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Embassy of Duronis II


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The intelligence office is headed up by Lt (jg) Anthony Creed. Under his leadership, the intelligence division is tasked with keeping tabs on the other two embassies on Til'ahn, the Romulans and Zalkonians.

Creed describes his office by the following:

You could always tell what a person was like by the area that surrounded them; Like the Lieutenant there is nothing too flashy in the space allocated. A single dull unimaginative desk is situated in the middle of the area, the dim lighting did nothing to help those with poor eyesight often demanding everyone to unnecessarily squint their eyes...exactly how Creed liked it.

The only thing worth noting, was the bright rusty orange walls which somehow lifted the mood in the office...clearly a colour not chosen by the Lieutenant...all around the area it becomes apparent that the area is void of any personal artefacts, no pictures, no laughs, no smiles...exactly how he wanted it.

Nothing completes an office more than a window, one that would often allow the person working in it access to the outside world, perhaps a moment to relax and recuperate...or Procrastinate as Creed saw it. That was why Creed liked this office, it lack ANY distractions, with no window, no life, no heart...this area allotted Creed was Elysium to the Lieutenant.

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