Hundorial Foantal

Hundorial Foantal

Ensign - Science

USS Eagle


She was given her first assignment from Starbase 118 as part of the crew of the USS Eagle.

Ms. Foantal specialized in neo-anti-discrete problem solving and trinductive solitions as well.

replaces ice 9 for the moment in aiding the xoet 12.

Since ice 9 is back in at least of spirit form, Hundorial Foantal has become an integral part of the Eagle's crew and is involved with the current missions that are occurring.

Being that her species is that of the Neoword Schenil that evolved from the time threaded off shoots of neo-holographs and the antihistorical resolutions to the holographic conflicts in thought creation, the rulers of her world can and will, if necessary, turn off certain holographic bodies of existence from time to time. This was done in the case of the time designer ice 9 for his interference with the outcomes of antihistorical creations of the newer holographic races and their imageries.