD. in Comparitive Psychology from the Academy's prestigious Graduate Studies program. Following an internship at Starfleet Medical, he was licensed to act as Ships Counselor.

Llewelyn's first spacebourne deployment was to the USS ARIZONA, which opened up the opportunity for his family, a wife and 2 sons, to join him on assignment. His wife, also a Starfleet officer, was appointed to serve as the head of the family support program on board the Arizona. Morgana Llewelyn, Lt., was raised on Caldos 4 and is a second cousin to Beverly Howard, later Beverly Crusher. With the breakdown of diplomatic ties with the ORC, Llewelyn elected to stay in Starfleet because of his wife and children's status as Federation citizens.

Following the destruction of the Arizona, Llewelyn was temporarilly assigned to the USS Indria where he received a catastrophic injury. He spent a full year in medical recovery and relocated to Caldos 4 with his family. At the commencement of the Dominion War he petitioned for and was granted leave to rejoin the Galatian Defense Force, where he served honorably, though not without injury or turmoil. The destruction of Caldos 4 colony, where his wife, still serving as a Starfleet Reserve officer of the rank of Lt. Commander, and his 2 sons were living, caused him much anguish.

To his relief, his family survived and his wife assumed an active duty role in the reconstruction efforts at the colony. Toward the end of the Dominion War, Llewelyn, now a Lt. Cmdr in an HCO capacity, formerly retired from Starfleet when ordered by the GDF to administer an orbital station known as the Rhondda Orbital Platform, orbiting the predominately Celtic "homeworld" of Galatia Prime. The destruction of Caldos 4 colony weighed heavily on Morgana Llewelyn, and her husband's long absences exacerbated a growing rift between the two. They were legally separated when catastrophe struck and the ROP was overrun by renegade Jem H'dar and their privateer allies in the Morago (see star trek: a final unity). This instability, so close to the Galatian homeworld, long the moral and political center of the ORC, created a rift within the Confederacy long after the invaders were repelled.

Galatia Prime and several of its sister worlds eventually seceded from the Confederacy and petitioned for membership within the Federation for protection. Several ORC worlds elected to maintain their independance, most notably, the Naussicans. With the ROP's re designation as Starbase 619, Llewelyn found himself out of a job. For a timeLlewelyn sought work in various endeavors within the Merchant Marines, but his life seemed more and more fruitless. Determining to put his life back in order, Llewelyn returned to Caldos 4, working in the relief effort and sought treatment for post traumatic stress, depression and disillusionment.

Morgana Llewelyn, having dealt with her own bouts of depression and PTSD, now came to the support of her estranged husband. Slowly, and not without fits and starts, the two gradually became closer and ultimately reconciled. The rebirth of their marriage culminated in the birth of a third son to the couple. Together they became prominent people within the community. In addition to her Starfleet duties, Morgana found time to pursue her love of teaching. Llewelyn served in various administrative capacities and civic offices and their family thrived. In early 2385 he received a mysterious visit, the details of which, if ever acknowledged at all by the Federation, would be above top secret classified. It was therefore a shock to all, including his family, when he announced that he'd decided to rejoin Starfleet.

Privately, he made his wife aware that while he could not disclose his real mission, he stressed that he was being recruited to a special project at the behest of the President of the Federation. He stressed the need for secrecy within his assignment, and asked that she trust that he would not have accepted the assignment had it not been for the gravest of reasons. He also stressed that she was to never, under any circumstances, disclose the circumstances surrounding his decision to come out of retirement, especially to members of Starfleet. Failure to follow this principle, he told her, would place his life in grave danger, and end her career if it were ever traced back to her. Two weeks later, he bade his family goodbye, and caught a transport to Sector 001, and Starfleet Academy.

Fleet Awards

Resolution Awards

Award History
Award Name Date Mission
ResolutionPurpleHeart.jpg StarFleet Purple Heart 238607.12 Act of Mercy
ResolutionCombatAction.jpg Combat Action Commendation


USS Resolution Missions

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