The gods exiled the wild god Susanoh from Heaven and he landed on "Izumo."
There he heard that every year a serpent with eight heads ate one of the village girls.
This particular year, the victim was supposed to be Princess Kusinada.
Susanoh made an offer to her parents that he would marry Princess Kusinada if he could save her life.
Her parents accepted his offer with great pleasure.
Following Susanoh's instruction, the people in the village made a fence with eight gates and put a jar filled with sake under each gate.
Then the serpent came.
Each of his heads went to one of the gates and started to drink the sake.
Immediately, the monster got drunk and Susanoh cut him into the pieces while he was sleeping.
Susanoh married Princess Kushinada as he promised, and he built a big palace in Izumo.
Japanese myth

The Hydra is a Schooner vessel made in 2378 for the retiring Admiral Sousuke Nakamura. After his death in 2388 it was inherited by James, following his Death. It is currently docked in Osaka Bay. Its name is derived from the three Jibs at the Fore of the ship, which are arranged in a way reminiscent of the mythical beast.

Outwardly it looks like a fairly traditional "Early Modern" vessel, with only a few 24th century touches. Underneath the wooden facadé, however, lies a far more modern vessel.

Every system on the ship is designed to act in one of two modes; automatic and manual. In automatic mode the system is controlled by the onboard computer, i.e the sails automatically trim to the wind, while in manual mode the system has to be manually operated, i.e a member of the crew has to climb the mast and trim the sail.

The ships wheel also has a kind of power-assisted steering to aid the turning of the tiller connected to the rudder.

On the center of the main deck is a large plaque with the story of Susanoh and the the Hydra. Underneath, in a more recent engraving is a memorial to Admiral Nakamura.

It is also equipped with a LCARS computer system, replicator and other 34th century amenities including a powered engine. This is all powered by a (concealed) hydrogen cell using the seas own water as a fuel source. The ionised water from the cell is then fed back into the sea.

James has recently rebuilt the boat in the form of a holographic simulation, so he can sail at leisure.

Poop Deck
Main Deck
Second Deck
Bilge Deck


  • Name: ハイドラ丸 (Haidora Maru/Hydra)
  • Class: Schooner
  • Commission: Admiral Sousuke Nakamura
  • Category: Sailing Boat
  • Strength Index: 103


  • Height: 25m (Including masts, otherwise 15m)
  • Width: 10m
  • Length: 30m
  • Number of Decks: 3


  • Complement: Between 1 and 14 (7 Rooms)
  • Evacuation Capacity: 14


  • Masts:
    • Fore: 10m
    • Rear: 9m
  • Jibs: Three
  • Engine: One custom turbine.
  • Speed:
    • Cruising: 4 knots
    • Emergency: 80 knots
    • Maximum: 100 knots for 24 seconds
  • Computer System: LCARS, Basic positronic. Civilian (Mostly)
  • Re-Supply Cycle: 2 weeks


  • Cannons: 6 carronade cannons with 62 brass shot each. Mostly ceremonial.

Defensive Systems


Deck Layout

Deck 1 (Main deck)

  • Aft storage/kitchen
    • Fishing area
  • Bridge / Main Area
  • Fore Master Bedroom / Captain’s Bedroom
    • Poop Deck and Ship’s Wheel

Deck 2

  • Aft bedrooms
    • Port Bedroom
    • Starboard Bedroom
  • Living Room / Dining Room
  • Fore Bedrooms
    • Port Bedroom
    • Starboard Bedroom

Deck 3 (Glass Bottom diving platform)

  • Aft, Starboard Equipment locker

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