Ikaia Wong/239801.04 Mad House

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//Personal Log 239801.04

Muffled yells into a pillow::
Jumpcuts to furious origami sounds::
Jumpcuts to more muffled yelling::
Jumpcuts to the sounds of Ikaia tending to his aloe plant::
Jumpcuts to even more muffled yelling::
Finally jumpcuts to him playing a tune on his keytar::

This ship either has the best sense of humour in the whole fleet or I’m stuck in a flying insane asylum. I haven’t figured out which yet. But it goes all the way to the top with our Commander. That woman… I know I did the check up myself on her vision, but I swear her eyes have to be better than what she’s letting on. She caught me trying to set up my prank for the JOPA admission and she pranked me right back! Alieth is going to have a field day once she finds out! And---

There’s the sound of the door to his room opening in the background and a distant sounding voice::

It’s okay. I’m fine in here. I was just uh… testing the acoustics----- Huh? What are you doing with that in here?

Inaudible voice in the background::

No! You’re going to get nacho cheese on the carpet! That’s a horrible thing to get out! You’re already leaving crumbs! Can you please eat that elsewhere?

Inaudible voice in the background::

Noooo! Please get out with that! ---- GAH! See? What did I say? Now there’s cheese on the carpet!

The audio cuts again for a while::

….. Okay. Okay….. I’m calm now. Deep breaths. So where is Parker taking us tonight? Huh… lemme see…. Riley’s …. Pleasure Emporium? .....Is this one of those clubs? Oh…. oh dear….

The audio cuts again::

So I thought C’lem was actually ON the Veritas. Turns out records say he is. So why does he have to look up who the Captain is or the name of our ship?! Was he trolling us? Wait. WAS HE IN WITH BLAKE THE ENTIRE TIME?! Gaaah!

Audio cuts again::

Okay. So now there’s Vanlith. I know Captain Rahman is our captain. But I think Vanlith is secretly the queen of the ship. She is basically everywhere! If it’s not her, it’s her robot dog… which I’m totally going to say I love her dog. It’s just Vanlith… makes me uncomfortable. I still think back to the incident with the asteroid. It’s no longer a simulation or a no-risk/low risk mission on the Centris. There were real lives at stake and I was questioning everything I was doing. Vanlith was right there challenging me and questioning me the entire time before yelling at me. I know my timing with what I was telling Holokaia was bad. But I know that AI would have been safe wherever he went. I had no concerns sending him out into the void. It’s just I was concerned about us This was something that could have easily gotten us all killed if it went sideways. It was my idea for the diplomacy route. It was that moment I know I totally choked. They prepare you for that as best as they can at the Academy. But something about it all happening in real life just hits differently.

As for Vanlith, I don’t think I can tell her anything. Pretty sure that would just upset her. I also haven’t spoken to Navarro about it either. Not sure if I ever will at this point. It’s way too silly to even bring up.

Also I dunno what I’m going to do about that musical. I lied about it to Vanlith completely out of fear. Then again, this is also how I ended up going to Orlando for that band contest in middle school. It started off with a date I wanted to get out of and spiraled into that. Only there was an actual band contest in Orlando. This time, there IS no musical. And Vanlith LIKES musicals. I think this is just one more thing that’s going to upset her. So I just dunno how I’m going to fix this-----

Inaudible voice in the background::

Hey. Sorry about yelling at you about the cheese. Are you okay?

Inaudible voice in the background::

I’m okay. I’m just finishing up in here.

Inaudible voice in the background::

Sure. I’ll see you as soon as I’m done. Save one for me, okay?

Another jumpcut in the audio::

---I haven’t seen much of Ensign Freedman these days. She must be hard at work too. As for Miss Bey, she seems cheerful enough. I hope she’s going to join us tonight. I think with this celtic rock thing, she might be thrilled to join in. Hopefully, we can persuade her.

Oh! That reminds me! I should probably pack some extra hypospray into my jacket pockets, my PADD and maybe a tiny medkit. Considering the reviews of this place, I’m probably going to be really glad I had that.

Gotta get going! See you later!