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Illarans are perhaps the second-most widespread species in the Par'tha Expanse. The parallels to Human development over the millennia are amazing. Illaran civilization is also very young, having developed over only about 8,000 years. But where the majority of Human history is decorated with wars and other forms of violence up until First Contact, the period of violence on Illara Prime was incredibly abbreviated and much more devastating. Early on, the Illaran population was reduced to only one-tenth its previous numbers when a catastrophic global war nearly wiped them out. However, realization of what they almost accomplished greatly humbled the Illaran quest for wealth and power. The next several millennia passed in relative peace. Eventually technological advancements allowed the Illaran civilization to branch out to the stars, where they made contact with other races. Over the last handful of centuries, Illarans have had a profound influence on the interstellar society of the Freeworlds Region.

Their stellar position within the Freeworlds Region has allowed them some measure of independence from the Caraadians, who hold a tight control on the Expanse Region. Illaran culture and language have become the standards in the Freeworlds, influencing and connecting many other governments and civilizations. Their home system of Illara has become the hub of the Freeworlds, and their homeworld the home to billions of alien species.

Physically, Illarans are almost identical to Humans, except for a furrowed vertical ridge on each temple. They are mammals the same height, weight and build as Humans. Their skin color, hair color, and eye color all fall within the same ranges as that of Humans. Their internal organ arrangement is slightly different, but close enough to lead Federation scientists to hypothesize that Illarans were one of the many races seeded throughout the galaxy about 4 billion years ago by a single humanoid race. Because their genetic material is compatible with that of many other humanoid species, they can crossbreed with little difficulty.