Independence-A Mission Logs (2384-2388)

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Biomechanoid Dreams

Stardate 238401.19: The newly-commissioned USS Independence-A is dispatched to investigate a rogue biomechanoid.

Bull's Run

Stardate 238405.09: The Independence investigates a distress signal purportedly emanating from the USS Benjamin Franklin in the Devil's Gate region just outside of FTU space.

USS Euphrates

Stardate 238409.17: The crew of the USS Independence investigate the disappearance of the USS Euphrates in Sector 301; an area known to have been a T'Lithian staging area in their preparation to assault the Federation.


Stardate 238411.22: Temporarily assigned to the USS Phoenix-C while the Independence undergoes repairs, her crew render medical aid to the colonists on TE-IV and investigate the apparant destruction of the Southern Cross.


The Galactic Barrier

Stardate 238502.05: The USS Independence, the USS Ronin and the USS Ursa Major are pulled through a wormhole to the Galactic Barrier, while their remaining members, visiting a planet, recall the USS Phoenix-C to search for their missing crewmembers.

Survey Mission in the Igloo

Stardate 238504.21: Following up on the events during the mission into the Triades-Episolon system, the Independence is dispatched to conduct a survey mission in the Igloo Cluster, where there have been reports of Breen

Leaves & Takings

Stardate 238507.25: Rear Admiral Anassasi is recalled to Starbase Command and the Independence has been ordered back to drydock at DS17. On what was believed to be their final mission, the Independence picked up an Admiral to escort back... and a murderous ripper killing crew left and right.

Asteropolis & the Bung Kho Cartel

Stardate 238510.25: The USS Independence dispatched an away team under the command of Commander C'elest Moranta to investigate weapons trafficking by the Cartel as the Independence came under hostile negotiations with the Grendellai back inside the Igloo Cluster, now under the command of Captain Idril Mar.


A Station, Darkly

Stardate 238602.04: The Independence has been dispatched to investigate an old science station after its 42 member crew of scientists failed to report in.

The Bombing of Deep Space 17 Part 1

Stardate 238605.01: A series of explosives nearly destroyed Starfleet's DS17 station serving the Ithassa Region. It was discovered after the fact the USS Phoenix-C was stolen. The Independence under the command of LtCmdr David Cody has been dispatched to retake the Phoenix... or destroy it if it cannot be retaken.

Phoenix Fire Part 2

Under command of the Ixvapyan Warlord Hadrian, the USS Phoenix-C lays to waste the Grendellai inside the Igloo Cluster as the Independence arrives after a brief detour to the Phoenix's last target, Asteropolis and the FTU.


The Laryn Colony and the Vaadwaur Mystery Ship

Stardate 238807: A little revolution can sometimes be a problem.

Deep Space 17 fell into the hands of the Vaadwaur, displacing the crew of 118-Ops. The Delta Quadrant aliens continued to make their presence known across the whole Ithassa region; their phase torpedoes could bypass standard Federation shields with impunity, including those of the Independence. The ship took a pounding: sickbay was blocked off, the structural integrity was compromised, and the hangerbay suffered severe damage with at least 20% of the FA-150 Maul compliment confirmed destroyed. Command was swamped with casualty reports.

But help was on the way. The crew of Starbase-118 Ops, then aboard the Achilles, was ordered to join with that of the Independence, forming one crew. The Independence planned to escape into the treacherous area of space known as Bull’s Run to meet with the Achilles and begin the transfer of personnel.

Stardate 238808

After a brief battle, the Vaadwaur cruiser was destroyed by the Achilles. However, as their warp core lit up space like a firecracker, it was discovered that this was all part of their plan. The Independence-A was somehow boarded by Vaadwaur.

Engineering, Sickbay and the Bridge were all in their sights. Security teams all over the ship engaged the attackers, trying to force them back. There were only twenty-two of them, but they had the advantage of surprise as well as a few additional tricks up their sleeves.

Stardate 238809: Operation Bright Star

With the intruders dealt with, the crews of Starbase 118 and the USS Independence-A were finally officially merged. Duty posts were handed out, the new and the old began to socialize and meet, and the whole crew prepared for some well-deserved shore leave. Yet frictions began to build between the Marine contingent and the regular crew, and Marine Kildare found at least one unexploded bomb on board left behind by the Vaadwaur.

The Independence-A joined the fleet to retake DS17 through Operation Bright Star. During the battle, the ship was severely damaged, requiring repairs that would last for several months.

Stardate 238711: Rebuilding at DS17

While the Independence remained at DS17 for reparis, the crew assisted in the rebuilding of the station following Operation Bright Star. In an effort to bring a sense or normalcy back to life and to honor the dead, the civilians on the station requested a “Day of the Dead” celebration be held on the station. The Independence crew was drafted to supply security and medical teams for these events while the ship underwent much needed repairs.

