Into The Inferno (Challenger)

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((Observation Lounge - USS Geronimo))

::Entering the Observation Lounge, Toni knew what she had to say was not going to be very popular with the staff after all they had been through with the Borg, but Starfleet’s orders were clear, and there was no getting around them. She cleared her throat to signal the beginning of the briefing, then stepped closer to the table when everyone had quieted, and brought up the screen.::

Turner: What you see before you is the Hulti System. It has a large sun and 10 planets. The planets are numbered by their relationship to their sun. Only five of them are inhabitable.… Hulti 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10. The rest are uninhabitable as they have poor conditions or are gas giants, and there is a HUGE asteroid belt between Hulti 8 and 9. Several of the moons in the system are inhabited by mining colonies.

The Hulti system is on the far edges of federation space. And because it's where the newest Starbase is being built, we have a good bit of intelligence information to cover, so bear with me.

:: She allowed them a minute or so to study the system, then continued.::

Turner: The thrust of our mission will center on the inhabitants of Hulti 9 and Hulti 5. Hulti 9 is a Class M planet that closely resembles planet Earth, except that it is far more stable in that there has been fewer geological and meteorological disasters, and has approximately 30% more land mass.

Its inhabitants are mainly the Nali, a species with an average height of 6 to 8 feet with an average weight of 150 pounds. The Nali’s lifespan is 400+ years. They are ape-like, covered with hair. They only eat fruits, nuts and leaves, and communicate with a vocabulary of a 3 to 5-year old, but don’t let that fool you. On the Planetary Development Scale their rating is O - Super Techno-Power Age. They are capable of Warp 9… and almost as powerful as the Borg.

The Nali are a nomadic merchant people, very tall and thin, with grey and yellow faces. They are very ruthless… imagine the worst of all Ferengi mixed with the most violent of Klingons. They sell anything and anyone, and are well-known slave traders, who also sell narcotics and weapons.

::Turning their attention to Hulti 5, she continued.::

Hulti 5, a Class O planet, is mainly water, with a reasonably high temperature (40C or 104F) Any land is rocky, mountainous and covered in vegetation. Most of the Gali here live in the water or in caves.

The Gali range in height from 3 feet to 6 feet tall, with a weight range of 100 to 180 pounds. Their lifespan is 450+ years and are totally telepathic/empathic. They communicate only by Telepathy. They also have lungs and Gills, which they can control for an amphibious existence. They are smaller, but still thin, and have a pale blue skin…with silver hair and eyes. Their eyes are large and resemble fish eyes. They develop scales as they age. They are emotionally detached. The Planetary Development Scale rates Hulti 5 type P Super Techno-Power Age.

::Toni looked around the table at the faces, anticipating their first question.::

Turner: Here's the situation... The Nali originally came from Hulti 5, but migrated to Hulti 9. About 10 years ago, they started to notice a marked decline in the number of fertile females, and the numbers have steadily declined, but they have not found a reason for the infertility.

Recently, they decided to abandon Hulti 9 and returned to Hulti 5. Upon arrival they discovered their ‘home-world’ had been colonized and became furious. They began systematically attacking all the colonies on planet, and have already destroyed three cities and a dilithium mine, killing thousands. It's their breeding season, and that makes them behave like the berserkers of Earth’s past. When they kill anyone or anything, they make items from their victims’ bodies… for instance… they make books out of skin, furniture from bones for selling. They initiate a battle faster than a discussion. They kill anyone of their own who is hurt in any way… to get rid of the weakness, and they take the hearts of enemy kills and grind into powder to dust on their fur thinking it will give them strength. They are willing to do anything to restore fertility to their females.

The Gali of Hulti 5 are ‘fond’ of Starfleet, and think of the colonists as their ‘pets’….They spend most of their lives researching other species, and to that end, allowed Hulti 4 to be destroyed for research purposes. They have offered to help, only if really necessary, but rarely get involved with the problems of other races

The Federation wishes to retain Hulti 5, because it is such a successful colony, and is a very rich source of materials. They also wish to finish building their Starbase. Starfleet is sending us there to protect the colonist, and offer to relocate them.

Turner: Commander Netal, any foreseeable problems with the Geronimo?

Netal: Response

Turner: After Dr. Jaxx has evaluated Lt. Syrak, and if he is alright to return to duty, I'd like for you both to man the Bridge Engineering station, and coordinate the Geronimo's engineering staff.

Netal: Response

Ensign Tomson, when the meeting is over, plot a course to the Hulti System, give me an ETA, and prepare to leave the station.

Tomson: Response

Lieutenant Aguinaldo, can you prepare a probe to perform orbital mapping and a geological survey of both planets' topography. We'll need to find out as much as possible about the differences between Hulti 5 and 9.

Aguinaldo: Response

Ensign Tiernan, I want you to find out what has caused the infertility of the Nali. Perhaps it has been cause by something ingested. Also, devise a plan on the best way to get the botanical samples you need for testing from Hulti 9.

Tiernan: Response

Turner: Commander Reid, you have medical until Commander Danzia can join us. I also want you to coordinate your efforts with Ensign Tiernan should the Nali females' infertility be caused by some physiological change

Reid: Response

Turner: Commander Jaxx, I'd like for you and Major West, if he joins us, to work together and devise a plan of action in approaching both the Nali and the Gali from diplomatic stand points. Also, if it comes down to evacuating them, some of the colonists may not want to leave. We'll need your persuasive expertise on that end too.

Jaxx: Response

Turner: Lt. Danar...:: Her eyes falling on the seasoned Marine:: Since Lt. Commander Boles-Barnes' health did not warrant her coming with us, I would like for you to act as Security Advisor in her stead. You and Ensign Ready will be in charge of Security under Commander Barnes. Set up an evacuation plan, and a contingency plan should the miners choose not to be evacuated.

Danar/Ready: Response

Turner: ::nodding to Hugh:: Commander Barnes has agreed to serve as First Officer in addition to Chief of Tactical/Security.


SIMed by... LtCmdr Toni Turner-West Acting COUSS Challenger, NCC-12886