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Illiam Corexus (Hayex) Brax
Position Doctor/Partner in Brax-Jowns Health Clinic/P.I.P.A Agent
Rank Civilian
Species Trill
Gender Male
DOB 235004.13
Age 46
Birthplace Trill

Brax suffers from a rare Trill disorder which discolored his skin and eyes giving him the odd appearance he has. This also lead to his interest in becoming a Doctor.

General Information

  • Nickname: Liam, Brax
  • Orentation: Bisexual
  • Expect In: Xeno-Biology, Common and Uncommon Diseases of Humanoid Lifeforms, Other Knowledge from Previous Host
  • Languages Spoken: Many
  • Joined: Brax Symbiote
  • Other: Co-Owner/Partner of Brax-Jowns a private Mental and Physical health clinic he opened with Killian Jowns on SB118.


  • Height: 5ft. 9in.
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Yellow-Gold
  • Build: Athletic, Muscular
  • Handed: Both


  • Mother: Mayva Hayex, Unjoined Trill (59)
  • Father: Father: Corexus Hayex, Joined Trill (61)
  • Siblings: Several
  • Parnter: Single
  • Offspring: None

Previous Host

(1st) Kade Brax: Kade was an Olympic class athlete of the Trill homeworld. He was also a martial artist. He had won medals in several competitions. Kade lived until the age of 90, dying of natural causes.

(2nd) Evelyn Brax: Eve was renown linguists, who spook 23 alien languages before passing away two days after she turned 100. Lover\Friend: Alivea Daniels

(3rd) Tomon Brax: Counselor, scholar, and Scientist. Tomon in his early years explored the realm of the unknown that is science. He eventually took interest in helping other solve their emotional problems as a counselor. He was 99 when he died.

(4th) Rydell Brax: A famous Chief on Trill, but eventually become renown for his culinary talents. He spent time traveling a galaxy simple food of other worlds. He died at 85.

(5th) Lea Brax: She was a musician and an artist. She loved to travel the universe gained inspiration, and learn about the art and culture from other species. Lea passed away at 80 years of age.

(6th) Abelon Brax: Abe started as a merchant marine, and later transferred Starfleet's marine corp. He served as a fighter pilot most of his career but was fatally wound on a mission. Abelon was 55 years at the time of death. He survived long enough to pass the Brax symbiont to Will. Ex-Boy Friend\Friend: Olen Daniels


Liam was never supposed to receive a symbiote it at all due to his condition he was determined undesirable for the symbiote program. It was only due to an accident causing the Brax symbiote's last host Abelon to become fatally injured. Liam volunteered to host the symbiotes until another suitable post could be found. Unfortunately, by the time that happened the symbiote had already fused with the body. Removing Brax would have meant death for Liam. So Brax choice to remain with Liam as it next host. Liam had given his body to save Brax, so Brax gave himself to save Liam.

Other Photos

((OOC: This character a personal sub-character as part of Phoenix Inter-species Protect Agency, PIPA. That is about initiated by Alivea Daniels to help those who need them, and help in ways Starfleet can't.))

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