Conflict between the remaining Vaadwaur and civilians on the station escalated into a riot, during the Halloween Parade, which LtCmdr. Rogers and security had to contain. At the same time Captain Riley was undergoing major surgery to finally repair the injuries she sustained during the Vaadwaur attack.

Meanwhile, operatives of the Free Trade Union (FTU), hijacked the Latinum Queen, a Ferengi vessel which was delivering the startup latinum for Gunts House of Latinum, a newly opened Ferengi casino on Deep Space 17.

Unbeknownst to many, the Latinum Queen was also carrying a substantial quantity of illegal hallucinogenic drugs which it had intended to deliver to the station. The FTU appear to be taking these drugs to the underground element of the Wheeler Colony, where it has been speculated they have contacts.

The Independence was ordered to pursue the FTU K’Tarkin and prevent the illegal shipment from reaching its intended underground contact.

Stardate 238712: Distortions

In trying to reach Wheeler Colony to retrieve hallucinogenic drugs hijacked by the FTU, the Independence ran into a number of subspace disturbances that knocked the ship out of warp. The ship then began experiencing malfunctions, which were attributed to a saboteur.

LtJG Kobylarz and Lt Townson planned to use the Independence’s fighters to guide the ship through the disturbances. On reaching the hanger, however, they discovered two missing mauls and a hull breach. In trying to save a fellow crewman from the breach, Lt Townson was gravely injured.

Ensign Stark attempted to beam her directly to sickbay, but the subspace distortions have caused a mysterious doubling effect, where Townson is evidenced both in a corridor by the shuttle bay and also within the ship’s hull lining. Meanwhile large portions of the rest of the crew appear to have disappeared only to reappear moments later.

The crew continued to investigate these mysteries as they tried to move beyond the spatial distortions.


Stardate 238801

The crew safely negotiated through the spatial distortions and paused to assess the damage. Lt Townson lost her double and a hand. The ship also gained a mysterious joined Trill of unknown identity who remained in a coma in sickbay. Checking with the local subspace beacon, the crew realized that events they thought took only a day in fact covered two weeks time.

The crew celebrated awards and promotions and then continued on their way to Wheeler Colony to complete their original assignment. While en route, the Science, Engineering, and Security teams investigated an apparent attempt at sabotage and the disappearance of a number of the crew. Also while en route, the ship received word of the devastating Hobus supernova. Captain Riley and her department chiefs wrestled with the decision of when to tell the crew. Deciding to release the information immediately, the crew was informed a group of Romulan refugees were seeking to begin a colony in the Ithassa Region. The crew was concerned, and many volunteered to assist the colony. However, the ship was ordered to finish the mission to Wheeler first.

Stardate 238802: Wheeler Colony

The USS Independence-A tracked an FTU ship carrying hallucinogenic drugs to Wheeler Colony and sent two away teams to the surface. One, led by FltCpt Sidney Riley, aimed to recover the drugs, locating them on a moving train. After finding the drugs, the Captain and Lt Tyriden were inadvertently beamed to the FTU ship. The remaining team members transported back to the Independence. The other team, whose objective was to determine the FTU’s contact on the surface, was led by Lieutenant Commander Karynn Ehlanii. After an encounter with several hostile locals in a bar, the team successfully made contact with a doctor whose son had been kidnapped as leverage to ensure his cooperation with the FTU.

In the mean time, the Independence began experiencing some issues with communications and lost part of their shields. With the shields inoperative, the Independence experienced a hull breach requiring emergency evacuation of part of one deck.

On the FTU ship, Captain Riley located two previously stolen Mauls belonging to the Independence and with the help of a previously captured crew member (LtJG Ayelet Kadosh), Tyriden, and one of the pirates Avro "Oddball" Hawker, successfully flew the Mauls out of FTU hands back to the Independence. In the process, the drugs, still in the FTU ship’s cargo hold, were released into space and intercepted by the Independence, thus accomplishing the mission. The second away team transported home, as ordered, and the FTU ship jumped to warp.

Stardate 238803: The Brice Wedding

Having successfully retrieving the stolen drugs and mauls from the FTU, the Independence headed for some much-needed leave to Deep Space 17. While the crew had many individual plans, the biggest event during leave was the wedding of First Officer Karynn Ehlanii to LtCmdr Ethan Brice. The wedding saw many friends and familiar faces show up on DS17, including Captain Ben Walker, Commander Thelev, LtCmdr Danny Wilde and Fleet Captain Mar, who performed the ceremony. The wedding was preceded by bachelor and bachelorette parties, which involved an exciting game of Truth or Dare for the women and a lot of drinking by the men. A good time was had by all.

