Independence-A Multi-Vector Assault Mode

The Multi-Vector Assault Mode is the front line in Starfleet technology at the forefront defence of the Federation. It was designed specifically for combat situations and that is reflected in a multitude of ways throughout the vessel's various rooms and corridors. It is the pinnacle of systems to come from the minds of Engineers. Its spectacular defence capabilities are aided by a number of systems in its design which encompass the whole ship, working together to achieve the apex of Starship construction.

Multi-Vector Assault Mode

Upgrades in the basic composition of the ship have resulted in its imposing appearance. With the upgrade in type XII phaser arrays, a large accompaniment of photon torpedoes, Metaphasic shielding and ablative armour among others, the Prometheus is a force to be reckoned with. Taken from the detachment of the saucer section on the USS Enterprise-D during the Borg incursion of 2367, the idea was to have the disadvantage of starship battle turned in Starfleet's favour by introducing a starship that could respond to a multitude of variances at different trajectories.

Developed from the designs of the Defiant, Sovereign and Intrepid classes, the Prometheus is equipped to fight with the latest technology at its back in intense battles. It was developed with the Defiant in mind, specifically, in the composition of its individual battle bridges design.

All three semi-independent sections are fully warp capable and has become one of the only ship's within the Fleet which can be run by as little as four people at a time. The need for extensive crews has, apparantly, reached an end with the Prometheus. A further development of the Prometheus has been to include holographic projectors on each deck to allow a fully functional EMH to be used.