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See also: 118Wiki:Policies and Guidelines

On 23 January 2017, Captains Council passed the following proposal regarding editing etiquette for the Intelligent Lifeform Index.

The purpose of the ILI is to provide community members primarily with a reference on which species are available for play, as well as to provide a reference source on the various species of the Star Trek universe.

New information should not be added to the Intelligent Lifeform Index without reference links to either a UFOP: SB118 sim, Memory Alpha, an FNS article, or Memory Beta.

Species included in the index – and the information which fills their profiles – come from four sources, two of which are considered primary sources of equal importance, one of which is considered a secondary source, and one of which is considered a tertiary source.

Primary Sources

  • Sims posted on a UFOP: StarBase 118 ship or installation.
  • Star Trek canon from the Star Trek television shows and movies (as documented by Memory Alpha).

Accepted sims are those which are not rescinded or countered by a commanding officer and represent group canon. Star Trek canon takes equal precedence with information that has been simmed in UFOP: StarBase 118.

Secondary Source

  • Articles and features published in UFOP: StarBase 118's spin-off site, the Federation News Service.

The FNS is a creative platform offered by UFOP: StarBase 118 to allow our members and others to explore an extended Trek universe beyond that depicted in the primary sources of UFOP: StarBase 118 sims and Star Trek canon. If an FNS article should contradict information from a sim, the sim takes precedence. Contact the FNS so that they may update the article with a correction based on the simmed information.

Tertiary Source

  • "Soft-canon" sources (authorized Star Trek novels, comic books, games, and any other content that appears on Memory Beta) may be acceptably incorporated into our wiki when it does not contradict information from any of the primary or secondary sources listed above. The Captains Council has final approval of what is considered canon in our shared continuity and may veto an addition from Memory Beta if deemed in the best interest of UFOP: StarBase 118.

To add information to a species’ record, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • If your information was created in a sim: Use the reference feature to cite the sim (either with a link to the sim on your ship’s Google Group or within the sim archive).
    • Use the format: “Sim Title”, Sim Author (First Initial and Last Name), Ship on which the sim appears, Stardate of the sim
    • Example: “Cakapunnual”, LtCmdr S. Blake, USS Invicta, SD 239311.09
  • If your information is from Memory Alpha: Ensure that the species page already includes the Memory Alpha reference template at the bottom.
  • If your information was created in an article for StarBase 118’s Federation News Service platform: Use the reference feature to cite the article with a link to the FNS website (
    • Use the format: “FNS Article Title,” Federation News Service, Stardate of publication
    • Example: "President Nan Bacco assures colonists relief aid as Transport Union strike continues," Federation News Service, SD 239201.16
  • If your information is from Memory Beta: Use the reference feature to cite the page on Memory Beta.
    • Use the format: “Memory Beta Article Title,” Memory Beta
    • Example: "Odyssey class,” Memory Beta