Ian West/Personal History

Interests and Hobbies

Ian enjoys jogging, swimming, and staying fit. He enjoys racquetball, fencing, and rock climbing, and has become a decent golf player. Ian also loves playing darts with close friends while drinking a New Castle Classic.


Pastimes & Hobbies

Ian Rock Climbing in the Holodeck

Ian enjoys all forms of Skiing; particularly on the slopes of Talvet III, Ice Planet. This was a hobby that Ian practiced a lot when he was at school at Harvard.

Ian has long been an avid rock climber. Even as a teenager when he got in to trouble for climbing a forbidden mountain on Mars housing a Starfleet Secret Lab. Over the years he has continued to climb on away missions and for fun. Ian was once taken to an American Football match in the holodeck where he played as a Quarter Back in a club match. At the Academy Ian was known to play racket ball, however, he has not played in recent years due to not having someone to play against. Ian sometimes practices boxing and hand-to-hand combat but only for the workout. More regularly, however, he can be found working out in the gym between 16 hundred and 18 hundred hours every weekday; and can be found Rock Climbing on the holodeck every Saturday morning. When he meets up with his best friend Chris Janson.

Musical Interests

Ian is a brilliant concert pianist. He also interprets old folk songs from around the Federation on an acoustic folk Guitar, something he started during his days as a student at Oxford.

Cooking, Food & Gardening

One of Ian's main hobbies is Cooking. His speciality being Chocolate devils with 17 different varieties of Chocolate which he makes from his maternal grandmother's family recipe. Ian has had a corner of his personal quarters converted into a kitchen area with special utensils. Most evenings. Ian tends to avoid using the replicator: Instead, when he was stationed on Starbase 118 for a in the field training as a cadet he used to enjoy a trip to the Starbase’s promenade where he liked to purchase genuine fresh food ingredients from the many alien traders. To Ian this was one of the principal advantages to being assigned to a Starbase over a starship although when on a Starship he enjoyed collecting unique ingredients from the planets they visit.

Early Life

Ian Grew up in London England, the son of a warp core systems architect and a teacher. His father Lane West was away a lot working on new projects with Starfleet. So he was very close to his mother Liza West, an Earth history teacher.

Ian had excelled early in science and math; his father started grooming him for Starfleet at an early age. By taking him to work with him and teaching him about a warp core and subspace waves that the core creates. Ian enjoyed the time with his father but found the details of a warp core to almost bore him to tears. But the cause and effect of the subspace waves and rifts made by warp was thrilling, at warp one the trail can be found for a few light-years but at warp 9 the waves can cause damage.

Teen to Young Adult Life

Ian went to Canterbury Prep School and got in a Science fast track program for Advance Sciences. Allowing him to attend Oxford two years early, majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

After leaving Oxford Ian attended Harvard for his Doctorate in Applied Science, Doctor of Applied Science (D.A.S.) earned him an express entry into Star Fleet as a Warrant Officer of the Science Division and placement on a deep space research station.