Ilakai Blake

Ilakai Juanita Blake, is the 12 year old daughter of Sky Blake and Aagan Eislas, born on stardate 238905.17 aboard the USS Thunder. Ilakai is of Brekkian and Betazoid heritage, and is currently the youngest daughter of the Twentieth House of Betazed, and the first daughter born into the Eislas family. She is the older half-sister to Ayeden Blake. Her birth name, "Ilakai" is often mistranslated due to ilakai being a common Brekkian noun translating to faith. Because of this, she's frequently called Faith by non-Brekkians due to the universal translator error.


Following a bombing in Kekorna, Brekka, Blake places Ilakai into the care of her grandmother Lila Cole for the better part of two years. Then, in late 2393, when Blake and Lylita have a falling-out Blake relocates Ilakai and her brother to Bintac, Ornara, where they are placed in the permanent care of Sabor's siblings, Syb and Veusa. Blake returns to her commission in Starfleet.

As political tension continues to rise in the Delos system, Blake relocates Ayeden to the USS Veritas, but is forced to leave Ilakai behind on Ornara when Brekkian government officials refuse to allow her to permanently immigrate away from the Delos system. Federation Immigration services choose not to pursue the case in hopes to avoid tensions with Delos IV. Without official Federation help, Blake asks her captain Roshanara Rahman for some advice and Starfleet assistance.

In 2395, Blake is contacted by the Eleventh House of Betazed's speaker Astras Teitut to inform her of Lylita Vataix's death. With a connection established, Blake asks for the Eleventh House's assistance in bringing Ilakai to Federation space, and Rivi Vataix asks Blake to go to Betazed with Aagan Eislas to petition and testify to the Betazed government directly. The two do so successfully, and Betazed's branch of foreign affairs successfully negotiate Ilakai's immigration away from the Delos system. However, due to the nature of the agreement with Brekka, Ilakai can only maintain residence in Betazed territories. With this in mind, Blake asks Aagan to become Ilakai's primary guardian.

Due to the technicality of the Twentieth House's vessels being "Betazed territories", Ilakai remains with Aagan as he continues goodwill visits to colonies across the quadrant. She also undergoes education befitting of a noble Daughter, as she is the first (and only) daughter born since the Eislas family was inducted into the Twentieth House.