Ian Dunross

CW3 Ian Dunross is a science officer aboard the USS Eagle.

USS Eagle
Ian Dunross.jpg
Dr. Ian Stewart Dunross, Ph.D
Position Science Officer
Rank Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 232903.11
Age 72
Birthplace Glasgow, Scotland, Earth


  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Build: Muscular (heavyweight boxer's physique)
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Languages (modern): English, Standard, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Farsi, Greek, Spanish, French, German,Farsi, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian
  • Languages (Ancient): Sumerian (also Assyrian and Babylonian dialects), Aramaic, Sanskrit, Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Latin, Norse, Scots Gaelic, Menthari, Preserver, Ionian


  • Father: Collin Dunross, Deceased"
  • Mother: Alison Struan-Dunross, Deceased
  • Spouse: Elizabeth Hastings-Dunross, Deceased
  • Twin Sister: Lucy Dunross (twin sister), Deceased
  • Younger Sister: Katherine Dunross-Major, 62, Chef
  • Younger Sister: Maxine Dunross-Washington, 59, Weight Lifting Coach and Gym Owner
  • Older Daughter: Gillian Dunross-Kimura, 28, Ph.D, Physicist, MIT.
  • Younger Daughter: Emily Dunross, 26, Lieutenant in Starfleet, Science Officer USS Indefatigable


  • Dr. Elizabeth Hastings, Deceased

Elizabeth was a physics professor at Oxford and like Ian, a Starfleet veteran. They were married for 26 years and have two daughters, aged 28 and 26. Six-years-ago, Elizabeth suffered a stroke and died in her sleep.


Ian comes from a working-class Scottish family and joined Starfleet right out of high school. Ian served as a security and later science officer on a number of vessels, and quickly built a reputation as an expert in xeno-archaeology and was one of the lead archaeologists in connecting the mythical race known as The Preservers with their modern descendant species. His Starfleet career was cut short by his discovery of the "Rosetta Stone" for the ancient Ionian script and immediate acceptance in the doctoral program at Oxford University.

Academia suited Ian rather well, with him completing his Ph.D and then joining the Oxford faculty in the antiquities department. Eventually he was posted as the associate dean of ancient studies and always remained both an active professor and working archaeologist. Despite his expertise in all Ancient spacefaring races, Ian's passion has remained The Preservers and their seed species the Vulcans, Humans and Klingons. He is one of a small handful of living beings who can read the earliest scripts of these cultures, and as a hobby enjoys following their ancient recipes inscribed on stone tablets; usually for the making of alcoholic beverages.

Ian married a fellow professor, Dr. Elizabeth Hastings, and the two had two daughters, both of whom are now grown. Elizabeth died shortly after Ian's 60th birthday, which for the first time in decades caused Ian to search for some other meaning in his life. Following a month of binge drinking, he abruptly resigned his position at Oxford, sold most of his possessions and started backpacking across the ancient silk road. When he finally emerged in China, Ian made the decision to contact some of his old acquaintances at Starfleet and see about returning to service.

Ian's starfleet service included his participation in the battle of Wolf 359 as the first officer of the USS Lexington, which still often results in old admirals buying him drinks. The captain was seriously injured early in the battle, and despite the Lexington suffering severe damage, Ian took command and sent the ship back into the thick of battle, saving the lives of four other starship crews in the process.

He has been an amateur boxer most of his life and remains active in senior leagues and occasionally unlimited (no age grouping) leagues to this day. Some younger fighters are stronger and have more endurance, but very few have more experience in the ring making Ian a formidable opponent in the heavyweight class at most amateur levels. Most recently earned a silver medal in the Senior Olympics at age 60.

Archaeology was, is and will likely remain Ian's passion. He is perhaps once of the top five experts on ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations on earth, pre-Surrak vulcan and pre-Kahless Klingon civilizations, and considered as the lead authority on the ancient Preservers and in the top five on the Ionians.

Educational and Professional Timeline

  • 2347.06.10 Graduated High School in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2351.06.21 Graduated Starfleet Academy, assigned Security Officer, USS Hastings (Ensign, Lieutenant JG)
  • 2354.01.15 Chief of Security, USS Hastings (Lieutenant)
  • 2356.02.10 LOA, Oxford University, MA History/MS Physical Anthropology
  • 2359.06.13 Asst. Science Officer, USS Lexington (Lieutenant)
  • 2361.07.20 Chief Science Officer, USS Lexington (Lieutenant Commander)
  • 2366.11.13 First Officer, USS Lexington (Fought at Wolf 359 year 2367, Lieutenant Commander)
  • 2368.11.13 Resigned from Starfleet, return to Oxford.
  • 2369.04.16 Married to Dr. Elizabeth Hastings
  • 2371.05.12 Ph.D Archaeology
  • 2371.07.20 Professor of Archaeology, Oxford University
  • 2384.09.11 Associate Dean of Ancient Studies, Oxford University
  • 2390.12.03 Death of Dr. Elizabeth Hastings at age 68. Ian resigned from Oxford Faculty and went "Walkabout" on the ancient Silk Road.
  • 2391.10.05 Applied for reinstatement in Starfleet, Direct Commission as Chief Warrant Officer 3
  • 239201.02 Archaeologist assigned to science department of USS Garuda
  • 239206.19 Transferred to USS Invicta as archaeologist.
  • 239208.31 Transferred to USS Constitution-B as Science Officer
  • 239410.12 Transferred to Starfleet Academy as Professor
  • 239609.07 Transferred to USS Eagle as an archaeologist, Historian and anthropologist


  • 2366 Purple Heart, USS Lexington at Wolf 359
  • 2366 Starfleet Cross, USS Lexington at Wolf 359
  • 2366 Distinguished Unit Citation, USS Lexington at Wolf 359

Career History Mini Timeline

  • 2347-2351 Starfleet Academy (Security Branch)
  • 2351-2356 Security Officer, Chief of Security, USS Hastings
  • 2356-2359 Educational Leave of Absence
  • 2361-2366 Science officer, chief of science, USS Lexington
  • 2366-2368 First Officer, USS Lexington
  • 2368-2391 Civilian. Ph.D student and then professor and ultimately Associate Dean of Ancient Studies at Oxford University
  • 2391 Direct Commission as Chief Warrant Officer 3, Starfleet Academy Refresher Training
  • 239201.02 Archaeologist, USS Garuda
  • 239206.19 Transfer to USS Invicta as Archaeologist
  • 239208.31 Transfer to USS Constitution-B as Science Officer
  • 239410.12 Transfer to Starfleet Academy
  • 239512.16 Promoted Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade
  • 239609.07 Transfer to USS Eagle as Science Officer

Career History

Service History
Lieutenant JG Ensign-Lieutenant 2351-2356 USS-Hastings Security, Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant-Lt. Commander 2361-2366 USS-Lexington Science Officer-Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander 2366-2368 USS-Lexington First Officer
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade Chief Warrant Officer 3 239201.02 - 239206.19 USS Garuda Archaeologist (Science)
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade Chief Warrant Officer 3 239206.19 - 239208.31 USS Invicta
Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Grade Chief Warrant Officer 3 239208.31 - 239410.12 USS Constitution-B Science
Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade Chief Warrant Officer 4 239410.12 - 239609.07 Starfleet Academy Professor
Chief Warrant Officer 4th Grade Chief Warrant Officer 4 239609.07 - Present USS Eagle Science