Also while on leave, LtJG Alleran Tan rejoined the crew. The Captain’s sister Shannon Riley quit her job at Gunt’s House of Latinum as Tubby the Happy Tube Grub and fled to the ship. Gunt attempted to take legal action against Shannon, but the Ferengi’s complaint was proven bogus when he confessed to Captain Riley and DS17 security chief Msafiri Bakari that Shannon never signed a contract.

LtJG Wulfantine continued to endure unusual changes in his physiology, brought on during the stresses of the away team mission to Wheeler Colony. With the help of Security and Dr. Nevarass, his situation was kept under control. Dr. Tenzin Zhou had a surprise reconciliation with his estranged wife and returned to Betazed with her. Dr. Charles Sampi, expecting to become the ship's new assistant chief medical officer, instead took on the position as head of the medical department.

Stardate 238804: A Call for Help

Following a request from Ambassador Kare’en m’Hapron m’Adrina, who was stationed on a new Romulan colony in the Ithassa region, the crew was recalled from shore leave for their next mission. The senior staff gathered for a mission briefing, which began with promotions followed by a ceremony for changing the registry number of the USS Independence from NX-1776-A to NCC-1776-A in recognition that the ship was no longer an experimental vessel.

This was followed by a summary of the situation within the Romulan colony which had been struggling with flooding and poor water quality, along with insufficient medical supplies and facilities. The ship’s senior staff was divided into three teams: one to design and build a water reclamation system, one to design and build levees against flooding, and one to set up proper medical facilities for the colony. After significant time for questions, which included the level of technology that could be used during this mission, the senior staff was dismissed. Each of the three teams met to discuss and plan their various aspects of the mission.

Stardate 238805: Rain, Romulans, and Reapers

Upon arriving at the planet, the teams beamed down to meet with Ambassador Kare’en m’Hapron m’Adrina and the Romulan colonists. To the crew's surprise, they found the planet to be most inhospitable with constant floods and torrential rains. Conditions were deplorable, and the Romulan colonists held a great distrust of the Federation’s intention to help with the settlement. The crew was also surprised to find a good number of the colonists suffering from a mysterious disease called the Wrath, which caused respiratory distress and skin lesions.

To complicate matters, FltCapt. Sidney Riley, Doctor Charles Sampi and Lieutenant Jade Shryker simply disappeared during a meeting with the Ambassador. No trace was left of the three officers, and LtCmdr Karynn Brice was suddenly left in command of the USS Independence. Faced with difficult decisions, she decided to keep the teams on the planet to assist the Romulans; however, when no clues as to the officers’ disappearances became available, the senior staff was recalled back to the ship to try and find some answers.

Once the senior staff transported back to the ship, the Romulans who were not ill began to riot, thinking they had been left to disease and deplorable conditions. The situation on the planet continued to escalate. Unbeknownst to the Independence crew, Romulan conspirators in the colony planted the virus to infect the Federation, and a traitor among the Independence crew sought to steal the virus for agents unknown. Ensign Handley Page transported to his own ship with technology and information about the virus.

Meanwhile, the trio of officers who had disappeared found themselves in a horrific false reality, where their worst nightmares began to come true. They were tormented by an unknown entity until the leader, The Third of The Father revealed himself to them in an attempt to trick them into staying. It was then that Captain Riley realized they had been “collected” by The Reapers, an ancient mysterious race previously encountered in the Ithassa Region.

Stardate 238806

After recalling the senior staff, LtCmdr Karynn Brice briefed them on the situation regarding the missing captain, CMO, and security officer. Determined to find some answers, the senior staff was split into three teams with their own focus.

Not long after beginning work on the project, the Reaper ship nearby phased, becoming visible to the crew of the USS Independence-A. The missing crewmen’s biosigns were detected aboard. Around the same time, a Reaper intruder was encountered by several members of the crew, ultimately making its way to the bridge. While the bridge crew and others dealt with the Reaper intruder, a rescue team was dispatched to bring home Captain Riley, Dr. Sampi, and LtJG Shryker. Through the crew’s ingenuity, the Reaper intruder was trapped, and the missing crew were rescued, although LtCmdr Clack was temporarily separated from the rescue team. For unknown reasons, the Reaper ship then exploded, taking with it the Reaper that was aboard the Independence.

After being notified of the rioting on the surface below, and the danger it was placing the crew in, LtCmdr K. Brice recalled the remaining members of the away team, leaving equipment and instructions so that Ambassador Kare’en and the USS Wallace could finish the projects.

