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((Conference Room 27: DS17))

::Soft music filled the air coupled with the sensual scent of fine cuisine. Several operations personnel from the station bustled about, finishing a few last minute touches. When the doors parted at 1745, the room glowed softly as the final candle flickered into existence. ::

:: Jessa stood in the doorway drinking in the sight, smells, and sounds within the room. Sea green eyes came to rest on the tall frame of the former security officers, Jason Barnes. Crossing the room to his position, she smiled in greeting before gesturing to the room. ::

Anassasi: Excellent work, Mr. Barnes. :: A server paused next to the pair presenting the Admiral with a glass of wine. Accepting the goblet, she swirled the ruby liquid within. She smiled at the bouquet before taking a sip. :: Hmm…nice. Very nice. Where did you find this little gem?

::Jason smiled impishly.::

Barnes: Actually, it was Admiral Hollis' suggestion.

::Jessa chuckled. Calley was known for his collection of rare vintages. They had shared many a glass during their "kitchen roundtables." ::

Anassasi: I should have know. Ah. . .I see Mr. Cruise has arrived ahead of schedule. If you will excuse me, Mr. Barnes, I will see you later.

Barnes: Of course, Admiral.

::Weaving her way through the tables, Jessa approached the science officer. ::

Anassasi: Good Evening, Mr. Cruise.

Cruise: Thank you Admiral, it is indeed a good evening.

::A pungent synthehol scent floated in the air. The liquid swirled lightly in the mug as he took a sip. Jessa gestured toward it.::

Anassasi: I believe the phrase is "What is your poison?"

Cruise: Oh, well it's supposed to be kitarin beer but something tastes a little off.

Anassasi: Ah. . .I've never liked beer much. Give me a good wine, or a fine brandy and that's another story.

Cruise: ::chuckles:: I see; ::smiles:: I really am not much of a drinker, honest. I guess it keeps me from eating too much. ::winks:: I have to admit though a fine wine does go well with a good meal.

:: She smiled as other officers wandered into their midst. Across the way, the door parted for the large orange furred Chalnoth. Jessa eyed the beast of a man, making a mental note to speak with him in the morning about proper procedure for filing a flight plan. She paused as Lt. Cody walked through the door behind the fanged man. A small smile graced her features at the sight of him. Near the door, Jason rang a small bell. ::

Barnes: Now that we are all assembled, please take your seats.

::With a quick smile at the younger Ensign, the Admiral moved to the head of the table. Still standing, she waited for the others to find a place to sit before raising her glass. ::

Anassasi: To friends and family; may they always be with us in either in body or soul.

::Glasses clanked as cheers rose above the din.::

Anassasi: Our Chef has prepared a number of delicacies for us tonight. Before we begin the meal, however, I would like to recognize Ensigns Hutton, Cruise, and Aharon. Please step forward.

::She waits for them to rise before moving to greet them at the midway point of the table. Removing the first of the rosewood boxes from her jacket, she places a black half-pip upon Alexander's collar.

Anassasi: Mr. Hutton, your performance and dedication to this crew's safety have been exemplary. It is with pleasure that I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

::With a deep smile, she steps back to shake his hand terran-style before moving down the line to Allen Cruise. ::

Anassasi: Mr. Cruise, your scientific knowledge has helped to save and restore the 3A9 system as well as this station. I assume that there will be at least one paper for you to publish in the coming months regarding the biomechanoid. Yet it was thanks to your quick thinking that Mr. Cody is here with us today. It is with pleasure that I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

::Removing the black half-pip from its box, she attaches it firmly to his collar. Stepping back she offers her hand to the newly promoted officer. Finally, she moves to stand before Jacomus Aharon. ::

Anassasi: Mr. Aharon, because of your skills, this crew was able to attempt First Contact with the biomechanoid. I only wish that we had more of an opportunity to test the shuttle modifications before the ship was destroyed. Your teams worked around the clock to rebuild the shuttle bay doors before we returned to DS17. Their skill and dedication are a reflection of your leadership. So it is with pleasure that I promote you as well to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

::Offering one last handshake, she steps back before dismissing them back to their seats. ::

Anassasi: And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, let's eat.