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On the bridge of an Intrepid class ship, the engineering station is located in a recessed alcove on the starboard side, fore of the tactical station and adjacent to the captain's ready room.

The engineering systems monitor duplicates, in simplified form, the chief engineer's primary status displays from main engineering. These displays include the warp propulsion system, impulse propulsion system, and related subsystems. The purpose of this station is to permit the chief engineer to maintain supervision over engineering systems while on the bridge, which is particularly important during alert situations where the chief engineer's presence on the bridge is necessary, but key systems need supervision.

During most routine operations, bridge monitoring of engineering systems is the responsibility of the flight control officer and the operations officer.

The console is linked to the engineering systems through the bridge's dedicated optical data network (ODN) trunks, but an additional measure of redundancy is provided by dedicated optical hardlines, which permit direct control of key systems in the event of major control systems failure. In such a case, the main computer cores would be assumed to be unavailable or unreliable, so manual control of systems would be enabled with support from the bridge Engineering subprocessor.

This station is normally unattended, and configured for passive systems status display. But priority access by the chief engineer or senior staff can provide full control of many engineering systems.

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