Stardate 238807: The Aftermath

The crew of the USS Independence-A returned to Deep Space 17 after leaving Bilire VI. Most crew members were able to participate in some much need leave and relaxation on the station. The rest of the crew dealt with the aftermath of the situation on Bilire VI and the Reapers.

Lieutenant JG Shryker dealt with recurring nightmares from her experience with the Reapers. Lieutenant JG Walker found it difficult to deal with her emotions surrounding the Hobus explosion and the Romulan refugees on Bilire VI. Meanwhile, Lieutenant W’tine discovered his father was murdered on Pythro and that he was a wanted man having been framed for the murder. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and Lieutenant Alleran Tan found out they were pregnant with their first child, a daughter.

In the interest of fostering cooperation and friendship amongst the crew, Lieutenants Shryker and W’tine organized a beach volleyball game between members of the senior staff. It was a great success and fun for everyone.

The Independence crew then received orders to track down thieves from the Scarlet Brotherhood who stole an artifact, a stone called the Kosst-Amogen, from the Bajoran Central Archives and who were believed to be in the Ithassa Region. The ship headed for the Aurona Sector, the thieves' last known location.

Stardate 238808: The Scarlet Brotherhood

As the Independence-A trailed the theives' vessel used to take the Kosst-Amogen, some operatives of the Scarlet Brotherhood snuck aboard the Independence, causing many troubles. The first of which was the stabbing of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley by two of their operatives. This was in combination with the sabotage of the engine core to create a near matter-antimatter explosion which resulted in a shipwide lockdown and evacuation preparations. They also tried to poison some crewmembers. One had also taken a child hostage while taking advantage of the confusion. Meanwhile, in sickbay Doctor Sampi and some of his personnel were held captive by some operatives.

These turn of events slowed down the pursuit of the Brotherhood; however, the ship recovered and continued the pursuit into the area of the Ithassa region known as the Bull’s Run. It was unknown why the Brotherhood had come to this area of space, quite far from Bajor. The crew hop;ed to get answers from the several captured members of the Brotherhood in the brig. With the Captain out of commission, Lieutenant Commander Darius Clack took command of the Independence and resumed the pursuit of the Brotherhood.

Stardate 238809: All Is Not What It Seems

Interrogation of the captured assassins, believed to be members of the Scarlet Brotherhood, took place with little useful information obtained. Numerous attempts to disrupt the ship’s systems were attempted by what is believed to be other members of the Brotherhood hiding among the crew. All attempts at sabotage were nullified by quick thinking of the ship’s senior staff. A distress call was received from an unknown vessel. However, the vast distance between the two ships caused the message to be garbled.

In an attempt to raise crew morale, Lt Alleran Tan treated them to a specially cooked dinner in the ship’s Mess Hall. The meal was cut short as the Independence was caught in a wormhole while en route to Bajor. The Independence along with a mystery ship emerged at a point believed to be located in the Mirror Universe. Before the Independence could recover from damage caused by the trip, one of its shuttles was stolen by members of the Brotherhood who minutes earlier had been beamed on board the Independence from the mystery ship before its destruction. In an effort to retrieve the shuttle and the escaped prisoners, an away team was assembled and sent out in search of the stolen shuttle.

Stardate 238810

The crew remaining on the ship sought refuge in a nebulous cloud to prevent being detected by other ships while they tried to figure out a way home. However, the plan backfired when they were detected by a curious Terran Resistance ship, the mirror USS Tiger. The rebel captain Shannon Riley and her crew boarded and launched an attempt to take over the ship, which resulted in the destruction of the main bridge and several other areas of the ship. Many crew members were injured, some severely. A virus was introduced into the ship systems and ravaged the computer systems.

The away team didn’t fare much better. After landing on Mirror Bajor, the away team split into two teams to attempt to find the second shuttle. Lieutenant Shryker and Ensign Velana were captured by the mirror version of Galon Sudra, an inquisitor for the Cardassian/Klingon Alliance. The Shuttle Teddy was destroyed to prevent it from being taken by the Cardassians. After finding the stolen shuttle, the rest of the away team came together and launched a successful attempt to rescue the two missing crew members. The away team then returned to the ship, which was currently under attack by two Klingon Birds of Prey.

Stardate 238811: Sacrificing the Independence

Captain Riley ultimately chose to activate the self-destruct sequence of the crippled Independence rather than let it fall into enemy hands. The crew were evacuated to the mirror USS Tiger and then were transported back to the prime universe thanks to the ingenuity of the engineering and science teams. However, the Independence lost all power before the self-destruct sequence could finish and unbeknownst to the crew, it was left floating adrift, dead in space.

Unsure of which posting they were headed to next once they got back to DS17, the crew were soon surprised by the arrival of a new Prometheus class ship to take the place of the Independence: the USS Tiger-A.