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The Science station is located in a recessed alcove on the port side of the Main Bridge, fore of the Ops station and adjacent to the Briefing Room. It is used by bridge personnel to provide realtime scientific data to command personnel. This station is assigned to members of the Science division on board the starship, and is manned at all times.

In some cases the science station is used by personnel attached to secondary missions including researchers, science officers, mission specialists, and others who need to coordinate operations closely with the bridge. A typical example might be an ongoing study of stellar composition, normally handled down in the stellar spectroscopy lab, but which has occasional periods of large-volume observations better managed from the bridge. Another example would be the control of an automated probe, gathering interstellar dust samples from a hazardous area, later requiring specific ship maneuvers in order to successfully recover the probe and its samples.

The Science station has priority links to Conn, Ops, and Tactical. During Alert status, it can have priority access to sensor arrays, if necessary overriding ongoing science department observations and other secondary missions upon approval by the Operations Manager.

Science Station Functions

Primary functions of the Science station includes:

  • The ability to provide access to sensors and interpretive software for primary mission and command intelligence requirements, and to supplement Ops in providing realtime scientific data for command decisionmaking support.
  • The ability to act as a command post for coordination of activities of various science laboratories and other departments, as well as for monitoring of secondary mission status.
  • The ability to reconfigure and recalibrate sensor systems at a moment's notice for specific command intelligence requirements.

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